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Want to make your dreams a little dreamier? Try an adjustable bed with an all-star mattress.

Adjustable, motorized beds have long been popular among folks with fibromyalgia and mobility issues. But lately, they’re gaining massive mainstream traction.

If you’re looking for the best mattress for the adjustable bed you just bought, we’ve got you. Here are the top picks to take your high tech bed to the next level.

10 best mattresses for adjustable beds

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If you’re gonna splurge on a mattress, it should have an A+ rating. Each of our picks offers a free trial period so you can take your mattress for a test drive to dreamland before committing.

We also considered the following factors:

  • Brand transparency. Every company is vetted by our experts with industry and medical know-how to make sure claims are legit.
  • Adjustable bed frame compatibility. Don’t sweat it — these mattresses will def work with your adjustable bed frame.
  • Customer reviews. No need to Google these mattresses to death — we picked the crème de la crème by scoping out reviews.
  • Price point. We looked for mattresses for every budget and with flexible payment plans.

Pricing guide

All prices are based on queen-size mattresses.

  • $ = under $900
  • $$ = $900–$1600
  • $$$ = over $1600
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Best luxury mattress for adjustable bed

Saatva Classic Mattress

  • Price: $$
  • Firmness: plush soft, luxury firm, or firm

With more than 2,000 reviews averaging 4.9 out of 5 stars, Saatva’s luxury mattress has a bit of a cult following. And the company recently redesigned its bestseller to play nice with an adjustable frame.

The new and improved model still has spring coils for classic bounce and airflow, plus extra foam for better flexibility.

Most customers seem to prefer the Luxury Firm option, which is made to mimic your fave luxury hotel’s mattress. But you should choose the firmness that’s most comfortable for your body. In general, medium-firm to firm works better for back and stomach sleepers, while plush works well for side sleepers.

Best memory foam mattress for adjustable bed

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

  • Price: $$
  • Firmness: medium-firm

The Nectar mattress has comfort layers infused with cooling gel, which molds to your bod without trapping in heat. The breathable bottom layer of foam also lets air escape (no mustiness here, y’all).

TBH, there are cheaper mattresses out there. There are also fancier ones at seriously steep prices. But we think *this* quality at *this* price is about as good as it gets in Memory Foam Mattress Land.

Bonus: Nectar has a 365-day trial period, so if you’re not convinced, you can sleep on it — literally.

Best mattress for adjustable bed under $1,000

Dreamfoam by Brooklyn Bedding Copper Dreams Hybrid Mattress

  • Price: $
  • Firmness: firm or medium firm

According to the Federal Reserve, 40 percent of Americans don’t have even $400 saved up for emergencies. So don’t feel bad if you’re not sitting on, like, over a grand for a mattress.

Fortunately, Copper Dreams offers genuine comfort that’s much more affordable than other memory foam models. The savings grows when you keep an eye out for one of the company’s online promo codes.

As for the mattress: Memory foam is infused with copper-graphite, which is supposed to help draw heat away from your bod to keep things cool. It’s also made in the USA, comes with a 10-year warranty, and has a 120-night risk-free trial.

Best mattress for adjustable bed for combo sleepers

Casper Original Mattress

  • Price: $$
  • Firmness: medium-firm

The Casper Original’s combo of memory foam and support foam has a natural cradling effect. This works well for every type of sleeper, whether you curl up in the fetal position or sprawl out like a starfish.

This made-in-the-USA model is also pretty legit for co-sleepers because of what the company calls “motion isolation” technology. Basically, when your boo (or dog) tosses and turns, they won’t rock the boat on your side of the bed.

Bonus: If you’re still shopping around for an adjustable bed, Casper has a frame that pairs with this model.

Best eco-friendly mattress for adjustable bed

WinkBeds TheEcoCloud

  • Price: $$$
  • Firmness: medium-firm

Crafted from 100 percent certified organic cotton, Talalay latex foam, sustainable New Zealand wool, and recycled steel, this hybrid mattress checks all the “natural material” boxes. Did we mention that they’re handmade-to-order in the U.S.? #winning

The spring system has five zones of support for your hips, shoulders, and spine. Sound too good to be true? Find out and try it risk-free for 120 nights.

Best mattress for adjustable bed for people with back pain

The Purple Mattress

  • Price: $$
  • Firmness: firm or medium-firm

If you’re someone with a chiro on speed dial, The Purple Mattress might be “the one.” Topped with a hyper-flexible gel layer, this mattress is designed to reduce pressure points that might otherwise give your back, neck, and spine trouble.

Purple has a split-base option for co-sleepers, but reviewers say it’s not always reliable. Instead, they recommend the classic model as the queen of comfort.

Bonus deets: You’ll get a 100-night trial period and 10-year warranty on this made-in-the-USA beauty.

