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What to do when a twin is too teeny but a queen is too… queenly? Enter: the full mattress. Def roomier than the humble twin of your childhood, but not too big that it’ll overpower a studio apartment or compact space.

Since choosing a mattress is a serious commitment (hello, you spend 1/3 of your life snoozing), we did the research on the specs, reviews, and materials to find you the best of the best.

Here are our top full-mattress picks, plus tips for finding the mattress of your dreams.

Full mattresses measure 53 by 75 inches. They tend to work well for:

  • people who sleep alone or with a small kid or pet
  • people under 6 feet
  • older kids and teens
  • college students
  • couples who don’t mind snuggling up!

With so many options on the market, digging through them practically takes a Master Class in mattress shopping.

Here’s how we did it, so you don’t have to:

  • Reviews and editorial tests. People have strong opinions when it comes to mattress preferences, and we wanted to hear them. We prioritized top-rated options as well as those that performed well in our own editorial testing.
  • Versatility. Whether you’re looking for a mattress for your kid or one to accommodate your back pain, we looked for options to suit a variety of needs and preferences.
  • Price point. We believe you can get a quality mattress at every budget, and we picked enough options to prove it.
  • Company rep. With new direct-to-door mattress brands popping up on social media practically every day, it can be tricky to discern what’s legit from the hype. Luckily, our vetting process is designed to catch unsupported health claims, potential safety concerns, and shady business practices. Only companies that pass that process make our list.

Best-rated full mattress

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

  • Price: $750–$900
  • Mattress: memory foam
  • Firmness: medium-firm
  • Sizes available: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cali king
  • Height: 12 inches (in.)

With over 40k reviews with an average of 4.8 stars, Nectar might be the best-rated full mattress out there. It has 5 layers of memory foam that range from soft to dense, which is supposed to feel luxuriously cozy and supportive at the same time.

The intricate construction makes it ideal for basically any sleeper — even peeps with back or neck pain. Compared to other memory foam models, testers and reviewers alike say it offers added support where competitors sink.

That being said, some reviewers complain that it’s too firm for their liking, while others say it sleeps a little hot. Both complaints are typical of memory foam mattresses — especially because firmness and temperature preferences are sooo subjective.

For more deets, check out our full review of Nectar’s full line of mattresses here.


  • good for all sleepers
  • comfortable
  • good bang for your buck
  • 365-night sleep trial and lifetime warranty


  • may sleep hot
  • too firm for some
  • only one firmness option
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Best full mattress on Amazon

The Casper Original Mattress

  • Price: $1,000–$1,100
  • Mattress: memory foam
  • Firmness: medium
  • Sizes available: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king Cali king
  • Height: 11 in.

Casper is obvi the most iconic ghost in the game — and also the most iconic mattress you can find on Amazon.

Over the years, Casper has garnered an amaaazing rep for its convenient, comfy, and reliable memory foam mattresses. You can add the company’s original mattress to your Amazon cart and it’ll arrive at your doorstep in a surprisingly small box and spring to life within minutes of unwrapping it. It’s one of Casper’s cheaper options, but that doesn’t mean it sacrifices comfort and support.

The Casper Original Mattress is made from the company’s signature AirScape foam, which basically means it has lots of tiny perforations designed to boost breathability and prevent overheating. Its top layer of memory foam features special zoned support — softer foam under your shoulders and firmer foam under your low back and hips — to keep your spine in alignment. It’s topped with a soft, stretchy knit cover made from recycled water bottles.

Our editor tried this mattress and was a huge fan. She says the delivery process was simple and seamless. She loved how well it isolated movement — she could hardly feel her partner tossing and turning throughout the night.

Heads up: Although it’s advertised as a medium for firmness, some reviewers say it’s a little too soft for their liking, especially back sleepers. Unlike other companies, there’s only one firmness option, so you can’t just swap it out with a firmer mattress if you don’t love it. Still, there’s a 100-night free trial (even when you buy through Amazon!), so it may be worth a spin.

Get more info on Casper’s full line of mattresses here.


  • convenient and reliable
  • low motion transfer
  • memory foam layer designed for optimal spinal alignment
  • 100-night in-home trial, 10-year limited warranty


  • may be too soft for some
  • only one firmness option
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Best full mattress under $500

ZINUS 12 Inch Green Tea Luxe Memory Foam Mattress

  • Price: $373–$569
  • Mattress: memory foam
  • Firmness: medium-firm to medium-soft
  • Sizes available: twin, full, queen, king
  • Height: 8, 10, or 12 in.

