Sometimes the best breakfast is one you can eat on the go. As much as we try to sit down for meals, we're often too rushed in the a.m. hours, especially if we're also hitting the gym (or the snooze button). For a morning meal that fuels your day and still fits in your hands, look no further than these breakfast sandwiches. The options are superior to what you'd find at a fast-food joint or coffee shop (and they're way less greasy): bacon, sausage, egg, vegan, fruit, chocolate—pretty much anything fits between slices of bread (or a bagel or croissant). With so many choices, you'll never skip breakfast again.


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A great way to fuel up before a busy day of working or hiking, this sandwich balances the richness of a croissant with savory eggs and of course, bacon. The eggs deliver a variety of vitamins and minerals to help your body function at its best.

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Ditch the dry granola bars and opt for this tasty sandwich on your next camping trip. This super-simple recipe only has three ingredients, so it's no hassle with tons of taste. It’s so fun and simple to make you don't even need camping as an excuse—just fire up the grill.

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Forget the BLT. If you're like us, you'll prefer trading in this old favorite for some avo and lox instead. You're getting all kinds of good fats here from the avocado and lox—plus some antioxidants from the veggies and carbs courtesy of the toast. If you're feeling extra adventurous, try stacking it on your favorite type of bagel.

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A French favorite served on another French favorite: the croissant. Who could ask for more? A creamy béchamel sauce mixed with Gruyère makes this a cheese-lover’s dream. It may not be the healthiest thing, but it's too good to pass up, especially if you buy croissants fresh from the bakery.

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This is your go-to breakfast if you're in a huge hurry in the mornings. The freezer-friendly meal combines turkey sausage, eggs, and a whole-wheat English muffin for a whole lot of flavor with minimal prep time.

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While we love our toppings, there’s something to be said for a plain, traditional sandwich (besides the quicker prep time). This recipe keeps it simple (yet tasty) with eggs, sausage, cheese, and onions for some additional flavor. Plus, you won’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to make it.

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Love getting your Starbucks fix but don't want to drop money on a breakfast out? We've got your back. This (near) copy of the standard Starbucks breakfast sandwich is super easy to make at home.

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This exquisite sandwich is as beautiful as it is delicious. The bacon vinaigrette and blue cheese already have us drooling, and we haven’t even gotten to the egg. Add in some greens, and you’ve got your protein and a few veggies for the morning.

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Replace your bagel with a flaky, buttery croissant that's simple but delectable for a weekend morning treat. The addition of chives adds a little extra zing, plus you're getting some omega-3s from the salmon.


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Grab the salsa and avos for this California favorite. It’s substantial enough to keep you energized for a long time and easy to make. Just don’t plan on eating it in the car—this is one of those meals where it's hard not to get something on you. But it's so spicy, creamy, gooey, and amazing you really won't care.

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This one’s for the kale lovers out there. Stock up on more than your entire day's worth of vitamins A and C, all while treating yourself to some bacon-y, egg-y goodness. You could sandwich this between any type of bread, but we love the hearty whole-wheat bun.

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When you're craving bread but don't want to overload on a greasy breakfast sandwich, this is a healthier happy medium. This sandwich stacks egg whites, tomato, and avocado for a beauty of a breakfast. And don't even think about leaving out the protein-rich spinach.

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This healthy morning meal is a bit like grilled cheese and tomato soup in one. You can use dried herbs in a pinch: Just add them straight to the omelet like you would with fresh herbs. To get the full nutritional value, make sure your bread or roll is 100 percent whole grain.


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A super-quick sandwich brings the taste of egg salad without, well, the actual eggs. Because you're making vegan egg salad, this sandwich takes a lot of spices and ingredients, but don't worry, the whole endeavor takes just five minutes. Then you can chow down and enjoy.

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The blogger combines scrambled tofu and tempeh bacon for protein, but if you're tight on time, just use the bacon or buy already-flavored tofu. Spread garlic hummus and/or guacamole on an English muffin, add your protein and some vegan cheese, then top with tomato and avocado.

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You can use any kind of mushrooms and greens for this recipe, and it’ll taste absolutely delicious. Just the tiniest bit of berry jam adds unexpected sweetness to the savory dish, and the vegan sausage and mushrooms guarantee you won’t feel hungry afterward. In one study, when researchers replaced half the meat in a taco recipe with mushrooms, people found the meal to be just as satisfying as one with all meat.

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This kick in the mouth may be just the thing that takes you from zombie mode to alert and ready to take on the day. These vegan eggs are made from chickpea flour and taste cheesy, smoky, and salty. They don’t take long to mix up either. Just prep the dry ingredients and soak your cashews the night before a busy morning, and you’ll be munching in 15 minutes.

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If you're crazy for savory breakfasts, this is the sandwich for you. The hearty soy and maple flavors in the tempeh combine for a unique taste and are paired with freshly sliced avocado. How could you go wrong?

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With the simple combo of kale, avocado, olive oil, and almond butter, this is the perfect savory start to any day. And because the recipe is so basic, it's easy to sub in whatever ingredients you're feeling.

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This blogger goes all out, making overnight spelt rolls to act as the base of this open-faced sandwich. We're huge fans of these homemade rolls, but if you're short on time, you can easily make this breakfast on any type of bread.


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We love brie in all things, so this sandwich is right up our alley. The buttery croissant pairs perfectly with the creamy cheese, and the strawberries add just the slightest sweetness. It's easy on the eyes, mouth, and stomach.

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Bust out the forks. Bananas (not just any bananas, fried bananas) are sandwiched inside a cinnamon raisin English muffin, topped with cream cheese and then bacon. It's a brunch dish that will have you jumping out of bed.

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OK, so this is sort of a sandwich, sort of a breakfast pizza, but who are we to complain? The combo of berries, peanut butter, hazelnut spread (a.k.a. Nutella), and powdered sugar is the perfect a.m. treat.

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Oh yes, we went there. This has got it all: peanut butter, chocolate, and coconut (and don't forget the fruit!). That may sound like an odd combo, but take one bite, and you'll be in gooey heaven. The blogger also notes a bunch of other flavor combos you can try, like apple, almond butter, and cinnamon, so you can never get bored.

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Maybe not the healthiest breakfast you could fix, but not too unhealthy either! And you can always hold off on some sugar and let the fruit do its job. Nutrition aside, the bananas and gooey French toast make the ultimate combo. If you don’t end the morning with a smile on your face, you’re not human.

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Grilled cheese for breakfast? When it consists of waffles, brie, and blueberries, sure! If you even have a hint of guilt about these, know that the brie packs 6 grams of protein, and the blueberries are rich in anthocyanins (flavonoids that may help reduce the risk of heart attack in women ages 25 to 42). High anthocyanin intake is associated with a reduced risk of myocardial infarction in young and middle-aged women. Cassidy A, Mukamal KJ, Liu L. Circulation, 2013, Mar.;127(2):1524-4539.

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Baked French toast gets even more gourmet when you top it with fresh mozzarella and peaches, then cap it all off with another slice of crispy-on-the-outside, soft-in-the-middle French toast. Try other fruit too, as this sweet, cinnamony recipe is perfect with pretty much anything.

Originally published September 2015. Updated October 2016.

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