Hangovers happen. Sometimes two innocent glasses of wine turn into the head- and stomachache from Hades, and sometimes things simply slip out of control. You stop by a bar with the intention of having one drink, and next thing you know you’re on your third, that home-cooked meal turns into a liquid dinner, and when the alarm goes off the next day you wake up cross-eyed and confused. How did I get here?!

When the fog starts to lift, the next stage hits: hunger. It feels as if food is the only cure in the world—and it can in fact help. Whether you’re craving a green juice IV or feel the need to dump your head into a bucket of waffles, these hangover breakfasts will take you from zero to (nearly a) hero. The list starts with the good (read: healthy) stuff and progresses to the ooey, gooey, cheesy recipes that will make your hungover soul sing.

1. Banana Almond Smoothie

This six-ingredient smoothie is a breeze to make and is chock-full of potassium, an electrolyte that needs to be replenished after boozing. Since heavy drinking is often followed by oversleeping, throwing a few items in a blender is a great way to shave time off your morning routine while also doing your body some good. Bonus: The almond extract makes the smoothie taste more like a milkshake than a smoothie, which will help quench that hangover sweet tooth.

2. Cantaloupe Breakfast Bowls

A great way to combat the endless hunger that coincides with vicious hangovers is loading up on protein. This recipe is super easy to assemble and allows for a lot of experimenting. We love sticking to a plain Greek yogurt base and topping with fresh berries and homemade granola, but it’s equally as delicious with flavored yogurt (we prefer low-sugar varieties) and toppings like cocoa nibs, toasted coconut, whole-grain cereal, and dried fruit. Consider cutting the cantaloupe in advance to avoid hangover-induced injuries.

3. Banana Toast Six Ways

This recipe is as easy as it gets and provides nearly a full week’s worth of topping options—not that we recommend boozing for a week, but hey, it happens. Our favorite: toast topped with mashed banana, chocolate chips, and instant coffee powder. Bananas can help soothe upset tummies, the coffee provides a small energy boost, and the chocolate is, well, chocolate, and it’s hard to be upset about starting your day with some sweet.

4. Easy Apple Cinnamon Paleo Hot Cereal

Paleo recipes have a reputation for being time-intensive, but this recipe is ready in only 10 minutes. Simply sauté chopped apple with raw nuts (we like walnuts) in coconut oil; add almond milk, raisins or dates, shredded coconut, and cinnamon; and voilà! The heaping bowl of warm nutritiousness is ready for consumption.

5. Strawberry Cheesecake Overnight Oats

If regular oatmeal doesn’t cut it when you’re feeling low, turn it into dessert. This cheesecake-inspired recipe is deceivingly healthy and packed with protein. The only catch? You have to plan ahead as it needs to be refrigerated overnight or, at the very least, for two hours. So next time you know you’re hitting happy hour, prep this and enjoy a heavenly breakfast when you’re feeling, well, less than heavenly.

6. Grapefruit Detox Smoothie

The recipe creator isn’t kidding when she calls this smoothie a magic elixir. Grapefruit helps reduce inflammation, pineapple helps reduce bloating, Greek yogurt is kick-ass for gut health, and ginger is great for treating nausea.Daily consumption of grapefruit for 6 weeks reduces urine F2-isoprostanes in overweight adults with high baseline values but has no effect on plasma high-sensitivity C-reactive protein or soluble vascular cellular adhesion molecule 1. Dow CA, Wertheim BC, Patil BS. The Journal of nutrition, 2013, Jul.;143(10):1541-6100.Talk about a quadruple whammy to your hangover. To make it a touch more filling, top with granola and a spoonful of cashew butter.

7. Coconut Quinoa Porridge With Ginger and Dates

This recipe requires a little extra work—it takes 30 minutes to make from scratch—but is a great hangover cure on the weekend or when you can have a more leisurely morning. The quinoa is a nice change from classic oats, and the ginger and dates provide the perfect combo of tang and sweet. If you happen to have leftover quinoa in the fridge, you can also replicate this bad boy by mixing cooked quinoa with the rest of the ingredients and popping it in the microwave.

8. Breakfast Banana Split

Spoiler alert: This recipe does not involve ice cream. But it is delicious and will make you feel much better than a heavy dessert would in a hungover belly. And it includes chocolate, so the recipe isn’t completely non-fun. If you’re not in a rush, freezing the yogurt per the instructions is pretty awesome. But if you are, skip that step and serve the yogurt as is. Feeling extra zealous? Melt the chocolate chips and drizzle on top like fudge sauce—you’ll momentarily forget that you’re in a world of pain.

9. Sweet Potato Protein Breakfast Bowl

If the only thing you can stomach is something akin to baby food, boy do we have the adultified, Paleo version for you. All you need is a baked sweet potato (do this in advance), protein powder, banana, berries, and five minutes to spare, and this mushy bowl of goodness is yours. Top with a heaping spoonful of nut butter, hemp hearts, cacao, and anything else your heart desires, and watch your stomach (and mind) slowly return to its normal state of functioning.