From face masks to ice cream, green tea and black charcoal have had a serious moment in millennial trends in the past decade. Thanks to Zinus, you can now add mattresses to the list.

The mattress is infused with green tea extract and charcoal to absorb moisture and odor that can sometimes build up in memory foam mattresses.

For the price point, the construction is also overall pretty legit. It has three layers with varied densities (with the densest in the middle), designed for optimal contouring and support. There are also three thickness levels to choose from, with the 8-inch feeling the firmest and the 12-inch feeling the plushest (but heads up — the 12-inch version is over $500).

Something else to keep in mind: Apparently Zinus is undergoing a class-action lawsuit due to super tiny fiberglass particles in the mattress construction (they look kind of like wispy strands of fabric). Lots of memory foam mattresses contain fiberglass as a fire retardant, but the fiberglass is encased in one of the internal layers — not the top layer you lie on. Because of this, make sure you never remove the original mattress cover, or else you might be exposed to those fiberglass particles.


  • affordable
  • green tea/charcoal infusion
  • comfy


  • contains fiberglass
  • no sleep trial (but can be returned for replacement or refund within 100 days)
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Best full mattress in a box

Purple Mattress

  • Price: $900–$1,199
  • Mattress: GelFlex
  • Firmness: medium
  • Sizes available: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cali king, split king
  • Height: 9.25 in.

Purple has gained a bit of a cult following over the years, and the classic Purple mattress is a solid pick. Though memory foam is the near-default of direct-to-door mattress companies, the Purple is made from a unique gel formula constructed in a grid shape.

The grid conforms to the body, bending and flexing where the spine needs it most. Reviewers say it’s somehow both firmer and bouncier than memory foam competitors. Compared to memory foam, the gel seems to “spring” back into shape almost like a bed with coil springs.

If you don’t have Schwarzenegger-caliber muscles, though, be warned: Lots of reviewers complain that the heavy gel construction makes it super-duper hard to move. Others say that even though it’s comfortable, the quality (snagged covers and flimsy edges) and longevity isn’t as impressive as competitors. For the price point and comfort level, though, it may be just the thing.

Purple mattresses are the faves of many Greatist editors. One of our editors says the Purple Mattress has been a total game-changer for her sleep. She says it’s v supportive, but still has the right amount of give needed to relieve pressure points.

Check out our full Purple mattress review here.


  • comfy for all sleeping positions
  • unique materials that have similar benefits as memory foam, but sleeps cooler and has more bounce
  • 100-night sleep trial and 10-year warranty


  • heavy to move
  • questionable longevity
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Best full mattress for kids

Helix Kids

  • Price: $640–$1,050
  • Mattress: hybrid
  • Firmness: medium-soft, medium-firm
  • Sizes available: twin, full
  • Height: 8 in.

The Helix Kids mattress has a flippable build designed to grow as your kid does. It’s specifically constructed for kids ages 3 to 12. The side designed for 3- to 7-year-olds is firmer for optimal spinal support, while the 8- to 12-year-olds side has softer, gel-infused memory foam that helps diffuse body heat.

Both mattress sides have a super soft Tencel cover with a water-repellant finish — because yeah, accidents *are* a thing. This way, you and your little one can rest a little easier knowing bed-wetting is less likely to damage your mattress.

It’s also a hybrid mattress, with a layer of 5-inch spring coils to add extra support and durability as your kiddo grows. They also add extra support to the mattress’s perimeter, which is key to helping prevent your little one from rolling off the bed.

Since it’s a newer model, there aren’t a ton of reviews out there yet. Parents’ main complaint so far? That it’s more comfortable than their own beds.


  • flippable mattress designed to grow with your kid
  • comfy and supportive hybrid mattress
  • protects against bed-wetting
  • 100-night sleep trial, 10-year limited warranty


  • costly for a kids’ mattress
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Best full mattress for adults

Sleep Number 360 Special Edition Smart Bed

  • Price: over $2,750
  • Mattress: adjustable air foam
  • Firmness: adjustable
  • Sizes available: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, split king, FlexTop king, Cali king, FlexTop Cali king
  • Height: 10 in.

