Alright y’all, let’s rap (*sits backwards on chair*).

High intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts are the best for a lot of reasons — they’re quick and efficient, fantastic for improving cardio and strength, and they’re one of the best workouts for weight loss.

They’re also hard AF, which means a bumping, kick-ass playlist is a must before you set your timer and get to work.

Never fear, fellow baddies. Your ultimate HIIT playlist has arrived.

This song’s moody intro featuring the epic “It can’t be bargained with, it doesn’t feel pain” line from “The Terminator” will have you ready to sprint for your life.

If the opener doesn’t light a fire under your butt, the track keeps a steady tempo filled with beat drops, tingly synth, and an undercurrent of motivating dread (plus a super high energy finish) that will have you dripping with sweat by the end.

2. “Wow. (Workout Remix),” Power Music Workout

Try to keep up with this scorching Post Malone remix. The pace keeps things moving f-a-s-t, ideal for quick maneuvers like punches, high knees, or speed grapevines.

3. “Locas,” Pitbull featuring Lil Jon

Just like your HIIT, this track is locas. You’ll also love the spacing of tempos— the bridge slows it down for rest periods while the chorus takes things back up when it’s time to work.

4. “Mind Blown,” Syn Cole

Flash back to high school, anyone? This groovy beat gets a tempo upgrade that’ll have you humming through your workout.

5. “I Wanna Dance,” Jonas Blue

BPMs for the win here. This song is a touch over 3 minutes and keeps a steady rhythm that’ll keep you in the zone.

6. “Welcome To The Party,” Diplo, French Montana, Lil Pump, Zhavia Ward

OK, so you’re starting to feel tired. Time for a second wind with this bad boy. The hype of this song is real and has carried Greatist editors through many a tough HIIT round.

7. “Lose Control,” MEDUZA, Becky Hill, Goodboys

Every HIIT needs a couple fun bops, which is why we’re all about this fun dance party track. Ignore the fire in your lungs and let Becky Hill’s carefree lyrics whisk you away.

8. “Lose Control,” Missy Elliott, Ciara, Fatman Scoop

So you want more Lose Control, but make it 2010s. This throwback is, for many of us 90s kids, the Missy Elliott release we never thought we’d see. If Ciara’s smooth vocals don’t make you want to get your backs off the wall, we don’t know what will.

Is there a better soundtrack for a round of squats, burpees, lunges, or any other moves that require you get low? No — the answer is no.

10. “Thorns,” Faustix, Zookeepers

The beat drops in this banger are motivating with a capital M. Let yourself go a little crazy — no one’s watching.

11. “Rhythm Is A Dancer,” Breathe Carolina, Dropgun, Kaleena Zanders

We’re entering the last leg of this playlist, don’t stop now! If anything can keep the energy high, it’s this throwback remix. Get into it and keep it going!

12. “A Milli,” Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne, check. Hype at its best, check. Need we say more?

13. “Pick Up The Phone,” Dragonette (Arithmatix Remix)

This whimsical track is great when you need a distraction. The beat is steady and it’s full of the kind of playfulness and sass that only Dragonette can deliver.

This is the final push and there’s only one accented, belt-out-loud ballad that can carry you across the finish line: Zombie — eh, eh, eh. Give it your all. The next song is the cool down.

15. “Dies Irae,” Apashe feat. Black Prez

Time to vibe out while you cool it down. Do you feel the power radiating through your body? Cuz we sure as hell do! Time for a snack and a high five with the closest person to you (even if it’s yourself). Great job everyone — you crushed that HIIT!