Decided it’s time to invest in a grown-up pillow? The ones from mattress maker Purple might be on your list of picks, but it’s worth getting all the deets — including what other sleepers think — before dropping the dough.

Here are all the facts (and nothing but the facts) about these popular pillows.

The original Purple Pillow boasts the same unique grid-like design as the brand’s signature mattress. The grid is designed to offer max head and neck support that cradles pressure points, with open-air channels to help you sleep cool. And unlike pillows filled with poly or down, it won’t bunch up or lose its shape over time.

The pillow is sorta one-size-fits-all in that it doesn’t come in soft, medium, or firm options. But you can get some customization by adding the brand’s adjustable foam pillow boosters — you stick them in the cover to give your headrest a little more height.

The pillow comes with a polyester cover (so you’re not, like, feeling the grid right on your face) that’s designed to wick moisture away. But while you can toss the cover in the washer and dryer, the pillow needs to be cleaned by hand with soap and warm water and air-dried.

Sizewise, it’s a fairly standard 24 inches by 16 inches, but the 3-inch depth is on the flatter side. You can choose from 1/2-inch and 1-inch boosters (add one or two) for more height.

As for what people actually think? You could probably sum up the 4/5-star average rating as good but not mind-blowing, especially for the price.

Here’s what happy sleepers say:

  • “…a really comfortable pillow that doesn’t lose its shape during the night.”
  • “At first I was skeptical and now I am a believer. This pillow has saved my neck and my back so much unneeded pain and discomfort.”
  • “What do you guys put in the pillow??? Once my head hits the pillow I’m instantly drifting off to dreamland.”

But not everyone is totally enamored.

Some people say the grid-like feel takes a while to get used to, while others just can’t get past it. Some complain that the nearly 12-pound weight is way too heavy for a pillow. “When you wake up in the middle of the night and are very groggy it is HARD to move the pillow half asleep,” one reviewer writes.

The good news is that Purple offers free shipping and a 100-night no-risk trial. So you can see if the pillow is right for you without making a huge commitment.

Just can’t get on board with resting your head on a grid? We hear that, and apparently Purple does too. The brand’s Plush Pillow is a more traditional alternative that feels more like your typical pillow. Just, y’know, better.

The Plush Pillow has a fluffy, cloud-like feel thanks to a fill made from interlocking poly fiber balls. Also cool: There are side zippers designed to help you adjust the pillow to your desired firmness level. Leave the zippers open and the pillow filling expands and stays fluffier. Close them and the filling becomes denser and more firm.

If you tend to get hot when you sleep, good news: The pillow comes with a special Lyocell-blend cover that’s designed to wick away moisture and keep things super breathable, so you won’t wake up feeling suffocated at 3 a.m. (But if you are hot, the pillow’s lighter weight makes it much easier to flip than Purple’s original pillow.)

At 26 inches by 18 inches, it’s a little bigger than the original Purple Pillow too. But it’s still basically within the realm of standard, so you can use a regular pillowcase.

As for what customers think? The average rating is around 3.5/5, so again, good but not amazing. Some users say they woke up with sore necks because the pillow was too fluffy and not dense or supportive enough (even when zipped fully closed), so it wasn’t really worth the money.

The reviews include comments like these:

  • “Have to use 2 of this pillow to make it more sturdy and supportive to sleep. Wouldn’t recommend, you put your head down… the stuffing moves to the ends away from your head.”
  • “It’s so plush that it mashes down and loses support through the night even with both zippers closed. Simple enough fix to just fluff it again, however if I sleep all night with a mashed pillow then the neck pain returns.”
  • “The pillow isn’t as dense as I expected. I bought one for myself and my husband and neither of us use it anymore. We tried it out for about two months, and most of the time we had to have another pillow with it. It is soft but just not dense enough for us.”

On the other hand, those who were looking for a soft pillow to begin with were more likely to find that the Plush was comfortable and met their needs.

Happy customers describe it as “Comfortable as a cloud,” and “Super comfortable. Not too soft and not too hard. Its great not having to fluff your pillow everyday and still have no support. Great for side sleepers.”

If you’re on the fence, it’s easy to try the pillow at home for basically no risk, thanks to Purple’s free shipping and 100-night trial period.

If you’re looking for a unique pillow with ergonomic support, the original Purple Pillow may be worth trying. As for the Purple Plush Pillow? The consensus is that it’s OK but not much different from what you could get for less at any bedding store.

But if you want to try either one, the brand’s free shipping and 100-night at-home trial period means there’s not much to lose.