Sleep Number is a unique, luxurious mattress with a price point to match. If you’re feeling like you’re really ready to #adult from morning through night, this adjustable mattress might be the one for you.

This mattress features adjustable air chambers that you can adjust with a remote — that means you can switch up your Goldilocks comfort level as you wish.

Another cool feature? It has sensors that detect if you switch positions in the night, automatically adjusting so that your body is properly supported no matter what position you end up in. And if you’re the “I’ve got an app for that” type, this bed is for you — it has sleep tracking capabilities that let you keep tabs on and improve your beauty sleep.

Though it’s pretty dang bougie, reviewers say the quality holds up even a decade later. If you’re looking for a long-term, very *adult* investment, you may want to splurge on a Sleep Number. If you couldn’t care less about a “smart” bed or changing up firmness on the nightly, you might want to skip it.

Hate change? Be warned: Some reviewers say they just can’t get used to the air tech over a traditional foam or spring mattress.


  • adjustable firmness
  • sleep tracking tech
  • trés luxe
  • 100-night sleep trial, 15-year limited warranty


  • spendy and costs extra for delivery
  • some say the feel of an air mattress is hard to get used to
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Best firm full mattress

The WinkBed

  • Price: $1100–$1,550
  • Mattress: hybrid
  • Firmness: medium-firm to firm
  • Sizes available: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king
  • Height: 13.5 in.

Achy, breaky back? The Winkbed is a firm hybrid ideal for sleepers looking for a little extra support. According to a 2015 review, a medium-firm mattress is associated with a decrease in pain for those with chronic back probs. Though WinkBeds offers an even firmer model, the medium-firm is a fan fave for those with back pain.

Although this is a firmer pick, reviewers say it’s well-cushioned and comfy. Two layers of gel-infused foam are topped with a layer of even denser foam, which is perf for ensuring the spine doesn’t sink in and fall out of alignment. The pocketed coils have zoning tech designed to hold up the lower back and provide added contouring to the spine. The cover’s made from breathable Tencel (aka a super soft, rayon-like fabric), which helps keep things cool.

Heads up, though: Some reviewers say the luxury firm was too hard for their taste, and they swapped it for the softer model. Fortunately, WinkBed has a 120-night trial and free firmness exchanges during that time.


  • great for back pain and hot sleepers
  • supportive and durable hybrid construction
  • 120-night sleep trial, lifetime warranty


  • may feel too firm for some
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Best memory foam full mattress

Cocoon by Sealy Chill Memory Foam Mattress

  • Price: $600–$700
  • Mattress: memory foam
  • Firmness: medium
  • Sizes available: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king
  • Height: 10 in.

Memory foam lovers: This one’s for you. Sealy’s “specialized” foam is designed to adapt to your unique body shape as soon as you lie down. Underneath the contouring layer, there’s another firmer layer that can help you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud without sinking down.

Here’s where the “chill” factor comes in: It’s covered with a stretch-knit fabric designed to wick heat away. Unlike other memory foam options that can feel a bit sweaty, reviewers say this one actually lets them sleep cool.

We’ll be real: A lot of the reviews on the site come from sweepstakes entries, so the abundance of 5 stars could be a little biased. That being said, some reviewers did complain it’s not ideal for stomach sleepers. Reviewers over 250–300 pounds say there’s not enough support for heavier body types, though that tends to be an issue with most memory foam models.

The Greatist team also tried out and loved the Sealy for its comfort and quality. One of our editors bought it for her trailer for traveling and says it managed to stay cool even when traveling to areas with hot weather. She also says she loves how lightweight and affordable it is without sacrificing comfort.


  • top memory foam pick
  • sleeps cool for memory foam
  • affordable
  • 100-night sleep trial, 10-year warranty


  • may not be ideal for bigger bods
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Full-size beds are best for single folks who want more room than a twin, or couples who maybe don’t have the budget or bedroom space to go for a queen or king.

Though they’re meant to adequately sleep a couple, some loved ones may find them a little too cozy for nightly rest — especially if you’re a starfish kind of sleeper.

Full-size beds are about 75 inches long (the same length as a standard twin), which makes them best for those under 6 feet-ish. No one likes their feet dangling!

