Between the seven-layer dip you housed on Saturday night and polishing off a box of chocolates on Sunday (worth it), there’s a good chance you might be feeling like your body needs a bit of a reset.

But that doesn’t mean fasting your way from Monday to Friday. Instead, you can get on the souping trend by replacing a couple of meals during the week with these healthy soups that will help you get back on the cleaner eating train. That means no chilis or chowders or creamy bisques. We’re talking light, broth- or veggie-based bowls that won’t weigh you down and are actually nutritious. Spoon up one of these 19 recipes to get healthy, not hangry.

1. Tofu Miso Soup

With plenty of tofu for protein and miso paste for that umami taste, this bowl is plant-based eating at its best. It may have zero extra seasonings, but you’ll be blown away by how the natural flavor of the veggies plus the kick from the ginger leaves little need for anything else.

2. Spicy Sriracha Lime Chicken Zoodle Soup

If classic chicken noodle soup had a millennial descendent, it would be this recipe. Made with spiralized zucchini instead of pasta and doused in Sriracha, it’s about as new age as it gets, but the generous chicken pieces and garlicky broth make sure it keeps the comforting quality of the OG version.

3. Green Detox Soup

Packed with spinach, zucchini, avocado, and the ultimate healing elixir that is apple cider vinegar, the nutritional profile of this soup is incredible enough. But what may be even better is that you can make it as light as you like with water, or add richness by using coconut milk and nutritional yeast. It’s filling, wholesome, and super tasty either way.

4. Thai Lemongrass Soup

Inspired by tangy tom yum broth, this Thai-style soup does away with some traditional ingredients in the interest of using more easily accessible items. Still, with sambal, lemongrass, ginger, and cilantro, there’s enough of that familiar fragrance and flavor to rival any restaurant version.

5. Instant Pot Low-Carb Ham and Cabbage Soup

Far from the stereotypical bland and watery stuff that comes to mind when thinking of the cabbage soup diet, this Instant Pot creation is satisfying without being heavy. How does it pull that off? All-purpose seasonings, dried herbs, lots of black pepper, and a good amount of diced ham.

6. Simple Vegan Detox Soup

If it’s true that we eat with our eyes first, then we’re guaranteed total satisfaction with this bursting-with-color soup. The taste won’t disappoint either—the ginger, garlic, and herbs de Provence seasonings are simple enough to let the natural flavors of the six vegetables shine through.

7. Fennel Asparagus Soup

With an impressive resume that includes alleviating indigestion and helping lactation, fennel is a longtime favorite in healthy food circles, but if you’ve been scratching your head about how to actually use it in a recipe, here’s your answer. You won’t see it underneath the bright green of the asparagus and basil, but with its bright, slightly sweet flavor, it makes its presence felt.

8. Spiralized Vegetable Soup

The next best thing to pasta? Spiralized produce. While the nifty swap is nothing new, it continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. With recipes like this one, which makes use of several noodle-fied veggies for a variety of flavors and colors, a meal can be on the table in just 10 minutes.

9. Red Beet and Apple Soup

Borscht isn’t the only soup beets belong in. Try ’em in this crimson (and totally vegan) concoction, where they’re joined by apples for some natural sweetness and fresh herbs. Even with the roasting time for the beets accounted for, it all comes together in less than an hour.

10. Spaghetti Squash Vegan Pho

While regular pho is deceptively heavy from all the rice noodles, this version opts for spaghetti squash strands instead, drastically cutting the carb count. Once they’re submerged in the cinnamon and anise-flavored broth, the dish tastes nothing but authentic.

11. Dairy-Free Homemade Creamy Vegetable Soup

One look at this thick, velvety soup and you’ll be convinced that there’s cream, potatoes, or at least puréed nuts in the mix. It’s actually none of the above. Believe it or not, that texture comes entirely from blended, non-starchy veggies and a touch of olive oil. How’s that for light but satisfying?

12. Easy Spinach Egg Drop Soup

Egg drop soup is much easier to make at home than you think—it’s really a matter of stirring beaten eggs into a boiling pot. This recipe also takes the nontraditional route of adding extra veggies in the form of carrots, spinach, and even a touch of tomato sauce for some more flavor without extra fat.

13. Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup

The condensed Campbell’s stuff has got nothing on this made-from-scratch tomato soup. Not only is this one free of high-fructose corn syrup, but the addition of the roasted red pepper gives it a smoky depth you’d never find in a can.

14. Shrimp Taco Soup

Make Taco Tuesday happen even when you’re sticking to soups. This spiced-up mix of shrimp and veggies is perfect proof of how, with the right seasonings, a soup can be light without being tasteless.

15. Carrot Ginger Soup

Enjoy bowlful after delicious bowlful of this immune-boosting, carotenoid-crammed, anti-inflammatory soup on cold winter days. Not only do all its healthy benefits do a pretty awesome job of fending off the flu, but a sprinkle of golden raisins adds a subtle yet unmistakable added sweetness that takes the classic carrot and ginger combo to new levels of tasty.

16. The Ultimate Immune-Boosting Soup

With infection-fighting garlic, kale, shiitake mushrooms, and turmeric, this soup is practically the edible version of a flu shot (though you should still get a real one of those). No pesky pathogen dare come near you after you’ve downed a bowl or two of this.

17. Smoked Turkey Sausage Soup

With both sweet potato and turkey, this soup is on the heartier side of the spectrum, but its brothy base still gives it a cleansing quality. Save it for the days you want a meal that’s substantial but not heavy.

18. Roasted Cauliflower and Kale Soup

Taking two of today’s trendiest veggies and blending them up into one irresistibly creamy concoction, this soup gets its color from the kale and its texture from the cauliflower. We’re also recommending this as an easy way to consume kale if chewing on the veggie’s tough leaves is a bit much for you.

19. Shrimp and Vegetable Soup

An all-veggie soup just not doing it for you? This recipe has a simple solution: Throw in some shrimp. It’s a single addition that provides bulk, flavor, and protein all at the same time.