10. Vegan Dirty Chai Detox Breakfast Bowls

Sometimes hangovers call for something dirty. This anti-inflammatory bowl is pretty far from that, but it does use the same spices as the popular beverage. Filled with hearty, filling ingredients, and topped with chocolate-covered almonds, espresso, and other deliciousnesss, this bowl will warm your heart, fill your stomach, and set you on the straight and narrow.

11. Rice Bowl With Fried Egg and Avocado

Hangover, meet savory, simple fried egg with rice. This recipe is ridiculously easy, especially if you have leftover rice on hand, and it’s insanely delicious. Plus, for whatever reason, hangovers are more bearable when they include a fried egg. Add avocado, Sriracha, and some unexpected add-ons such as scallions and vinegar, and you’ve got yourself a cure in a bowl.

12. Eggs in Cheesy Purgatory

If you feel like you’re in purgatory, you may as well eat purgatory. Also known as shakshuka, this baked egg dish feels like a splurge but is actually quite healthy. And you don’t even have to make the sauce from scratch. This recipe uses store-bought marinara and jazzes it up with garlic, onion, and fresh basil. Sprinkle in some mozzarella, drop in the eggs, bake for 8 to 10 minutes, and you’ll be out of hell in no time—or at least your taste buds will be.

13. Vegan Breakfast Burritos

What if we told you that there was a burrito so magical that all you had to do was microwave it and it’d be ready for your enjoyment? Well, dreams do come true. This vegan breakfast burrito is made in batches, meaning one hour of your life can provide several morning meals. The recipe is full of tasty spices, such as turmeric and cumin, and protein from black beans and tofu. While we love the burritos as is, they’re also delicious with chicken, sausage, cheese, and other non-vegan alternatives.

14. Savory Oatmeal Avocado and Egg Bowl

Not all oats need to be sweet. This recipe incorporates soft-boiled eggs, avocado, radish, and sunflower seeds for a savory twist on the breakfast classic. Skip the milk if you’re feeling queasy and add a few drops of hot sauce (Tabasco works great with this dish) to literally spice it up. The healthy fats will keep you full until lunch, and the warm mixture will help fire up your digestion and get it back on track.

15. Loaded Tortilla Breakfast Pizza

Say yes to breakfast pizza. Even better, say yes to loaded breakfast pizza. No need to bake or buy dough, this recipe uses whole-wheat tortillas (make sure to use two per pizza) and is topped with shredded cheese and an egg before being tossed into the oven. To take the recipe the extra mile, add sliced avocado, cilantro, jalapeño, and simmered cherry tomatoes. The taste is just as satisfying as delivery pizza, but this version is much kinder to your wallet and waistline.

16. Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Fried egg, bacon, avocado, AND cheese? No wonder this grilled cheese is dubbed the ultimate. Even if you feel out of sorts or make a few missteps in the kitchen, this sandwich will turn out excellent. So if you’re in need of something to lift your spirits, tickle your taste buds, and induce a second sleep, this just may be your match. For a vegetarian version, skip the bacon, swap the cheddar cheese for Swiss, and add sautéd spinach and onions.

17. Chorizo Breakfast Hash

There’s something comforting about skillet dishes. There’s something even more comforting about chorizo, the smoky Spanish pork sausage that turns any dish from bland to exotic. This recipe will hit all your flavor needs while keeping things healthy—it’s gluten- and dairy-free—meaning it’s a-OK if you opt for a more decadent lunch.

18. Bacon Pancakes With Coconut Flour

Sweet and savory. Bacon and pancakes. This hangover-friendly dish is best made on the weekend when you have plenty of time to cook or if you can work from home. (And by work, we mean eat.) Though it’s easy to reach for Bisquick, it’s equally as easy to make your own mix with better ingredients such as coconut flour and coconut oil—and in this case, it also tastes better. The key here is really in the shape: Make sure you cover the bacon with the mixture to make it more finger food like instead of round.

19. Breakfast Ramen

Be careful with this recipe. It’s so easy and delicious you may just become addicted to it. The warm broth soothes a hangover like no other, and the noodles provide just the comfort you need when you’re feeling fragile. Add bacon bits, scallions, cheese, and egg, and you’ve got just what the (hangover) doctor ordered. You may just slurp yourself to sobriety.

20. Freezer-Friendly Everything Bagel Bombs

This recipe puts cream-cheese bagels to shame. Filled with shredded cheese and diced ham, made with store-bought pizza dough, and topped with everything bagel seasoning, everything about this recipe is just so right. And the fact that you can keep them in the freezer and heat them up in a jiff… hat’s off to you, bagel bomb. Hangovers have nothing on you.

21. Spicy Honey Breakfast Waffle Nachos

Some save the best for last. In our case, we saved the most decadent. Yes, you read that right: spicy honey waffle nachos. You can even use Eggos for the recipe. The name may sound fancy, but it requires little prep and only a few minutes in the broiler to cook to perfection. You’ll be so fixated on the incredible taste, you won’t even remember you drank last night.