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You literally spend hours a day in bed. So, that new mattress? It’s basically a form of self-care. But what if you could upgrade your whole bed?

There are so many bed frames on the market: tried-and-true metal frames, platform bases, storage beds… the list goes on. One of our favorites is the adjustable bed frame, which gives you a customized sleep experience and health benefits.

Ready to elevate your sleep style? Our list of the best adjustable bed frames is here to help.

We searched high and low for the adjustable bed frame of your dreams. Our top picks were chosen based on:

  • reputable and transparent manufacturers
  • generous product warranties
  • availability in several sizes
  • positive consumer reviews
  • variety of price points

Say goodbye to the medical-looking adjustable beds of yore (also say goodbye to the word “yore,” amiright?). These adjustable bed frames are smart, chic, and oh-so-customizable.

1. Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+

Price: $$$
Sizes available:
twin XL, full, queen, king, split king

Amerisleep’s Adjustable Bed+ has alllll the bells and whistles: a rolling-wave massage feature, wireless backlit remote, Bluetooth mobile app control, and built-in 4-port UBS hub.

The made-in-the-USA bed frame also uses “Wallhugger” engineering, which shifts the mattress back so that that you’re not pushed forward when elevating the head of the bed.

A couple drawbacks: Delivery times take longer than expected (even in pre-pandemic times) and Amerisleep’s 25-year warranty only covers certain parts of the bed frame.

2. Casper The Adjustable

Price: $$$
Sizes available:
twin XL, queen, split king, California king

Casper sells two adjustable bed frames: The Adjustable and The Adjustable Pro. We think most folks will fall in love with The Adjustable’s:

  • full-body positioning options
  • ability to save preferences
  • wireless remote
  • USB charging ports

But hey, if you want to upgrade for $500 for features like under-bed lighting, a headrest tilt, and massage features, you do you, boo! #DreamBig

Regardless of the bed frame you choose, Casper offers a 30-day risk-free trial so you can give it a try.

3. Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame

Price: $$
Sizes available:
twin XL, full, queen, king, split king

Nectar’s adjustable frame boasts a 3-zone massage feature, “zero gravity” position, and special TV recline setting — which users seem to love. It also comes with a wireless remote and built-in USB ports.

Another fun perk is that the frame comes in three different leg heights. Pick the one that fits your space and preferences or even switch it up for fun!

Take note: Several reviewers said the frame gets kinda loud in massage mode or during adjustments. But with Nectar’s 50-night trial, why not see what you think?

4. Tempur-Pedic Ease Power Base

Price: $$
Sizes available:
twin, twin long, full, queen, king, split king, California king, split California king

Tempur-Pedic’s Ease Power Base keeps it simple: custom comfort for solid slumber. TBH, this base model has fewer features than its counterparts, but users love the simplicity and easy functions. Plus, there’s that wireless remote, classic zero-gravity setting, and a 25-year warranty.

For primo features like sleep tracking and massage, take a peek at Tempur-Pedic’s other adjustable bed frames. The company has a variety of products depending on your budget.

5. Zoma Adjustable Bed

Price: $$$
Sizes available:
twin XL, queen, king, split king, California split king

Zoma’s adjustable bed frame is easy to setup *and* easy to use at night thanks to a backlit wireless remote. Users also rave about the bed’s one-touch presets and ultra-quiet operation.

Our favorite part of this adjustable bed is its versatile design: Zoma constructs this frame to work without legs so that you can fit it to your current bed base or place it on the floor.

6. Purple PowerBase

Price: $$$
Sizes available:
twin XL, queen, king, split king

Purple’s PowerBase boasts complete customization, meaning that you can adjust to your heart’s content rather than picking from a few pre-set positions.

This one also has a setting to relieve common pressure points, targeted vibration for sore zones, and under-bed lighting to keep you from tripping on your midnight run to the bathroom.

Bonus: the PowerBase bed’s height can be adjusted, which is pretty cool if you’re vertically challenged or head-over-heels for under-bed storage.

Like the Affordomatic, the PowerBase gets props for easy setup. Reviewers’ main complaint was an occasionally glitchy remote, but iOS users can control the bed with a downloadable app.

7. Lucid L150 Bed Base

Price: $
Sizes available:
twin XL, full, queen

Looking for a wallet-friendly adjustable bed frame? You’ve arrived! Lucid’s L150 is simple to assemble and easy to use. What it lacks in smart features, it makes up in comfort and affordability.

This frame features a “zero clearance design,” which just means that it’s compatible with any flat surface (platform bed, anyone?). The design also works best with a mattress that’s less than 14 inches thick.

Take note: Some customers have received frames that are missing holes for the mattress retainer bar, but those same users say Lucid offered super-responsible customer service.

8. Zinus Jared Metal Adjustable Bed Frame

Price: $
Sizes available:
twin XL, full, queen

This adjustable bed frame = straightforward + uber-affordable.

With a no-tools-needed assembly, the Jared frame is kind of a dream. Imagine getting a package delivery after dinner and sleeping in your new snooze nest by nightfall!

Unlike the other beds on the list, this bed’s remote stays attached by a cord. And it also doesn’t come with presets or fancy vibrations or lighting. It is what it is: A minimalist, ultra-quiet adjustable bed frame.

9. Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Affordamatic 2.0

Price: $
Sizes available:
twin XL, full, queen, king, split king

This super-affordable frame works with any mattress and features a wireless remote, pressure-relieving “Zero Gravity” position, and 3-year limited warranty.

Reviewers rave that this frame comes together in a snap, but some users think the frame is a little too noisy when moving from position to position.

Some general tips for bed hunting:

  • Choose reputable manufacturers. You want product and policy transparency. It’s a red flag if they don’t provide product specs or contact numbers up front.
  • Look for product warranties. Check out the manufacturer’s warranty for what is and isn’t covered — and for how long.
  • Prioritize YOUR needs and budget. Have a price in mind. If an unnecessary feature bumps up the cost, it’s OK to look elsewhere.
  • Read reviews. Check out what others are saying about the adjustable frame. If too many of the comments are negative, steer clear!

There’s plenty to consider before making the switch from static to adjustable. Like, are you a stomach sleeper? Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you like to Netflix and chill from the couch or your bed?

Here are some of major perks of adjustable bed frames:

  • Relieve sleep apnea. Research shows that an elevated sleep position can significantly improve the effects of this sleep disorder.
  • Soothe acid reflux, asthma, or snoring. Simply sleeping in an upright position can ease your symptoms.
  • Ease back pain. Adjustable beds improve spine alignment, meaning you might wake up pain-free!
  • Curb insomnia. Adjustable beds put your body in the best, comfiest, most aligned position for a dreamy trip to slumberland.
  • Improve circulation. Yes, really! Elevating your legs can improve circulation, which could help prevent cramps and blood clots.

While there are many benefits, there are also a few drawbacks to think about, including:

  • Cost. Adjustable frames tend to be more expensive, especially if you want extra features like massage and temperature control.
  • Mattress compatibility. Latex and memory foam mattresses work best for adjustable frames. You *might* have trouble with a hybrid or innerspring mattress.
  • Noise. Some frame motors are louder than others, so check the specs and user reviews before buying!

Whether you’re looking to soothe back pain, relieve sleep apnea, or get more comfy when reading in bed, an adjustable bed frame can help.

There are many adjustable bed frames on the market. Do your research and look for an adjustable frame that meets your needs, preferences, and budget.