Whether the idea of chugging a detox drink makes your stomach sink in fear or your heartbeat with excitement, there’s no denying detoxes come with baggage.

Folks “detox” for many reasons like clearer skin, fat loss, or less bloat. Still, there’s no scientific evidence that we *need* to detox. Your bod comes fully equipped with detoxifying organs like your liver, colon, and kidneys.

So, do so-called detox drinks work? Let’s dive into the world of clean sips, detox drinks, and wellness elixirs.

15 detox drinks worth a sip

While “detox” drinks won’t actually detox your body, some can taste great and give you a dose of good-for-you nutrients and hydration.

Here are our top detox drink recipes you can make at home:

  1. watermelon mint detox water
  2. detox beet juice
  3. fat flush detox drink
  4. de-bloat detox drink
  5. cleansing cucumber lemonade
  6. coconut water electrolyte drink
  7. clear skin detox water
  8. glowing skin detox drink
  9. easy detox smoothie
  10. detox green smoothie with chia seeds
  11. lemon ginger detox drink
  12. lemon ginger turmeric wellness shots
  13. apple cider vinegar turmeric detox drink
  14. sweet ACV detox drink
  15. simple ACV detox elixir
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Hoping to slim down by sipping infused H2O? Weight loss is not that simple, but these detox drinks *might* help you stay hydrated and full. You’ll still need to follow a healthy diet and exercise, but these refreshing drinks can help you cut down on soda and sugary drinks.

1. Watermelon mint detox water

Wanna slim down, lower your blood pressure, and reduce your BMI (body mass index)? Science says eating fresh watermelon might help. Add in mint’s reputation as a digestive aid, and you’ve got a detox buddy for your weight loss efforts.

Whip up this tasty bevvie by infusing water, watermelon, mint, lemon, and ginger for a few hours (or overnight). The result is a super-hydrating detox water that tastes like summertime.

Make watermelon mint detox water.

2. Detox beet juice

Beets are packed with dietary nitrates that have been linked to lower blood pressure, better gym performance, and healthy blood flow — all good things for your weight loss goals!

This uber-fresh detox drink also includes ginger, carrots, apple, lemon, and coconut water, which boosts electrolytes. The result is a satisfying sipper that will keep your vitamin levels high and your cravings away until the next meal.

You’ll want a juicer or blender for this detox drink. Wash and peel the fruits and veggies before pureeing them into a beautiful purple juice.

Make detox beet juice.

3. Fat flush detox drink

Swap out your afternoon soda for this tasty drink made with green tea, mint, and lime. The calorie savings alone will help you reach your weight loss goals, but so will green tea’s fat breakdown powers. The epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in green tea is known to promote weight loss and boost your immune system.

Just steep the tea with the other ingredients, add ice, and enjoy!

Make the fat flush detox drink.

First things first: Bloating is a fact of life. When your intestines are doing their thing, sometimes you get extra gas. Or sometimes you’re just a little puffy from salt or Aunt Flo. These detox drinks are designed to help relieve the discomfort.

4. De-bloat detox drink

More green tea and lemon? Yes, please! Though the “detox” powers of lemon, tea, and mint are up for debate, these three ingredients are all known to rev up your digestive system. Since most bloating comes from activity in your intestines, moving things along will help relieve bloating faster.

Just boil a cup of water, steep the green tea, then muddle in juice from 1/2 a lemon and a handful of fresh mint leaves.

Make the de-bloat detox drink.

5. Cleansing cucumber lemonade

The vitamin C in lemon will keep your immune system in fighting form, while cucumber will soothe inflammation. The result? You’re likely to feel truly refreshed, less swollen (if bloating was due to inflammation), and more hydrated.

This “detox” lemonade has a cool crispness thanks to the cucumber and a light sweetness from raw honey. Blend and strain a chopped cucumber, mix it with honey-melting warm water, then top with ice and fresh-squeezed lemon juice. #yum

Make cleansing cucumber lemonade.

6. Coconut water electrolyte drink

Did you know that constipation can cause uncomfortable bloating?

Upping your hydration game can help get your digestive system moving. Electrolytes are essential for good hydration, and coconut water offers up plenty of that plus good ol’ H2O.

Steep 4 ounces of hot green tea, then mix in 8 ounces of coconut water, and a healthy squirt of lemon juice. Add a few ice cubes and sip to your heart’s content.

Make the coconut water electrolyte drink.

Acne is literally the most common skin condition in the U.S., so you’re not alone in your breakout blues. Diet might have something to do with it, so sipping these skin-friendly elixirs may help clear the way to a glowing complexion.

7. Clear skin detox water

Got water, mint, a cucumber, and a lemon? Then you’re set to whip up this easy breezy, skin-hydrating “detox” water. In general, drinking water helps fight acne because hydration is critical for your skin’s natural detoxification — aka, sweat! Infusing your H2O also helps you get those 8+ glasses a day.

Put all the ingredients in a mason jar or pitcher, stir, infuse in the fridge for a few hours, and enjoy.

Make clear skin detox water.

8. Glowing skin detox drink

Once again, hydration is *clutch* for healthy skin. By drinking a mug of hot “detox” water, you’re also increasing the chances of a little steam spa action.

This recipe is deceptively simple: just a couple spoonfuls of honey and a slice of lemon in a cup of hot water.

The steaming elixir won’t work miracles, but it *will* hydrate you, promote good digestion and natural detoxification (thanks, lemon!).

Make the glowing skin detox drink.

Detox water can get a little boring. Meet its creamier cousin, the detox smoothie.