Best mattress for adjustable bed for active people

Zoma Hybrid

  • Price: $$
  • Firmness: soft to firm

Zoma Sleep specializes in making mattresses for athletes. Maybe it’s a niche you didn’t know existed, but the company believes that gym rats and fitness aficionados need something special for their sweet dreams.

To tend to sore muscles and “improve performance,” Zoma created a memory foam/coil mattress hybrid with three different “zones” that have varying firmness levels designed to alleviate pressure points and optimize comfort.

Do you really need a special mattress to support your running habit, though? Some athlete reviewers claim it really does help with muscle recovery. With an average rating of 4.8 among over 500 reviews, it just might be worth trying out the 100-night risk-free trial.

Despite its cooling gel memory foam, though, it’s not necessarily the best of the batch for temperature control and airflow, sweatier sleepers say.

Best flippable mattress for adjustable bed

Layla Hybrid Mattress

  • Price: $$$
  • Firmness: soft or medium-firm

If you’re indecisive, the Layla mattress might be the flippable mattress pick for you. One side of the memory foam/coil mattress is soft and plush, while the other is firmer and more supportive.

Whether you’re recovering from surgery (firm side FTW) or about to have a baby (softer often feels comfier for pregnant peeps), there are many reasons why you might have changing sleep needs. While reviewers differ on which side is king, many rave about the comfort and pain relief it offers.

Heads up if you tend to get toasty, though: like with other memory foam options, some did complain it sleeps a little warm.

Best mattress for adjustable bed for couples

Nest Bedding Natural Hybrid Latex

  • Price: $$$
  • Firmness: plush, medium, or firm

This baby’s got 500+ nearly 5-star ratings for good reason. If the Casper Original is a solid choice legit for couples, Nest’s Natural Hybrid Latex is even better. (Full disclosure: It’s also nearly twice the price.)

Split firmness technology means you can order half of it firm to support your finicky spine and the other half plush for your babe, who likes a little more cushioning. It’s like pizza night… but for your mattress.

The organic, breathable hybrid (a combo of springs and foam) has three firmness models to choose from: plush, medium, and firm.

Best smart mattress for adjustable bed

Sleep Number 360 p6 Smart Bed

  • Price: $$$
  • Firmness: adjustable

If you’re looking for a smart mattress with allll the bells and whistles, Sleep Number’s got your back (literally).

This mattress contains adjustable air chambers so that each side can be customized to the firmness level you (or boo) prefer. The Sleep Number 360 p6 also has biometric sensors to auto-adjust the firmness if you move around in your sleep. Plus, it links up to your smartphone to track sleep quality and Zzz’s.

Word of warning: All these features will cost you a pretty penny.

We spend way more time in bed than say, our cars — so why don’t we dedicate more energy to picking the perfect mattress? A good mattress supports your bod, keeps you comfy, and helps you clock the 7 or 8 hours you need to be a fully functional human.

When picking a new mattress, you may also want to consider the following:


Mattresses are a serious investment, full-stop. Before you pick yours, take time to really figure out what you can afford and work from there. If you’re struggling, payment plans can make things more attainable.

While some swear by buying the best you can afford, these days (thanks in part to direct-to-consumer, online-only options) there are quality options at lower price points. So, if your paycheck’s a little scant right now, don’t sweat it.

Keep in mind that if you spend a little bit more, you may benefit from a mattress that lasts longer and saves you money (and possibly back pain) in the long run.


A common complaint about new mattresses is a chemical-like smell that might take a while to subside. If you have a sensitive nose, consider choosing one with organic, GREENGUARD, or CertiPUR-US materials. These certifications mean your mattress is free of potentially harmful chemicals.

Firmness level

Like thermostat preferences or preferred spice level on Thai food takeout, mattress firmness level is pretty personal. You may think firm is #best, while your boo thinks soft is sweetest.

According to a 2015 study, though, medium-firm mattresses may be best for reducing back pain and improving sleep quality and comfort. Ultimately, though, your unique needs will determine what’s right for you — and it might take some free trials before you hit your sweet spot.

If you and your sleep partner don’t agree, consider getting a model with split firmness so you can both sleep easy.

Temp regulation

If you’re a sweaty sleeper, you might not love the heat-trapping quality of many foam mattresses. If that sounds like you, opt for foams with perforation or gel infusions — or consider getting a hybrid mattress since they’re known for better airflow.

Sleep position

Whether you’re a sworn side-sleeper or dedicated back dreamer, choosing a mattress that suits your unique style may come with added comfort.

In a small 2010 study, researchers found that participants experienced back pain relief after sleeping on mattresses specially selected for their sleeping position.

According to the pros, back and stomach sleepers tend to sleep best on firmer mattresses with coils, which support the spine. Side sleepers tend to rest better on a softer pick that lets the hips and shoulders sink a bit.

