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53 Healthy One-Pot Meals for When You Want the Least Amount of Cleanup Possible

Ditch the dishwashing blues and make one of these easy recipes that come together in just one pot.
19 Breakfast Soups (Yes, Really!) for Cold Mornings

19 Breakfast Soups (Yes, Really!) for Cold Mornings

Bow(l) down to the new morning meal.
Sweet Potato Coconut Soup

9 Soups to Meal-Prep Now That It's Chilly Out and Salads Aren't Cutting It

Sweater weather calls for soup and lots of leftovers.
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24 Healthy and Easy Chili Recipes 1K

24 Healthy and Easy Chili Recipes

One-pot perfection any night of the week.
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7 Quick and Healthy Winter Soups 10K
Vegan Winter Minestrone 2K

Vegan Winter Minestrone

Warm up on the chilliest days with this hearty, healthy mix of pasta, beans, and winter vegetables.
No-Cook Corn Chowder

No-Cook Corn Chowder With Avocado Salsa

Process a few ingredients in the blender, and dinner's ready!
Chilled Asparagus Corn Soup

Chilled Asparagus and Sweet Corn Soup

A little bit savory and a little bit sweet, this chilled soup is the perfect warm-weather dinner.
34 Ways to Eat Watermelon at Every Meal 3K
Greatist Recipe Soup Salad

Thai Noodle Soup

Enjoy the rich flavors of your favorite Thai takeout at home—no cooking skills necessary!
Sausage Kale Soup

Quick and Hearty Sausage Kale Soup

In just four simple steps, you can be slurping up a filling soup that's perfect for chilly nights.
There's Not Much Science to Back Up The Supposed Benefits of Bone Broth
Taco Soup Rice Cooker 3K
Easy Potato Soup Recipe 8K
Recipe: Silken Tofu and Kimchi Soup

Simple Silken Tofu and Kimchi Soup

One pot of this easy soup can serve as an entire week's worth of filling, flavor-packed lunches.