9. Easy detox smoothie

Let’s put aside the whole “detox” terminology for a hot sec and ask what you really want. To feel good, right? Strong and de-puffed and healthy. Maybe with a side of glowing skin.

This smoothie is brimming with vitamins and micronutrients because it’s full of fresh, whole foods. Nix the junky additives and food colorings and enjoy this “detox” smoothie that supports your body’s natural detoxification processes.

To make you’ll simply blend:

Make the easy detox smoothie.

10. Detox green smoothie with chia seeds

Rev up your body’s natural detox process with a heaping helping of fiber. Chia seeds have a whopping 10 grams of fiber per ounce, which can keep you regular and prevent disease. Your recommended daily amount of fiber is 25+ grams, so this smoothie will get you well on your way.

You’ll need:

Make the detox green smoothie with chia seeds.

The vitamin C in lemon is an antioxidant that can help your body fight infections, which is super beneficial if you’re trying to be healthier.

Though its “detox” benefits are dubious, research *does* suggest that sipping lemon water daily (along with regular exercise) could improve your blood pressure.

11. Lemon ginger detox drink

Ginger has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative properties, which basically means it’s great for soothing swollen joints, general swelling, and maybe warding off infections and disease.

Together with vitamin C-packed lemon, this drink could help you perk up and steel your immune system for the day ahead. This one’s great in the morning alongside a cuppa tea or java.

To give it a whirl, you’ll need a liter of filtered water, a lemon, and at least an ounce of ginger root. Wash, slice, squeeze, infuse!

Make the lemon ginger detox drink.

12. Lemon ginger turmeric wellness shots

Somehow, turmeric leaped from your curry into your favorite beverages. That’s because studies have shown that the curcumin in turmeric can soothe inflammation, kick up antioxidant levels, and even promote antimicrobial activity.

So, will a lemon ginger turmeric shot “detox” you? Well, it depends on what that means. It’ll certainly flood your body with nourishing plant compounds and vitamins.

Juice an orange and a couple of lemons, then toss in chopped or powdered turmeric, ginger, a drizzle of olive oil, and a pinch of pepper. Enjoy that spice!

Make lemon ginger turmeric wellness shots.

How is apple cider vinegar (ACV) good for you? Let’s count the ways:

Will it detox your systems? Again, these kinds of claims are doubtful. But it *is* a fab way to drink your way to better health. Cheers!

13. Apple cider vinegar turmeric detox drink

ACV’s antibacterial effect + turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties could help you fight off infection.

Adding lemon juice could also aid your kidneys’ natural detox process. Research shows that drinking lemonade on the reg might reduce your chance of kidney stones.

Here’s what you’ll need to mix up this ACV turmeric sipper:

Make the apple cider vinegar turmeric detox drink.

14. Sweet ACV detox drink

As the name suggests, ACV has a strong tart flavor. But there’s no need to suffer through your detox drink. This one tastes like apple cider thanks to the Honeycrisp apple (yay for fiber!) and sprinkle of cinnamon, which is antimicrobial and antiparasitic.

Bottom line? This sweetened ACV detox drink might not purge your skin of heavy metals, but it could certainly speed up your digestion, soothe bloating, and support a healthy immune system.

Drink it piping hot in the morning in place of your usual coffee or tea. Just gather the ingredients — water, an apple, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, vanilla extract — on the counter the night before.

Make the sweet ACV detox drink.

15. Simple ACV detox elixir

The research is a little dated, but science totally backs honey as a sore throat and cough remedy. Mix in the germ-fighting powers of ACV and lemon, and you’ve got a delightful elixir for fighting colds and infections!

Some research also suggests that cayenne pepper could promote weight loss by suppressing cravings. Does it “detox” your body? Probably not. But this combo *does* have plenty of health perks.

To simmer and sip, you’ll need:

Make the simple ACV detox elixir.

Instead of buying a pack of weight loss detox tea, you can DIY a healthy detox drink at home that gives you legit health benefits.

Some tips to keep your sips in the healthy range:

  • Use fresh fruits and veggies. Rather than reaching for a prepackaged powder or supplement, make your detox drinks with fresh, whole foods.
  • Savor the flavor. If all you’re thinking about is flushing out last night’s cheesy nachos, pause. Take a deep breath. Your “detox drink” should be an enjoyable tool for healthy living, not a restrictive regimen.
  • Don’t swap a meal for a drink. Whether you’re sipping infused water or a smoothie, remember that it’s a drink, not a meal. If you struggle with disordered eating or restrictive obsessions, sipping detox drinks on the reg could become a triggering habit.
  • Keep it in perspective. Remember that a detox drink is still just a drink. Try to nosh on good foods and move your body too!

There haven’t been any long-term studies on detox diets or drinks. And short-term research results are iffy, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

One 2017 study *did* find that detox diets lead to weight loss, but that’s probably because they’re low calorie. There also isn’t any evidence that the weight stayed off over time.

So, the bad news? Detoxes and cleanses aren’t likely to reset your system or flush out junk your organs aren’t already handling. Restricting yourself to a detox, cleanse, or liquid diet is also unhealthy since you might not get enough calories and nutrients.

Good news? Detox waters or drinks aren’t all bad. Some perks:

There’s little evidence that detox drinks remove toxins or flush fat from your body. Still, these fruit-infused beverages can be full of vitamins and essential micronutrients. They’re also a tasty way to stay hydrated.

The healthiest way to use these drinks is to include them in a diet already full of fresh fruits and veggies, healthy proteins, and fiber-rich foods. All of these things help support your body’s natural detoxification processes.