We all have those insane workdays when 5 p.m. rolls around and we realize we haven’t stood up in eight hours. Ouch. When those days turn into weeks, our energy goes south. If even the third cup of coffee isn’t helping things in that department, McKel Hill, MS, RDN, LDN, of Nutrition Stripped has exactly what we need to feel recharged and energized.

Equipping her readers with the latest in nutrition science, McKel aims to teach and encourage the best habits in eating and preparing meals with whole, nutrient-rich ingredients. With these made-for-your-lunchbox, plant-based, dairy- and gluten-free recipes, you’ll be the envy of the office (and dancing down the halls).

1. Beauty Bowl With Turmeric Hard Boiled Eggs

Tailor-made for meal prep, this recipe makes extra quinoa, lentils, and vinaigrette (your future hungry self is thanking you right about now). Loaded with eggs, carrots, zucchini, and pepper, this squad of superfoods is a triple threat packed with protein, vitamins, and fiber.

2. Cabbage Vegetable Soup

Cabbage is one of our healthy digestion secret weapons. Using onion, celery, spices, and apple cider vinegar to create an insane balance of flavors, this soup will take you to your happy (gut) place. Turn this lighter fare into a hearty helping by cooking with chicken broth or serving with your go-to protein source.

3. Hearty Vegetable Bowl

If you’re not sold on the texture of solid tofu, crumbling it is a great solution to give you a dose of plant-based protein while changing up the consistency. Baking the tofu, squash, radish, and lemon on a cookie sheet brings together all the flavors. Serve on rice, cauliflower rice, or leafy greens for a meal-prep masterpiece.

4. Red Lentil Daal With Squash and Coconut

We’re going lentil-crazy these days and have #noregrets. It’s hard to compete with the protein and fiber these pulses bring to the table. And when they’re seasoned with cumin, ginger, red pepper, and creamy coconut milk like this recipe, you’ll be dying for daal every day of the week.

5. Radish Cucumber Salad

This salad made with cucumber, watermelon radish, onion, lemon, and cilantro gives us that much-needed taste of summer. With that fresh crunch, you might find yourself eating straight out of the bowl but if find you can resist eating the entire thing in one sitting, save it in the fridge in individual containers for up to a week of ready-to-eat mini salads.

6. Thai Coconut Black Rice Pudding

Did someone say dessert for breakfast? Don’t be fooled by its sweetness; this pudding has a ton of health benefits from black rice fiber to coconut-milk fat (the good kind). Top with mango and coconut flakes for an even sweeter start to your day. You might even feel like you’re on the beaches of Thailand.

7. Baked Pea Falafel With Sesame Rice Balls

With 16 grams of protein in just two cups of peas, you’ll be feeling (fala)full in no time with this recipe. The parsley, cilantro, mint, and cumin seasoning will work wonders on your digestive system, while the protein and fiber will keep you energized. If you love falafel but want to pass on the heavy, oil-fried recipes, going green is all you need.

8. French-Inspired Lentil Salad

If you’re looking for more ways to transform your meal-prepped lentils, look no further than this simply seasoned lentil salad. All you have to do is combine precooked lentils with onion, spinach, and walnuts; dress with a homemade mustard mixture; and enjoy. Mixing up the ingredients with alternatives like kale and almonds means endless nutritional options.

9. Black Bean and Quinoa Taco Lettuce Wraps

If you’re looking to cut the carbs, lettuce cups are the answer. Prepare the quinoa, black bean, and corn mixture in the skillet and serve hot or cold on leaves of butter lettuce. You can go open-face for a salad feel or roll it up for a hands-on burrito.