Fall is coming, friends. And with cooler weather comes more time spent cuddled under a blanket, rising only to refill your coffee mug (or glass of red wine).

For those who are itching to get into the pumpkin-spiced, apple-picking season, get a load of these cozy fall brunch recipes that will warm you all the way up.

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Open the apple cider or invite a friend over for a (physically distanced) brunch and tell them to bring a bottle of apple cider too.

A simple fall brunch goes a long way after a sucky year.

1. Cranberry and orange scones

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Photography courtesy of Fit Mitten Kitchen

Nothing complements a crisp fall morning like the smell of freshly baked, orange-scented scones.

With a whole-wheat flour and coconut milk base, this crumbly pastry tastes just as decadent as your favorite bakery’s offering.

But it’s slightly less rich, leaving you ample room to try everything on the brunch table.

2. Chai spiced vegan muffins

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Photography courtesy of Feel Good Foodie

Muffins can be breakfast, dessert, lunch or anything in between. This is a brunch treat that any of your friends can enjoy.

One of the few true contenders to the mighty pumpkin spice latte (even if you’re sick of it by this point in the year) is the chai latte. That cinnamony, sweet, spicy taste is comforting all year round and screams fall to us.

With a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, cardamom, and ginger, these warming, delicious muffins can become whatever you want to make them. Simply add dried fruit, dark chocolate chips, or nuts to round them off.

3. Gingerbread pumpkin-spice pound cake

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Photography courtesy of The Practical Kitchen

As Drake once aptly put it: Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake.

And while this suitably autumnal take on the classic sponge might not take you to the top of the charts, your friends will thank you from the bottoms of their hearts.

Fiery flavors (and, of course, pumpkin pie spice — what else, honestly?) are in the driver’s seat of this soft, spongy, doughy delight. The only downside is that fall only happens for a few months of the year.

4. Pumpkin chocolate chip waffles

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Photography courtesy of Layers of Happiness

For the no-nonsense bruncher, we present a morning classic with a fall twist: Chocolatey pumpkin waffles. Because what fall brunch menu is complete without them?

Sweeten the moist batter with a few globs of honey to let the pumpkin flavor stand out.

We recommend pulling hot waffles directly off of the iron, covering them in maple syrup, and devouring while still standing up.

5. Apple cider Bellini

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Photography courtesy of Creative Culinary

One sip of this cider-based cocktail and you’ll be a little less upset about the end of rosé season.

Pop a bottle of cold Prosecco (or let’s be real — that five-dollar bottle of André in your closet) to top a mixture of apple cider, orange liqueur, and maple syrup.

6. Spiced fruit bake

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Photography courtesy of Cotter Crunch

What happens when you give a classic brunch fruit salad an autumnal twist?

A soft and sweet fruit bake with just a hint of crunch. We love this dish with a dollop of Greek yogurt or as a pancake or waffle topping.

Add “fruit” and “spices” to the list of reasons we can’t get enough of fall.

7. Cranberry and apple quinoa salad

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Photography courtesy of Primavera Kitchen

For a slightly more substantial brunch option, turn to a fresh quinoa salad.

Mix tart green and sweet red apples with chickpeas, walnuts, and dried cranberries for a dish that makes a tasty side this morning, and a filling main dish tomorrow night.

It’s no pumpkin waffle, but you’re going to want to make a double batch. Trust us.

Fall is but a fleeting glimpse before winter. Brunch on the other hand? That’s eternal. And it becomes a bunch better when you fold in those warming, distinctive fall flavors.

If you’re in a brunch-y mood after a big-ass party (especially if it’s NYE), we’ve got you covered for recipes.