Hello Greatist readers! Laura here—staff writer for your trusted go-to guide for fitness, health, and happiness. I am excited to share with you a new series we are starting today: The Greatist Challenge. For the first challenge, I will embark on a month-long journey to stay fit on a budget.

An easy excuse to skip out on staying in shape is that it’s costly. And yes— I agree! Most gym memberships put a nice little hole in your pocket, and individual classes can have you throwing Andrew Jackson’s left and right. And yet, I do believe with a little research, exploration, and creativity, everyone can find a way to stay fit on a budget— no matter where they live.

I am a runner who recently moved to New York City. I don’t want to be evicted from my apartment for not paying rent, so I’m off to see how I can stay in shape without it costing my shelter a fortune! I also want to expand my fitness horizons by finding other ways to stay in shape besides pounding my feet on concrete. (Yoga might be a good start— my tree-pose aint’ quite up to par here).

So come along on my journey as I head out to see if I can stay fit on $10 a week. Look forward to weekly updates on Greatist.com, along with frequent posts on our tumblr. I will also be tweeting several times a day, so make sure to follow me! I hope I can prove that, with an open mind, anyone can find affordable (or free!) ways to stay fit.

Until next time!