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Tired AF of getting outta bed in pain? It might be time to change your mattress! If waking up to a sore back, hip, neck, or shoulders is the norm, you prob need better pressure point support.

We made things easy for you and searched the internet for the best mattresses for pressure points. Browse through our top picks to find a mattress that’ll soothe your pain and help you doze off.

Pressure points are the spots on your body where you feel the most pressure when lying down. They can vary depending on the position you sleep in. For example, if you’re a side sleeper, you might feel more pressure on your hips and shoulders.

Luckily, if it feels like you’re under a lot of pressure to get a good night’s sleep, the right mattress can help!

A 2011 study suggests that a saggy mattress can mess with your rest, especially if you sleep on your stomach or on your side. The best mattresses for pressure points may relieve pain by supporting the natural curve of your spine while you sleep.

Still looking for more relief? You can also try sleeping with a pillow between your knees (if you’re a side sleeper) or underneath your knees (if you sleep on your back). This can help decrease the pressure on your hips, knees, and back while you’re snoozin’.

After searching the internet, we bring you the *very* best mattresses for pressure points on the market. We made sure to include quality options for every budget.

1. Best for back support: Saatva Classic Mattress

Price: $$
Type: Hybrid

If you’re looking for a hybrid mattress that can alleviate your pressure point pain by giving you some extra back support, the Saatva Classic might be your new BFF!

You can choose from three firmness options and two heights. It’s made with a mix of coils and memory foam, and the pillow top has CertiPUR-US certified foam. All these features combine to help you relieve pressure in your hips, back, and shoulders.

2. Best for hot sleepers: Nectar Lush Mattress

Price: $$$
Type: Foam

Dreaming of a mattress that’ll cool your #HotBod while keeping pressure point pain at bay? Enter: The Nectar Lush Mattress.

It’s a great choice for hot sleepers because it comes with a cooling cover and it has gel-coated, CertiPUR-US certified memory foam to help regulate your body temp.

3. Best for stomach sleepers: Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Price: $$$
Type: Hybrid

If you’re a stomach sleeper, you might’ve had a hard time finding a mattress that helps you stay supported. Well, we’ve got news for you: The Dreamcloud Luxury hybrid might be just what you need!

With four layers of memory foam and innersprings covered by a quilted cashmere and foam cover, this mattress was built for both support and comfort.

Bonus: You’ll get a full 365-night trial to see if this is the one for you and a lifetime warranty if anything goes wrong.

4. Best hybrid mattress: Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress

Price: $
Type: Hybrid

The Brooklyn Signature is a hybrid mattress (meaning it’s made from both springs and foam) that promises support without comprising comfort. It’s a great budget-friendly choice for pressure point relief.

You might prefer this supersupportive hybrid option if you’re a side sleeper. One study suggests that people who sleep on their backs prefer softer mattresses than those who sleep on their sides.

Feeling like Goldilocks? You can also choose from three firmness levels to find the comfiest one for you, depending on your favorite sleeping position.

5. Best foam mattress: Casper Original Mattress

Price: $$
Type: Memory foam

This memory foam mattress includes “Zoned Support.” That’s Casper’s name for a three-section layer of foam that has softer foam under your shoulders and firmer foam supporting your hips. It promises to help you stay aligned while you sleep, so you can avoid any pain on pressure points.

The Original Casper is a bestseller for a reason. You’ll also get free shipping, a 100-night risk free trial, and a 10-year limited warranty.

6. Best for couples: The Winkbed

Price: $$$
Type: Hybrid

The Winkbed is a hybrid mattress designed specifically to help you get rid of muscle tension. It promises to optimize your spinal alignment, too, which makes it a safe choice for a pain-free night of sleep.

The Winkbed is also a perfect pick for couples. Why? Because the combo of gel foam and steel pocket springs works to minimize the amount of movement you can feel from one side of the bed to the other.

7. Best flippable mattress: Idle Hybrid Mattress

Price: $
Type: Hybrid

If you’re on the hunt for a hybrid mattress that’ll last for ages, The Idle Hybrid might be for you. The secret to its durability is that it’s flippable, meaning you can switch between the two sides of the mattress to make it last longer. Pretty flipping cool, right?

You can also choose your preferred firmness level for both sides of the mattress at no extra cost. If you’re clueless about which firmness level might work best for you, the company can also provide personalized recs.

8. Best for side sleepers: Leesa Original Mattress

Price: $$
Type: Foam

Side sleeper looking for the best mattress to soothe your pressure points? Say hello to the Leesa Original Mattress! This all-foam mattress is perfect for side sleepers who deal with pressure point pain, because it’s comfy but not superplush.

It also comes with a top layer of breathable foam for maximum airflow and a core support layer that promises to give you the support you need for a good night of sleep.

9. Best organic mattress: Avocado Green Mattress

Price: $$
Type: Hybrid

The Avocado Green Mattress is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a hybrid mattress that’ll reduce both your pressure point pain and your environmental impact.

A bit on the firmer side, this hybrid is certified organic and made with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified wool and cotton, and it comes with five different ergonomic zones to help you sleep better.

10. Best under $500: Sunrising Bedding Mattress

Price: $
Type: Hybrid

Looking for a lush quality mattress at a friendly price? It’s here, and it’s called Sunrising Bedding! This hybrid is made with 100 percent organic latex from the sap of the Malaysian rubber tree, and it comes with a fancy cashmere wool cover.

A 2017 study suggests that latex mattresses might be better at reducing body pressure than polyurethane ones. (Polyurethane is another common material used in memory foam mattresses.) That means the Sunrising Bedding mattress is not only a budget-friendly option but also a great choice for pressure point relief.

To land on our list of top picks, each of these mattresses had to:

  • be certified as safe by a third party
  • comply with the Federal Flammability Standard, 16 CFR part 1632 and 16 CFR part 1633
  • come from a company that doesn’t have an F or D rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • come with a trial period

Whether you sleep hot or cold, on your back or your side, there’s sure to be a mattress out there that’ll help you sleep pain-free. Keep these factors in mind to find the right one for you:

  • price
  • materials
  • firmness level
  • temperature regulation
  • motion isolation
  • edge support
  • consumer feedback

For a match made in heaven, you’ll want a mattress that will not only help alleviate your pressure points but also give you the right amount of support, so you can keep a good posture while you sleep.

If you’re not sure what feels the comfiest to you, go for a medium-firm mattress. One review of studies concluded that a medium-firm mattress might be best for sleep quality and spinal alignment.

If you’re done with waking up in pain and you want a good night of sleep, a mattress designed to reduce pressure point pain could be a lifesaver. Check out our top picks to find the perfect mattress for your needs and start your morning feeling fresh as a daisy!