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Peerfit Workout Subscription

The Fitness Membership That Saved Me From Sitting at a Desk All Day

Step away from the computer.
PeerFit Lunch Workout

How to Get Away With a Super-Sweaty Lunch Workout

Sorry, booked up from 12 to 1. Every day.
Not Giving 100 Percent Can Actually Help You Get Fitter

Not Giving 100 Percent Can Actually Help You Get Fitter

It's hard to believe you don't have to torture yourself to get in shape.
Woman Running Outdoors

Being a Woman Runner Can Be Scary As Hell. Here's How to Keep Going

"I run to feel powerful. Mostly, I run to feel free."
Woman Doing a Dumbbell Workout on the Floor
How the FlipBelt Made Me a Better Runner

Why I'm Willing to Look Like a Disneyland Tourist While Running

If it would make me a better runner, I thought, why the hell not?
Should I Go to Restorative Yoga or Take a Nap?
The Workout Gear Our Fitness Editor is Currently Obsessed With

The Gear Our Fitness Editor Is Currently Obsessed With

Yes, everything in this list sparks joy.
Andrew McMaster Weight Gain Essay
Boxing Classes—What to Know Before Your First Time
Cycling Tips For All Levels

9 Bad Cycling Habits—and How to Fix Them

Time to get your shift together.
The Glute Guy's Top 4 Booty Building Exercises

The Glute Guy's Top 4 Booty-Building Exercises

Because strength is booty-ful.
Woman Adjusting Her Hair

Why Sweaty Scalps Can Cause a Slew of Problems (and How to Fix 'Em)

Because there's only so much dry shampoo can do.
Home Workout Gear You Can Take on the Go
Woman Pole Dancing
Shawn Booth Doing a Quick Workout Move
Woman Rubbing Her Shins
Man Running in the Snow
Woman Doing a Push-Up on a Mat
Woman Sitting on Stairs and Looking at Her Phone

I Lost Weight by Betting on Myself—Here's How

It was time to up the ante on my fitness.
Weight-Lifting Gear and Accessories

Does Wearing Weight-Lifting Gear Really Make a Difference?

"Weight-lifting belts are basically corsets for meatheads."
Woman Doing Crunches on a Mat
Anti Chafing Products for Long Workout Salvation
Warm Clothes for Cold Winter Workouts