These grilled drink recipes are ideal for summer sipping, and more interesting than your average can of ale.

Beer may be the BBQ social lubricant of choice, but next time you sparking up your Weber, consider getting your cocktail on—as in actually on the grill. If your favorite boozy beverage is prepared with fruits or vegetables, go ahead and turn up the heat.

Gently searing produce slightly caramelizes it, coaxing out extra layers of sweetness and spice while adding some smoky depth.

Grab your bartending tools—and your grilling tools—put on your mixologist hat, and enjoy these cocktails of fire and ice.

The trifecta of grilled citrus, apple, and grapes gives this iconic beverage a certain “je ne sais quoi” to borrow a phrase from Spain’s next door neighbor. Use sparkling wine to give it even more pop. Get the Grilled Sangría recipe.

To truly perfect this tropical libation, you’ll need to track down Rhum Clément Créole Shrubb, not to be confused with puckery fruit vinegar shrubs which pop up often in cocktail recipes. The Carribean liqueur, made with orange peel, spices, and rhum agricole (distilled with sugarcane instead of molasses) combines with the grilled pineapple to elevate the daiquiri to new heights. Get our Grilled Pineapple Daiquiri recipe.

While you can prepare Brazil’s national cocktail caipirinha simply with raw muddled limes, sugaring then setting them ablaze adds flavor complexity, plus it’s a lot more fun. Cachaça, the funky base spirit distilled from sugarcane, can be tough to swallow straight but it undergoes a magical transformation with its sweet, citrus accompaniment. Get our Grilled Caipirinha recipe.

Savor summer in a glass with this cool refresher that blends vodka with skewered strawberries that are literally bursting with flavor. The addition of lime thyme simple syrup adds welcome sour and savory notes to round the cocktail’s sweetness. Get the Grilled Strawberry Cocktail recipe.

Here’s a new spin on an old favorite. Muddle a brown sugar cube with citrus bitters, then add a shot of Scotch which fills in for bourbon, the traditional star spirit. The smoky substitution pairs beautifully with the unorthodox (but who’s complaining?) addition of juicy grilled peaches. Finish with a thyme sprig for a dash of herbal elegance. Get the Grilled Peach Old Fashioned recipe.

Muddling cool mint with charred lemon and lime makes this Cuban classic extra caliente. White rum is a must, crushed iced is ideal, but if you’d prefer to swap simple syrup in for granulated sugar, don’t sweat it. Get the Grilled Lemon Lime Mojito recipe.

Step up your brunch game with this next level Bloody Mary from chef Megan Mitchell. A cornucopia of grilled onions, peppers (jalapeño and poblano), lemon, and plenty of tomatoes are in the mix. (Rest assured, you’ll never go back to pre-made.) Blend with vodka and rejoice in all the “s”-descriptors: sweet, spicy, savory, smoky, and, most important of all, scrumptious. Get the Grilled Bloody Mary recipe.