Soup is such an underrated meal. Maybe it’s because it seems like a whole process to make (false!), but it’s just not on our meal-prep radar the way it should be. Now that the temperatures are dropping, we’re making a point to change that. After all, if you make it right, it can easily be super filling and a simple way to add more veggies to your day. Plus, you can make it in big batches to eat throughout the week or freeze for later. Grab yourself some mason jars and get to preppin’.

1. Vegan Mason Jar Pho

Pho recipes can be super complicated, which is why we love this simplified version. You really just need veggies, broth, and fresh ginger. That means it’s also vegan, but you could easily add in thin-sliced beef (like you’ll often find in restaurant versions) if you’d like. Your deskmate is drooling already.

2. Slow-Cooker Wild Rice Vegetable Soup

This colorful soup will brighten up any cold day, no question. It’s made with kale, butternut squash, onion, and wild rice, plus lots of spices to amp up the flavor. It freezes well, so you can easily make a Crock-Pot full and eat it through the week or save some for later (like 6 months later).

3. Kale, White Bean, and Chicken Soup

Consider this the best way to upgrade a rotisserie chicken. Sure, you could roast your own, but you can also save yourself some time and add one to your grocery list instead. White beans add heartiness to the soup, while cabbage, celery, and zucchini give it some texture.

4. Sweet Potato Coconut Soup

Just because you’re dairy-free or vegan doesn’t mean you have to say adios to creamy soup. Coconut milk is your best friend in that department, and sweet potatoes work super well to thicken it all up. We could probably stop at coconut and sweet tater since they’re a match made in soup heaven, but it’s worth mentioning, this recipe also has a bit of a kick thanks to chili powder and paprika.

5. Slow-Cooker Tortilla Soup

Tortilla soup is basically the taco salad of fall, and we’re all for it. You can add as many of your favorite taco fillings as you want, but the base itself is pretty solid: tomatoes, pinto beans, peppers, onion, garlic, and vegetable broth. And lots of avocado, but you already knew that.

6. Chipotle Pumpkin Turkey Chili

Chili is such a classic, it would be easy to say “don’t mess with a good thing” and cook up your usual recipe. But pumpkin purée and sweet potato add such crazy-good flavor to the dish… trust us, it’s worth straying from your go-to recipe, especially in the fall.

7. Curried Cauliflower Rice Soup

Paleo and Whole30 fans, add this to your meal plan ASAP. You can start by making your own cauliflower rice, or just pick up a bag from Trader Joe’s. From there, just add in broth, almond or coconut milk, veggies, and spices, and let it all simmer.

8. Chicken Zoodle Soup Jars

Zucchini spirals can taste bland on their own, but when added to soup they take on a much better consistency, IMO. Aside from the zoodles, the rest of the ingredients are pretty classic chicken noodle soup stuff: chicken, onions, celery, carrots, and garlic. Make it when you’re feeling under the weather or just need a cozy weeknight dinner (and lunch the next day).

9. Vegan Ginger Carrot Bisque

Don’t worry, this recipe is way easier than it looks. The fancy swirl on top is just a tahini sauce with turmeric mixed in; you could also use cashew cream if you have it on hand. The soup itself uses carrots to get its rich orange color, plus curry powder and ginger.