Casseroles are making a comeback — as they should. They’re the ultimate comfort food. They’re easy to make and awesome for feeding a crowd or do-ahead meal prep. What more could we ask for?

These one-pan wonders have a long culinary history (think French gratins). In the United States, they became especially popular in the 1950s, when food companies promoted them as an easy way for Mom to get dinner on the table using canned soups and vegetables.

Now the casserole is back, with the canned soup on hold. Healthy ingredients like quinoa, fresh vegetables, and whole milk cheeses baked to homey perfection.

1. Pumpkin French toast bake

You won’t dread the sound of the alarm clock when you know you’re waking up to pumpkin-y goodness.

Feel free to reduce the amount of brown sugar, and do add nuts. We use canned pumpkin puree instead of pumpkin butter.

2. Roasted broccoli and red bell pepper pancetta casserole

This egg casserole’s packed with healthy veggies like broccoli and red pepper, and a touch of pancetta. Make this on Sunday, and you’ve got lunch for the week. It’ll keep you totally energized all the way to lunchtime.

Convenience tip: This blogger uses Sartori Montamore, but feel free to substitute for a hard cheese like Parmesan.

3. Raspberry baked oatmeal

Ever wonder what biting into heaven tastes like? We think it’d be similar to this sweet casserole. Bursting with raspberries, the decadent treat (err, we mean breakfast?) is hard to beat. Yes, we meant to rhyme there.

4. Huevos rancheros casserole

Corn tortillas are baked to crispness before being layered with canned enchilada sauce, black beans, and cheese. Top with eggs and you’re basically eating a next-level version of huevos rancheros.

5. Turkey sausage, spinach, and mushroom egg bake

A square of this filling casserole will heat up nicely in the office microwave. It will have your coworkers craving spinach, crimini mushrooms, turkey, and crumbles of feta hidden in a bed of eggs.

Eating breakfast at your desk will go from ho-hum to yum.

6. Chicken, mushroom, and potato casserole

If you like bacon, raise your hand. How about potatoes and chicken? Your hands are probably still raised.

This comfort food casserole might be rich, but when those cold winter nights are calling for a night in by the fire, you’ll want to make this dish.

Serve with a fresh green salad with apple cider vinaigrette.

7. Mexican chicken quinoa casserole

Who wouldn’t want a fiesta for lunch? Well, some may prefer a siesta, but even they would love this flavorful casserole — which is bursting with spinach, cherry tomatoes, black beans, quinoa, and lean, shredded chicken.

8. Healthy broccoli chicken casserole

Greek yogurt and almond milk create a creamy base for this classic casserole dish. Chicken and broccoli topped with cheese and breadcrumbs will bring you right back to Mom’s kitchen.

Use left over rice or make jasmine rice in your ricer cooker.

9. Turkey taco lasagna

Just when you think taco and lasagna can’t be part of the same sentence, we go and bring you this. Bursting with black beans, corn, peppers, and lean ground turkey, this hearty dish is only missing hot sauce.

Feel free to add it (actually, definitely add it).

10. Chicken and wild rice casserole

Chicken and wild rice are jazzed up with butternut squash and reduced-sugar cranberries to make a convenient make-ahead dish you can pop in the oven and proudly serve to friends.

11. Creamy chicken quinoa and broccoli casserole

No canned, condensed, overly salty goop here. Instead, this casserole layers quinoa, chicken and broccoli in a creamy sauce made of reduced-sodium chicken broth and milk. We prefer to use whole milk.

The recipe creator was right when she called this casserole “a big gentle hug.”

12. Ratatouille orzo

Ah, it’s like a dish that keeps on giving. There are so many secrets tucked into this casserole, but all of the attention really belongs to the freshness of the tomatoes, spinach, and eggplant.

To learn the other secrets, you’ll just have to make it.

13. Cajun shrimp and quinoa casserole

We’re slipping this one in here for the pescatarians. Get out that cast iron skillet because things are about to heat up — Cajun style.

Jalapeños, garlic, and spices give quinoa and shrimp a kick, while just one cup of grated Fontina cheese gives it melty goodness.

14. Spinach artichoke quinoa casserole

Spinach artichoke dip lovers, rejoice! Your favorite app can now be enjoyed as dinner.

Quinoa delivers a high dose of protein, and plain Greek yogurt (we use whole milk rather than low fat) keeps it light and creamy.

Frozen spinach greens and jarred artichoke hearts make this super easy to prepare.

15. Kale and wild rice casserole

Getting fancy in the kitchen can be fun (if you’re into that sort of thing). But for those of us who struggle to channel our inner Martha Stewart, this simple combo puts a hearty meal on the table without all the frills.

16. Pesto broccoli, sweet potato, and rice casserole

Spaghetti squash has a reputation for being the fave pasta imitator, but in this recipe, it’s all about the sweet potato.

The veggie transforms into rice (with the help of a kitchen gadget) and is then paired with broccoli and a creamy homemade (or store-bought) pesto.

Pro tip: pine nuts can be expensive. You can swap in walnuts.

17. Curried spinach rice lentil bake

With onions, lentils, spinach, brown rice, and coconut milk, this casserole is a vegan’s dream come true.

18. Quinoa kale taco casserole

Imagine your favorite ground beef chili transformed into a casserole filled with corn, black beans, and kale, and topped with cheese. Yum.

Topping it with a slice or two (or five) of avocado is not a bad idea either.

19. Loaded cauliflower casserole

Imagine a casserole with all the bacon-y, chive-y, cheesy, sour creamy goodness of a loaded baked potato…

Now feast your eyes on this drool-worthy dish. Cauliflower replaces the starchy spuds. We swap in Greek yogurt for sour cream.

This is an awesome party dish.

20. Unstuffed cabbage casserole

Welcome to Team Cabbage, because you’re about to fall in love with this cruciferous veg. This recipe has all the goodness of stuffed cabbage without the work.

Consider using brown rice and ground turkey for a lighter option.

Seriously, is there anything easier than a casserole? We’re in love! Casseroles look great, taste great, and give us a heck of a lot more free time. That’s a triple win in our book.