Cold soup might sound like an oxymoron, but if the refreshing, spicy flavors of a chilled gazpacho are any indication, it’s an incredibly tasty concept. It’s also a souper (you knew that pun was coming) convenient solution for getting in a healthy meal when sweltering weather leaves you in no mood to roast veggies or stand over a steaming pot on the stove. We’ve rounded up 21 cold soups that help you make the most of summer produce—and we’re not just limiting them to veggie-centric recipes either. From fruity, dessert-like concoctions to hearty, bean-based options, these souped-up creations are like nothing you’ll find in a can.

1. Chilled Pea Cucumber Cashew Soup With Mint

1. Chilled Pea Cucumber Cashew Soup With MintShare on Pinterest

While thick, chunky pea soup is great for colder months, we can thank a cup of blended cashews for the silky texture of this rich but refreshing one. Cucumbers give it an even more cooling effect, so it’s perfect for summer.

2. Chilled Cherry Tomato Soup

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This summer take on a classic soup uses seasonal cherry tomatoes and lots of fresh garlic and basil. It may be cold, but we’re guessing it still tastes pretty amazing alongside a grilled cheese.

3. Zucchini Basil Soup

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Next time you want to do something with your zucchini other than spiralize it, churn it into soup. Miso paste lends some unique savory flavor, while basil adds a refreshing touch plus that amazing green color—but we’re not going to lie, those garlic croutons might be the best part.

4. Carrot Ginger Soup

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Sauté the carrots and onions in a bit of melted butter first to get them seasoned just right before puréeing them into soupy submission. A touch of orange zest gives it a little extra kick that works perfectly with the ginger.

5. Avocado Asparagus Gazpacho

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Eat your greens the gazpacho way, with this creamy blend of avocado and asparagus. Fresh squeezes of lemon, zesty red onion, and spicy cumin keep the soup tasting fresh and light, but there’s plenty of healthy fat in here to make it a filling appetizer or main meal.

6. Chilled Watercress and Potato Soup With Dill

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Hot potato soup can feel kind of heavy, but when served cold, it’s actually really refreshing. Peppery watercress helps out even more by adding some spice.

7. Chilled Cauliflower and Yogurt Soup

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Switch it up from your regular breakfast yogurt bowl and get your dairy fix with this yogurt-based soup instead. It manages to fit in both a vegetable and a fruit by using cauliflower and—wait for it—a Granny Smith apple for mild and sweet flavor. Meanwhile, curry powder adds an Indian-inspired kick. It all sounds very unusual, but that’s exactly why you’ll love it.

8. Rustic Vichyssoise

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Most vichyssoise recipes throw in at least half a cup of heavy cream. This one adopts the “less is more” philosophy, going for just a tablespoon of the stuff. You’ll be surprised at how rich it is despite the slashed saturated fat count.

9. Chilled Pineapple Soup

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The coconut-pineapple combination is classic, but when you add bell peppers, onion, and cilantro to the mix, it’s a whole new level of delicious. Call it soup or a savory piña colada;, this recipe guarantees you’ll be satisfied.

10. Chilled Cherry Soup With Cardamom

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With cardamom, cinnamon, and lemon juice as seasonings for this sweet and tart cherry soup, you could serve this as a healthy dessert. The creaminess comes from sour cream, but the blogger helpfully notes that yogurt works just as well if that’s more your thing.

11. Chilled Melon and Almond Soup

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The ground almonds, garlic, and salt make this a primarily savory soup, but melon (cantaloupe is often used) adds a subtle sweetness. With the olive oil swirl and paprika-dusted melon skewers as garnishes on top of each chilled glass, it’s super impressive for serving guests.

12. Chilled Blueberry Soup

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Want to put your farmer’s market blueberries to good use for something slightly healthier than pie? Turn them into soup instead. Spiced with cinnamon and ginger, it actually tastes like pie filling, just with a lot less sugar.

13. Chilled Tomato and Peach Soup With Ginger

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This isn’t your average tomato soup. Not only do peaches give it another layer of flavor, but there’s also a generous two tablespoons of ginger in the batch, ensuring this recipe is anything but bland.

14. Easy Watermelon Gazpacho

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Watermelon co-stars with tomatoes to form the base of this classic chilled soup. The rest of the ingredient list reads like a regular gazpacho, but it’s amazing how much of a delicious difference one little switch-up can make.

15. Cantaloupe Peach Soup With Blackberry Drizzle

15. Cantaloupe Peach Soup With Blackberry DrizzleShare on Pinterest

Not one, not two, but three summer fruits get puréed into this sweet blend. Sure, you could just call it a smoothie, but the blackberry-balsamic drizzle and fresh mint garnish gives it a classic soup finish.

16. Chilled Edamame Gazpacho With Roasted Corn and Curried Salt

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This vegan soup has everything going for it: looks (that yellow and green color combo will catch anyone’s eye!), taste (thank you, fresh basil), nutrition (quality protein from the edamame, plus healthy fats from the avocado), and just enough spunk (courtesy of a pinch of garam masala).

17. Chilled Hummus Soup

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If you (like us) have been known to consume hummus by the spoonful, this recipe is right up your alley. With tahini, cumin, and garlic, it tastes exactly like the classic bean dip, but soup-ified so that it’s perfectly acceptable as a main meal.

18. Spicy White Bean and Corn Gazpacho

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Corn soup doesn’t always have to mean a heavy chowder. Make it a cold gazpacho, where yellow tomatoes, bell peppers, and fruity olive oil are the perfect summery complements. The protein-packed white beans are responsible for making it a smooth version rather than the traditionally chunky kind.

19. English Pea, Fava Bean, and Mint Soup

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Peas, fava beans, and mint are a foolproof combination. Enjoy them in soup form with this super-simple, less-than-five-ingredients recipe. There’s only a touch of cream—and it goes a long way—but feel free to use regular milk instead.

20. Cold Lentil Yogurt Soup

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Taking its cue from a South Asian cold yogurt and lentil soup that’s usually served with rice, this version replicates some of the traditional flavors but goes for a much simpler ingredient list and a quicker, one-step method. It’s a fantastic meatless way to get in a lot of protein too.

21. Chilled White Bean, Cucumber, Mint, and Yogurt Soup

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Believe it or not, this cool Mediterranean-inspired soup takes all of five minutes to come together, thanks to the fact that it’s a simple process of blending ingredients together—zero cooking required. Top the velvety concoction with a sprinkle of pistachios for a crunchy contrast.