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A good sports bra is a boob’s best friend, especially when you’re hitting the pavement. If you get the wrong size or cut, though… let’s just say chafing is real, friends.

Enter this list of 10 amazing sports bras for running. Since running is a high impact activity, your average yoga bra is unlikely to make the list. But we’re all made differently and have different bra needs.

Ready to find your perfect match? Read on.

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  • Adjustability. Adjustable shoulder straps and bands provide a better fit.
  • Compression and encapsulation. Compression mashes your tatas into a uniboob. It’s not how you want to look on a Saturday night, but it works well, especially if you have an A to C cup. But if you’re a C+ or D, you probably want a bra with encapsulation and compression. Encapsulation separates the breasts to better support their weight and offers enhanced motion control. The combination of encapsulation and compression reduces movement from all directions.
  • Coverage. Runners often skip a shirt and opt for their sports bra alone. A bra with a little extra coverage lets you feel cool and comfortable.
  • Back style. Whether a bra is crisscross, racerback, or back-clasp style affects whether you can slide out of the bra when it’s sweaty or if you’ll be throwing down a few four-letter words and cutting yourself out with scissors (totally done it before).
  • Underwire or wire-free. Most people prefer a wire-free sports bra because it’s more comfortable during exercise. But an underwire offers better encapsulation and stability.
  • Moisture-wicking fabrics. The combination of sweat and too much bra movement equals chafing. Fabrics that wick away moisture and let your body breathe can help prevent painful rubbing.

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $25
  • $$ = $25–$60
  • $$$ = over $60
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Best overall

Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra

Price: $$$

The Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra gets the top spot because it’s soooo adaptable and supportive for a wide range of body shapes and sizes. Have a small back and a large bust or a muscular back and short shoulders? With the Shefit, you can adjust the hook-and-loop closure on the bust band as well as the shoulder straps.

The front zip closure makes this bra easy to put on and take off even when it’s sweat-soaked. Last but not least, the zipper has a semi-autolock (so you won’t accidentally play peek-a-boob), and the shields at the top and bottom of the zipper protect you from chafing. Bonus: It comes in 10 sizes and 7 colors.

Best for A to C cups

Nike FE/NOM Flyknit Sports Bra

Price: $$

Nike’s signature Flyknit material is strong enough to make an awesome running shoe, so you can bet it’s strong enough for a sports bra. This super stretchy bra offers a close fit without feeling like it’s got you in a stranglehold.

It moves with your body to keep those tatas in sync with each step. A nearly seamless design eliminates chafing and painful pinching or scratching from hooks. The racerback provides full movement through your shoulders and keeps the straps from showing under a tank.

It comes in only five sizes, so as long as you’re a fairly standard size, the Flyknit should fit well.

Runderwear Original Support Running Bra

Price: $$$

Oh, Runderwear. Not only do you have a great name, you also make a killer sports bra. With 36 size options and an adjustable back clasp, this bra guarantees a customized fit. While we’ve listed it under the best bras for A to C cups, this bra works for a wide range of runners, with sizes going up to 38E.

It’s lightweight and moisture-wicking to keep you cool on long runs, and reviewers hail the soft-but-durable performance fabric. Folks who regularly encounter underbust chafing also sing this brand’s praises.

Best sports bras for the busty (D+)

Freya Core Underwire Sports Bra

Price: $$

What is the best sports bra for high impact? It’s probably the Freya Core. The underwire separates and encapsulates the breasts for better support and motion control, and appropriate (but not suffocating) compression keeps things in place.

The wide curved underwire puts side boobage under lock and key, so there’s no migration to the back or armpit. This bra captures everything for a secure and comfortable fit and keeps you cool with moisture-wicking fabric.

If you’ve ever double-bagged your T’s just to go on a run, this pick is for you. The Freya Core Underwire Sports Bra comes in sizes 28D to 38JJ.

Panache Ultimate High Impact Underwire Sports Bra

Price: $$$

With sizes from 28B to 40J, this bra fits a wide range of tig ol’ bitties. A silicone-covered underwire works to encapsulate and separate the breasts, and the fabric compresses everything to reduce motion and leave a smooth fit.

Users love the wide, cushioned straps, which make a big difference as the cup size goes up. We love that this bra converts to a racerback so you can keep it hidden under different tank styles. But it also comes in fun prints for those hot days when you want to run in your sports bra.

Best sports bra with front closure

Under Armour Eclipse High Impact Sports Bra

Price: $$

When getting out of your sports bra turns into a wrestling match, it’s time for a front-close model. The Under Armour Eclipse is easy on, easy off. No wrestling, no hula bra as you turn it around, and no getting stuck with your arms over your head.

The open back lets your body breathe, but the full-coverage front holds things in place. The higher front is great for those who prefer not to let their cleavage out while running. The wide-set crisscross straps might not work for some people, but overall, the Eclipse is a comfortable, supportive option that comes in sizes 32A to 38DD.

Enell High Impact Wire-Free Sports Bra

Price: $$$

The Enell High Impact Wire-Free Sports Bra locks your breasts in place. It’s definitely not the most attractive bra, but it takes compression to a whole new level. In fact, when we tried this one, we had to lie down just to put it on because of the tight compression. Once you’ve got the hooks in place, though, everything stays tight and stable — totally worth the initial struggle.

The full coverage in the back smoothes out lumps and brings any back jiggle into submission. Some words of caution: The seam across the front doesn’t work for every breast shape or body type, and Enell has its own strange sizing system. But if you’re the type of runner who wants zero movement: Get. This. Bra.

Best sports bra for long distances

Lululemon Enlite Bra

Price: $$$

Long runs mean more sweat and exposure to abrasive motion for longer periods of time. In short, chafing is coming. The Lululemon Enlite Bra takes on those challenges with its buttery-smooth Ultralu fabric. It’s moisture-wicking and soft and contains Lycra to hold the bra’s shape and move with your body.

The bonded bust band lies flat and doesn’t dig into your skin even when your running tempo increases. The back closure combines with a crisscross support system to make this bra easier to take off than many pullover styles (but if you have broad shoulders, it could require some wrestling). The Enlite lets you focus on your run and not your boobs. It comes in sizes 32B to 38DD.

Best sports bra with pockets

Oiselle Pockito Bra

Price: $$

Pockets are the best. Why pockets aren’t in every piece of clothing, we’ll never know. Most runners hide their phones and keys in their waistband or a running belt. If you like to run light, the Oiselle Pockito gives you not one, not two, but three pockets! Three. Let that sink in for a minute. Three pockets — one in front and one on each side.

Stash some cash, an ID, and your phone without any trouble. It comes in only six sizes, but if you wear one of those sizes and you love pockets, this is the bra for you.

Best budget sports bra

MIRITY Women Racerback Sports Bra

Price: $

For runners who like their bra to move with them rather than lock their chest in place, the MIRITY Women Racerback Sports Bra is an unbelievably affordable option. It’s available in sets of two, three, or four with four color options. Soft, stretchy fabric and breathable side panels make this an incredibly comfortable bra to wear.

When it comes to running, this one is definitely meant for smaller bust sizes. The size options are somewhat limited — small through 3XL. But for A- to C-cup runners on a budget, it’s a screaming deal.