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If you wish you could be at Disneyland, Disney World, or any other Disney parks but that’s not an option for whatever reason, there is one easy way to experience some of the magic at home: Disney copycat recipes for all your favorite treats.

I picked 18 of my favorites, though there are many more, which you can find on the official Disney Parks blog and on scores of other recipe sites, many of which specialize in cracking the Disney food code.

Make any one of these and your kitchen will feel like the happiest place on earth.

One of the very best Disney snacks—and the absolute easiest to make at home—Dole Whip only requires two ingredients (frozen pineapple and coconut milk) and a brief spin in a blender. Plus, it’s dairy-free, so almost everyone can enjoy it! Get the Dole Whip recipe. Add a splash of rum if you like, or a sprinkle of Tajín for an easy version of Disney’s Spicy Dole Whip.

This sky-high breakfast from the Polynesian Resort is stuffed with bananas and coated in cinnamon sugar. The official Disney Tonga Toast recipe uses sourdough bread, but Olivia Geyelin went with challah; just be sure to slice it extra-thick. Add as much syrup as you please. And plan on skipping lunch because, just like this toast, you’ll be stuffed. Get our Tonga Toast recipe with Challah.

Churros are a must-munch at any Disney park, and our churro recipe is a worthy at-home option; just pipe smaller pieces for churro bites. But since everyone loves a mash-up, our Churro Funnel Cake recipe may be even better—especially if you make the dulce de leche to go along with it. (It’s an upgrade from the thinner caramel sauce served with the Disney version of this treat.) Whipped cream is also welcome at this party on the plate. Ice cream, too.

These adorable marshmallow kebabs are covered in caramel and orange candy coating, with a layer of orange sanding sugar for sparkle, and finally, the signature chocolate tiger Tigger stripes. This is a fun one to make with kids…who will likely be bouncing around from the sugar high after a few bites. But that only seems appropriate. Get the Tigger Tails recipe.

While all-American corn dogs are hardly specific to Disney parks, they’re a common sight on Main Street and an easy hand-held treat to take down between rides. Our classic Corn Dog recipe includes a touch of honey in the batter. And since you’re making them at home, you can use whichever wiener has won your heart.

Wielding a giant smoked turkey leg like a caveman club is fun no matter where you are, and they taste delicious everywhere too. If you want go whole hog (or bird, in this case), we have a Smoked Turkey recipe you can make on your grill—but if you only care about the drumsticks, try this Smoked Turkey Legs Disney Copycat recipe.

First introduced at Disney’s California Adventure park, “spicy cheese puff corn on the cob” is basically just elote coated in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. How could that be bad? Get the Flamin’ Hot Corn on the Cob recipe. And feel free to experiment with the crushed chips of your choosing; consider yourself an Imagineer in the kitchen.

The fluffy, airy, fried beignets that are a staple of New Orleans Square will taste fantastic even if you don’t have a Mickey Mouse-shaped cookie cutter, but if you do, that only adds to the appeal. Either way, don’t be stingy with the powdered sugar. And maybe wear a white shirt (or none at all…you are at home, after all). Get the Mickey Beignet recipe.

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That aforementioned Mickey Mouse cookie cutter will also enable you to make the iconic chocolate-dipped Mickey Mouse ice cream bar offered from carts all across the parks. The Magic Shell-style coating is easy to make at home, so if you use store-bought ice cream, it’s a cinch. If you want to do it all from scratch, try this Vanilla Bean Ice Cream—or go with any flavor you want (but be aware, mix-ins will make it harder to cut clean shapes). Get the Mickey Ears Ice Cream Bar recipe.

The only thing that makes clam chowder better is serving it in an edible bread bowl. If you have air conditioning, it might actually be enjoyable to eat this when it’s hot out, too (a personal barrier to my ever ordering this in the parks, though I’ll always snag a bite from a generous tablemate). Get this Disney Inspired Clam Chowder Bread Bowl recipe, or try this Disneyland Clam Chowder recipe and serve it in a hollowed-out sourdough boule.

Homemade soft pretzels taste so much better than anything from the freezer case—and while twisting them into the same detailed Mickey shapes you get in the parks isn’t quite that easy, you can always break out that cookie cutter again! Get the Mickey Mouse Soft Pretzel recipe. If you want to try shaping them by hand, check out this Mickey Pretzel recipe.

Bread cones may be even better than bread bowls; use store-bought pizza dough or your favorite homemade version to form them around a foil core (they’ll slide off once baked). Then fill them up with mac and cheese for easy hand-held carbo-loading, even if you’re just in your own backyard. Optional: Take a cue from Tinkerbell and sprinkle bacon on top like it’s pixie dust. Get the Mac and Cheese Bread Cone recipe.

If you’ve never tried the unlikely combo of turkey, ham, cheese, and jam, this deep-fried, powdered sugar-dusted sandwich is a revelation. And making it at home is way cheaper than lunch at The Blue Bayou. Our Monte Cristo Sandwich recipe calls for red currant jelly for serving, but raspberry jam is the Disney way, and equally delicious.

Caramel apples are a year-round staple of several Disney sweet shops, and you can make them Mickey and Minnie shaped at home with one secret weapon (…it’s marshmallows for the ears). But this autumnal twist is also a favorite, and tastes great all year round. Get the Apple Pie Caramel Apple recipe.

If you always yearned to follow Lumiere’s exhortation to “Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious!” but had no idea what the grey stuff was, the official answer (at least according to the Disney Parks blog ) is a sweet pudding-esque concoction with a cookies and cream flavor. I highly doubt that’s what Belle was actually served, but it’ll do. Get The Grey Stuff recipe. (It also makes a tasty cupcake frosting.)

With 28 components, this is an undertaking, both in execution and in eating, but if you want to make the ultimate ice cream sundae, this might just be it. Get the Disney Beach Club Kitchen Sink Sundae recipe.

Cutting up hot dogs and mixing them into mac and cheese is kid stuff. Piling creamy mac onto a hot dog is Disney genius, and easy to recreate (and devour) in the privacy of your own home. Just pick your favorite mac and cheese recipe—something extra-creamy is most appropriate—and ladle it onto your favorite hot dog (spiral cut is non-traditional but gives you more nooks and crannies for the toppings to settle into).

This one takes a bit more work, but making macarons is easier than you might think. Feel free to skip the homemade ice cream here and use your favorite store-bought ice cream to fill your fancy cookie sandwiches one cooled.

As for the iconic Mickey Waffle, all you need is the right iron and your favorite waffle batter recipe!

Check out our collection of the best copycat recipes of all time for even more ways to DIY your favorite treats.