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Picking a new mattress is kind of like picking a life partner. It can be hard to commit. What if you opt for something that’s super firm and then realize your body prefers marshmallow softness? Or what if your pup doesn’t love it too?

If you’re scared of sealing the deal on the wrong setup, consider an adjustable mattress. These bad boys can go from soft to supportive in an instant — you just have to adjust the inflation.

Not sure where to find the bed of your dreams? We’ve rounded up the best adjustable mattresses just for you.

First things first: We’re *not* talking about adjustable beds. No special bed frames or elevated legs required. (But they can be added!)

Adjustable mattresses are also known as air beds or smart beds. Their defining feature is the ability to adjust firmness by inflating or deflating the mattress. Some adjustable mattresses even allow for different firmness levels on either side. #CoupleGoals

Air beds are ahhh-mazing for folks who:

We’ve rounded up the very best adjustable mattresses for super supportive sleep.

1. Best for couples: Saatva Solaire

Price: $$

Say hello to 50 (!) levels of firmness. The Saatva Solaire delivers uber-personalized comfort for couples because each side of the king or California king models can be adjusted separately.

Add to that the gel-infused memory foam and organic cotton and you’ve got a soft mattress that checks all our safety boxes. You’ll also get free in-home delivery and free removal of your old mattress.

Bonus: The Saatva Solaire comes with a 180-night home trial and a 25-year warranty.

2. Best for light sleepers: Sleep Number 360 c2 Smart Bed

Price: $

It’s tough to find quality adjustable mattresses under $1,000. The c2 Smart Bed hits that price point *and* has luxe smart features like sleep tracking (via an app) and what Sleep Number calls “proactive support.”

That means if you toss and turn at night, this mattress will continuously adjust the firmness levels around your body as you shift in your dreams. Even light sleepers can stay settled.

Need more convincing? It comes with a 100-night trial and a 15-year warranty.

3. Best for pressure points: Sleep Number 360 p6 Smart Bed

Price: $$

This adjustable mattress all-star has a layer of adjustable air chambers that can be inflated or deflated based on what you and your partner prefer. And yes, that means each side of the bed can be set to a different level of firmness.

But what makes this bed stand out are its extra features. It has biometric sensors that *automatically* adjust to support pressure points. Then there’s the sleep tracking app that lets your mattress communicate with your phone to give you a clear picture of your snoozing habits.

If you buy one of the Sleep Number bed frames, you get the added benefits of feet warming, under-bed lighting, and lower leg elevation.

4. Best for back pain: Selectabed Air-Pedic 600

Price: $$

This gel-infused foam mattress has six chambers to cushion your spine while you’re snoozing. The mattress also has CertiPUR-US certified foam for back support, a bamboo knit covering, and a 2-inch cooling layer to wick away night sweats.

But the sweetest part of the deal is the “Zone” adjustment that allows you to separately control the firmness on your head, torso, and feet. For peeps with achy backs, this could be the difference between a sleepless night and a hot (but not sweaty!) date with Mr. Sandman.

Bonus: You can use Bluetooth to adjust your bed through your smartphone.

5. Best on a budget: Personal Comfort A2 Bed

Price: $

This is one of the most wallet-friendly adjustable mattresses of the bunch. While you’ll lose some bulk — the A2 clocks in at just 7 inches high — you’ll still get 45 different pressure settings, CertiPUR-US certification, and a breathable quilted cover.

Personal Comfort’s A2 bed is ideal if you’re new to the world of adjustable mattresses. The company offers a 120-day trial to help you determine if the A2 is right for you. Reviewers seem happy with this mattress, though a few complain that it takes too long to ship.

6. Best for durability: Personal Comfort A10 Bed

Price: $$$

Personal Comfort’s A10 mattress is like a turbocharged A6. The 17-inch-tall mattress has 9 layers of gel, air chambers, and pillowtop plushness. The layers can also be replaced or upgraded individually, saving you from replacing the entire mattress due to damage or age.

The A10 has 45 firmness settings on each side. You can access the controls via Apple or Android, so there’s no fiddling with buttons or remotes if you decide to firm up the bed in the dead of night.

Bonus: Just like other Personal Comfort mattresses, the A10 comes with a 120-night trial and a 25-year warranty.

For this list, we looked for mattresses that targeted key sleep concerns — back support and adjustability — as well as each mattress company’s general reputation.

We also paid close attention to other important indicators of quality:

  • Safety. Does it meet federal flammability requirements? Check. Are the materials in the mattress safe for you to be snoozing on for 6 to 10 hours a day? Check.
  • Reviews. Sleep should be relaxing. If people aren’t loving a mattress, we don’t recommend it.
  • Customer service. Whenever possible, we picked mattresses with a “try before you buy” policy, a customer-friendly refund policy, or a warranty.

If you’ve never had an adjustable mattress, they might all look the same. But as with any other type of mattress, some have pillowtops, cooling layers, or hypoallergenic covers.

You’ll also need to decide if you want a “dual chamber” design so each side of the bed can have a different firmness setting.

Some other things to pay attention to:

  • Material. Do you prefer foam or latex mattresses? Head to your nearest mattress store and give each one a try. You might be sensitive to the smell, feel, or bounciness of one or the other.
  • Smart tech. Do you want an adjustable mattress with its own remote? Or do you prefer to control the firmness through an app on your phone?
  • Risk-free trials. Buying a mattress is a big deal. We recommend choosing a company that lets you try it before you buy it. Personal Comfort and Sleep Number are just two companies that offer risk-free trials.
  • Warranty. No one wants to invest in a mattress that develops lumps or craters within a year. Companies with warranties stand behind their quality claims.

It’s important to choose the best mattress for your body, sleeping habits, and budget. Some peeps like hybrid mattresses. Some prefer hypoallergenic ones. Others are on the hunt for the most affordable foam mattress.

In general, an adjustable mattress is a great choice for:

Adjustable mattresses *aren’t* so great if you’re on a tight budget. If that’s you, consider a risk-free trial to make sure it’s a worthwhile investment. Or start saving so you have the money when it’s time to replace your mattress again.

With an adjustable mattress, you can change your mattress’s firmness with the touch of a button.

Adjustable mattresses can be a game-changer for folks with back pain or for sleep partners who don’t have the same mattress firmness preferences. Before you invest in one, do some research to decide which key features are important to you.