Trial period

If you’d test drive a car, why not your mattress? Look for a mattress with a trial period that lets you take time to find your perfect “vehicle” to dreamland.

Plan to try yours out for at least a week before taking the plunge.

If you don’t already own an adjustable bed, you may be wondering whether you should take the plunge. Let’s save you some serious Googling and dive into the pros and cons:

Adjustable bed perks

  • Comfort. Adjustable beds help you sleep easy. You can adjust your bed into prime position *and* enjoy added features like built-in massagers.
  • Pain relief. Adjustable beds may help relieve issues like back pain, neck probs, and muscle cramps.
  • Better sleep. Research suggests that keeping the head of the bed elevated will improve obstructive sleep apnea symptoms. Raising your head might also help relieve sinus, allergy and breathing issues — including snoring!
  • Convenience. Wanna watch Netflix in bed? Adjustable frames make it oh-so-convenient. They also often have built-in USB chargers for your smartphone.
  • Sexy times. Want to expand your range of positions? *Ahem* — just grab your bed’s remote.

Adjustable bed drawbacks

  • Cost. Adjustable beds will cost you more than other models. On the bright side, they’re getting more affordable as more peeps climb aboard.
  • Learning curve. It takes a minute to get used to the technology and find your comfort sweet spot, but you’ll get there.
  • Weight. Adjustable beds are heavier than classic bed frames. Unless you have movers on hand, this might be an issue when it’s delivered.
  • Potential tech glitches. All devices come with the possibility of issues. That’s not to say that you’ll have any, but there’s always the risk.’

According to a 2015 review of several studies, sleeping on a medium-firm, adjustable mattress is optimal for sleep quality, comfort, and spinal alignment.

Chiropractor Kevin Lees of The Joint Chiropractic says that adjustable beds can be especially great for people with conditions including:

  • Lower back problems. An elevated head with slightly bent knees is often ideal to ease lower back pain and stress, Lees says, and an adjustable frame can help comfortably accomplish this position.
  • Osteoarthritis. Joint compression can make osteoarthritis pain particularly severe for the spine, Lees says, “but reclining positions can help reduce the pressure on lumbar spinal joints.” This in turn may help ease back pain.
  • Degenerative spondylolisthesis. Elevating the back and knees via an adjustable bed can likewise help soothe back pain from this condition, Lees says.

“People aren’t all the same shape or size, and the positions that are comfortable and supportive are not all the same, either,” he says. Unlike a pillow that “stays one size and may move around through the night,” an adjustable bed allows users to choose the perfect elevation and stay that way — even if they toss and turn.

Lees also notes that some beds offer adjustable firmness in the lumbar area, which can aid in the additional support necessary for different body types. “There should be no space between a person’s back and the bed,” he says, because “this would indicate a loss of support, which may lead to strain on spinal joints and increased pressure in other areas.” With an adjustable bed, you can eliminate that gap.

Lees adds that adjustable beds are also great for those who aren’t typically able to sleep on their side, whether due to breathing problems or shoulder or hip injuries. By moving the bed up and in, “an adjustable bed can help mimic the side sleeping position without adding pressure to the shoulders and hips that side sleeping can,” he explains.

Can I just use a regular mattress on an adjustable bed?

Technically, yes. However, foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses (foam + springs) work best with adjustable frames because they’re flexible enough to shift easily from one position to the next.

If you use an innerspring mattress, you risk increasing its wear due to the varied pressure the frame puts on it.

Do adjustable bed frames damage mattresses?

Nope — not if you’re using a compatible (adjustable bed frame-approved) mattress, that is. If you use a regular mattress, it might wear more quickly in certain areas.

The right mattress for an adjustable bed frame is extremely flexible — that way, it can readily contour to the base. That’s why they’re usually made out of the shape-shifting memory foam.

Do I need to buy a mattress and adjustable base from the same company?

No, but you might benefit from a deal if you do!

Before you purchase from different companies, just double-check to ensure your mattress is specifically designed for adjustable bed use. It’s also a good idea to check if your mattress warranty is affected by using another company’s adjustable frame.

How do adjustable beds work?

Adjustable bed bases allow you to lift the mattress head and foot between 40 to 70 degrees. It might be app or remote control operated or manual — it just depends on the model.

Can I use a mattress topper on an adjustable bed?

Yes, you can — just make sure that it’s made from soft, pliable material so that it can bend with the bed frame and mattress with ease.

How much do adjustable bases cost?

Due to the complex design, adjustable bases tend to cost between $1,000 and $3,000 — typically more than your mattress.

Any mattress can work with an adjustable bed frame, but more flexible models are best.

Finding the perfect mattress for your adjustable bed frame is super personal. To find your ideal fit, consider your budget, preferred firmness level, and choice of sustainable and/or luxe materials.