While beer is great all on its own, recent spins on the drink (beyond the usual”chilled” or “less chilled”) have us looking at our favorite suds in a brand new way.

Often called “beertails” or “bocktails,” these concoctions blend brews with delicious beverages like lemonade, vodka, or all the liquor in your house. Citrus fruits make especially good mix-ins by punching up pre-existing flavors. Try one of these recipes, and we think you’ll agree.

1. Raspberry Beermosa

IPA lovers, prepare to take things next level. Combine a white IPA (wheat beer also works), orange juice, and muddled raspberries, and serve in a tall beer glass for presentation points. Or just grab any glass you like because this one’s way too tasty to be concerned about how it looks.

2. Captain’s Lime Shandy

Ease into beertail drinking with a spin on the classic concoction. Typically just beer and lemonade, this shandy recipe blends rum, bitters, and lime for a zesty sip. Pair the drink with something a little heavier, like a roasted vegetable pizza, to make the most of its acidity.

3. Citrus Session Beer Cocktail

Vodka, grapefruit juice, triple sec, and pamplemousse—there’s not a single thing we would change about this beauty. And for the crafty at heart, it’s satisfyingly photogenic. An aerial view of those folded peels? Be still our double-tapped hearts.

4. Spicy Micheladas

For people who love a spicy burn, this michelada is like the bloody Mary’s hipper cousin. Tomato and lime juices, celery salt, Worcestershire, and Tabasco mix with light beer for a seriously crisp sip that’s perfect for brunch.

5. The Perfect Margarita

Tequila and Corona play nice in this easy margarita, with some Sprite and limeade to pave the way. This may not be for the faint of heart, though, since it has equal parts beer and tequila. Save it for a girls’ night when you plan to get a little (or a lot) rowdy.