It’s the worst when you’re in charge of making food for a party but have no idea what to cook. And it makes it even harder when you remember a guest is gluten-free, so you need to be that good friend and make food they can eat too. If you’re like us in this situation, and spend hours looking through Pinterest for easy, gluten-free recipes to please a crowd, your scrolling stops now. This week’s featured foodie, Shannon Emery of Pass Me Some Tasty, is the queen of delicious gluten-free meals, so we’ve got plenty of gluten-free apps, dinner, and dessert ideas right here.

1. Smooth and Creamy Hummus

We know what you’re thinking… can’t I just buy store-bought hummus? Sure, but we swear it won’t taste as good as this freshly made version. Using the classics, such as chickpeas and tahini, plus a touch of sour cream (you can use Greek yogurt too), it’s ridiculously easy to make. Be warned: Double dippers will keep coming back for more.

2. Gluten-Free Crostini With Fig and Proscuitto

The best kind of app is one that’s simple to prepare but looks super fancy. Layering prosciutto, soft cheese (think Brie or goat), a sweet fig spread, arugula, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze over a gluten-free crostini means you’ll be serving restaurant-quality taste that’s a little bit sweet, salty, and savory.

3. Chili Bacon-Wrapped Dates With Manchego

Bacon-wrapped dates might sound like old news, but just a few tweaks to the standard recipe kick these up a notch. Sweet Medjool dates are stuffed with nutty Manchego cheese, then wrapped in bacon that’s been rubbed with chili powder. Need we say more?

4. Easy 20-Minute Shrimp Tacos

Man, there’s nothing better than a meal you can cook in one pan. Except when you can turn the goods into tacos, like in this recipe. Sauté fresh shrimp and vegetables in garlic, spices, and butter. Once cooked, fold the shrimp and veg into tortillas and top them off with fresh lime, hot sauce, and sour cream. Taco Monday, Taco Tuesday, Taco Wednesday… you get the point.

5. Date-Night Gnocchi

Whether it’s a romantic date with your S.O., a girl’s night in, or a dinner party with your in-laws, this gnocchi dish will definitely prompt a moment of silence at the dinner table. The type of silence that happens when everyone is just devouring the food because it’s THAT delicious. Pan-roasted chicken, butternut squash, kale, and gluten-free gnocchi are mixed together in a creamy alfredo sauce (it’s a special occasion, ya know) and topped with grated Parmesan cheese. Use coconut milk and vegan cheese for a dairy-free version.

6. Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork With Cauliflower Rice and Guacamole

When you need to feed a crowd but don’t want to hang out in the kitchen all day, this slow-cooker pulled pork saves you. Leave pork shoulder to meld and simmer in a slow cooker with pineapple, bacon, and apple cider vinegar. When it’s time to eat, pair the tender pork with an easy-to-make cilantro-lime cauliflower “rice” and top with a massive scoop of guacamole. You can hope for leftovers, but good luck with that.

7. Chocolate Chip Chia Banana Bread

You too can be that person who just happens to have fresh banana bread sitting on their kitchen counter. (You know the type.) With healthier ingredients such as applesauce and brown rice flour (let’s not forget about the dark chocolate chips) a homemade, gluten-free banana bread will take you 15 minutes to prep, your oven 45 minutes to cook, and your friends 30 seconds to eat.

8. Coconut Chia Parfaits With Fresh Berries

At first glance, you might think this is a breakfast, and TBH, it’d be a great a.m. meal, but we love the idea of having a bunch of mason jars filled with these colorful layers on the dessert table too. It’s no chocolate cake, but the coconut milk with chia seeds layered in-between fresh berries will have guests wondering where you bought such a delicious vanilla pudding.

9. Grapefruit Peach Popsicles With Maple and Thyme

So you need popsicle molds for this, but trust us, it’s worth it. With five simple ingredients, including maple syrup, fresh thyme, pink grapefruits, a peach, and Greek yogurt, you can enjoy a cooling summer treat that’s pretty enough to be called gourmet and delicious enough to take you back to your childhood days of slobbering all over Flintstones Push-Up pops.