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Move over, partners.

When it’s time to settle in for the evening, I’m like Goldilocks. I don’t want my porridge too hot or too cold, and I don’t want my pillows too soft or too firm. So, sorry not sorry to my one true love, Target, but let’s be real: as a belly and side sleeper, your pillows keep me tossing, turning and tweaking my neck all night… and not in a fun way.

This year, when it was time to toss out my generic, aged Room Essential pillows from college, I opted to try the Original Casper Pillow. (I’m already a big fan of my Casper mattress — the podcast ads get me every single time.)

When I first laid my head down on the Casper Pillow, it was just right. It feels like I’m lying in a plush, luxurious hotel bed while my head is completely supported.

Ten months, zero strained neck muscles, and fewer and further between sleepy mornings in the office later, this prized piece of bedroom real estate has become my ultimate key to beauty sleep.

It keeps my neck nice and happy and stays cool even during the dog days of summer, all while staying fabulously fluffy (#goals). It’s my perfect “all-in-one” solution to my sleep sorrows.

This belly-to-side sleeper, who was initially skeptical that a pillow could multitask with my snoozing preferences, was proven wrong. Because no matter which way I twist and turn during the night, the pillow shifted with me. After the first few months of this new sleeping arrangement, I woke up in completely different slumbering shape, with the pillow still in full, fluffy form.

I was even more shocked when I sat up every morning with complete, pain-free neck mobility. Finally, I could go to the office feeling rested — and without cringing every time I turned my head.

On the rare occasion that the pillow gets a tad chunky (nowhere near the clumpiness level of a Room Essential pillow), I’ve followed Casper’s instructions on how to properly fluff the pillow. In just a minute or two, the pillow is completely back to its fluffed out form. Who knew I was fluffing pillows wrong the last 26 years, and who knew that I’d take such joy in becoming a newly minted fluff buff? Is this adulthood?

Bonus: No matter the temperature of my AC-less apartment, this pillow always stayed cool, eliminating the need to continually wake up and flip flop my pillow to the cool side. Hello, uninterrupted sleep!

Who knew I’d become obsessed with a pillow, but trust me, nothing feels better than waking up feeling fresh and pain-free.

Original Casper Pillow

Get it via Casper ($65)

Emily Torres is a freelance writer based in sunny San Diego. When she’s not busy crafting stories about wellness and travel, she can be found sampling new breweries or cuddled up with a good book. Follow along on Instagram, Twitter, and her website.