There are few things as delightful as sitting outside, basking in the sun, and sipping on a crisp, bright glass of rosé.

It’s no wonder the pink-hued wine has skyrocketed in popularity, with frozen rosé (aka frosé) now on nearly every summer menu and rosé gummy bears everywhere from candy stores to the pages of Vogue.

The drink is synonymous with summer bliss, and we can’t get enough of it.

Though grabbing a good bottle is more than satisfactory, mixing it with the likes of lavender or pouring it over a simple sorbet produces next-level flavors. Not to mention, it means there are that many more reasons to drink it — in moderation, of course.

Whether you’re looking for a little more punch a la tequila or a touch of fanciness with sparkle and citrus, these rosé cocktails ensure your rosé-induced happiness lasts all summer long (and then some).

1. Rosé wine cocktail

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Photo: Perpetually Hungry

The best rosé cocktails are the ones that lightly enhance the wine’s already amazing flavor, like this simple rosé wine cocktail.

Made with fresh lemon and grapefruit (it’d be pretty delicious with blood orange too), a splash of gin, a dash of simple syrup (we prefer honey), and some ice, it’s the type of drink you can whip up in a flash.

Because who wants to labor in the kitchen when the great outdoors (slash your backyard) awaits?

2. Lychee rosé mimosas

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Photo: Kitchen Confidante

As much as we love classic mimosas, it’s nice to a take a break from the OJ and spice things up with seasonal ingredients — in this case, lychee.

The stone fruit has a softly sweet flavor and is widely accessible even if you don’t live on a tropical island (phew). Though fresh is always best, this recipe opts for canned lychee in syrup. Go light on the syrup since the fruit is sweet enough.

If you can’t find rose water (hint: Look in the skincare section at organic markets), whip some up at home and fill a spray bottle with the leftovers. Rose water is a great all-natural toner and a lovely way to freshen up after spending hours in the sun sipping rosé.

3. Watermelon rosé slushy

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Photo: My Style Vita

While frosé may be uber-trendy, we like channeling our childhood and opting for a slushy.

This recipe also includes our second-favorite summer ingredient, watermelon. The resulting drink is thick and fruity and kinda resembles a smoothie (which means it’s healthyish, right?).

For the freshest flavor, pop the rosé in the freezer in the morning — in a freezer-friendly container, NOT the bottle — and blend the semi-frozen wine with watermelon and a handful of ice cubes right before serving.

For an extra refreshing touch, add a pinch of fresh mint to the batch before blending.

4. Summertime rosé tequila sangria

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Photo: Half Baked Harvest

Tequila and rosé may sound like a lethal (and rather unpleasant) combination, but the two punchy flavors blend seamlessly thanks to the combo of fresh summer fruits and a gut-friendly secret ingredient: kombucha.

Make sure to use silver tequila and a dry, light rosé to make sure the booze isn’t overpowering. And feel free to use whichever fruits fit your fancy — though we highly recommend keeping strawberries and peaches in the mix.

5. Cherry sorbet and rosé wine spritzer

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Photo: Yes to Yolks

If you’re short on time or making things from scratch isn’t your thing, keep this ultra-easy rosé wine spritzer recipe in your back pocket. All you need is cherry sorbet, a bottle of rosé, and seltzer. The fresh mint is optional.

Simply drop a spoonful of the sorbet into a wide-mouthed glass, fill a quarter of the glass with rosé, and top with seltzer.

Though most rosé cocktails taste best with a dry variety (often the lightest shades of pink), this recipe is delicious with a fuller-bodied, fruity blend.

6. Ginger and jasmine rosé cocktail

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Photo: Sugar and Charm

Add some cottage-core to your booze: Make your cocktails with tea! This ginger and jasmine rosé cocktail is as refreshing as it gets, and it’s on the healthier side too.

If you don’t have simple syrup handy, you can opt for honey — a tiny bit goes a long way. Or nix the sweetener and buy a fruitier rosé, which is often sweet enough on its own.

7. Lavender lemonade rosé cocktail

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Photo: Plays Well with Butter

While we’re all about shortcuts, this cocktail is best made completely from scratch. That may sound like a pain in the buns, but once you taste the lemonade, your kitchen woes will be forgotten and you’ll be super pleased you have leftovers on hand.

Plus, making the lemonade really isn’t that hard. Give it a go.

8. Bubbly strawberry rosé mojitos

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Photo: Garnish with Lemon

To call this recipe a breeze would be an understatement. Simply muddle mint leaves, lime, and sugar or simple syrup in a pitcher.

Add a bottle of sparkling rosé and give the mixture a quick whirl. Pour into glasses filled with ice and sliced strawberries. To make the drinks slightly lighter, fill the glasses three-quarters full and top the rest with seltzer.

Did life give you lemons? Feel free to use ’em in place of the limes. Though not a classic mojito, the cocktail tastes just as good.

9. Sparkling rosé margaritas

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Photo: Fed and Fit

Prior to this, we never would’ve thought to put rosé and tequila together, but we’re glad we gave it a try. This recipe is full of unexpected twists — hello, freeze-dried strawberry powder! — but comes together beautifully in both flavor and appearance).

Make sure to use fresh-squeezed orange juice to temper the sweetness, and try substituting chili salt for the classic sugar rim for the perfect complement to the fruit mixture.

Another pro tip: Use blood orange juice for an even more vibrant flavor.

Jumping on a drink trend like rosé doesn’t have to mean you can’t spice it up and make it your own. Grab your favorite fruit, a blender, and some bubbly seltzer to choose your own rosé adventure.