Still not sold on whether to get a full (or maybe a queen or twin)? Here’s what to consider:


  • roomier (and therefore comfier) than a twin
  • fits better than a queen or king in smaller bedrooms
  • cheaper than a queen or king
  • full-size bedding is easy to find


  • not as comfy for two people as a queen or king
  • more costly than a twin
  • takes up more space than a twin
  • may not have enough leg room for taller peeps (over 6 feet-ish)
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Mattress type

The best type of mattress for a full-size bed depends on your unique needs and preferences. The main types include:

  • All-foam. All-foam mattresses are made from polyfoam, memory foam, latex foam, or a combo of materials. People love these because they offer legit pressure relief and isolate movement really well. They’re also usually on the cheaper side. But foam tends to sleep hot (especially memory foam) and can have a quicksand feeling that some people find claustrophobic.
  • Innerspring. Made with steel coils, innerspring mattresses are the OGs of mattresses. They’re firm yet bouncy — the type that you prob grew up jumping on as a kid. These tend to be the most affordable option out there. But they can be lacking in the comfort department — so pay attention to what materials are used on the top layers.
  • Hybrid. Hybrid mattresses combine foam with traditional innersprings, offering comfort and support. These mattresses have the traditional bounce of an innerspring, with the soft cushioning of foam. The layer of springs allows for better airflow, so they stay cooler than all-foam mattresses. They’re considered some of the most durable mattresses out there — but they can get pretty expensive.
  • Airbed. Air mattresses feature an inner air chamber that can be adjusted to change the firmness of the mattress. They’re great for couples with different firmness preferences, but they’re suuuper pricey and have a ton of different parts (cords, tubes, remotes) that can require upkeep.

Firmness level

Everyone seems to have their juuuust right firmness level. According to a 2015 research review, though, medium-firm is the best pick for most peeps, including those with back pain.

But keep in mind that your body weight can change how soft or firm a mattress feels. If you weigh over 250 pounds, a “medium” mattress might feel on the softer side. If you weigh under 120 pounds, the same mattress might feel kind of hard to you.

If you’re not sure what’s best for you, go for a mattress with a generous free trial so you can feel things out.

Sleeping position

Sleeping positions seem to be as varied as people themselves. Since every position affects your spine differently, keep in mind your main ways of getting Zzz’s when shopping.

People who sleep on their back or stomach usually prefer the supportive feel of firmer mattresses, while side sleepers usually like something a little softer that lets their hips sink in a bit.

Mattress performance and features

Deciding what features matter most to you is key to picking your dream mattress. If you have back pain, for instance, you might be after that good, good pressure relief (found in memory foam mattresses).

If you’re tech-driven, finding one with app integration might be your #1.

Meanwhile, a 2011 study found that a bed with zoning is easier on the spine for heavier men. So, if you’re a bigger human, it may be worth splurging on a zoned bed to protect your back.

What is the best full-size mattress?

TBH, it depends on what you’re after. We’re pretty big fans of all the options on the list, so you might want to narrow it down by price point, mattress type, and extra features to pinpoint your personal best.

What is the #1 rated mattress?

There are lots of mattresses that claim to be top-rated. We take product vetting seriously, so we only consider top-notch brands when putting together our “best of” lists. When it comes to full mattresses, The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is one of the best-rated mattresses on the market.

How much is a good full-size mattress?

It depends on what you’re looking for. You can get the Zinus Green Tea Luxe for under $500. It might not be as fancy as Sleep Number or Purple, but reviewers say it’s comfy and gets the job done.

If you’re looking for more bells and whistles, you can expect to pay closer to $1,000.

What type of mattress is used in 5-star hotels?

Trying to snooze like Anna Sorokin (pre-prison)? We got you.

The Marriott and Hyatt often use The WinkBed, found on this list. Four Seasons reportedly uses the Saatva Classic, and the Sheraton has the Nest Bedding Sparrow Hybrid.

These mattresses might vary from location to location, but you can count on them to (mostly) use luxury mattresses with higher price points.

You spend a third of your life in bed, so taking time to pick the right mattress just makes sense!

Full-size mattresses are a great option for single people, kids, teens, or couples that don’t mind getting up close and personal.

Our list of full-size mattresses is a great place to start in determining your perfect pick. Make sure you’re taking your budget, sleeping position, and whether you have any aches and pains into consideration when shopping. And make sure you’re taking advantage of lengthy in-home sleep trials so you can rest easy if you don’t fall in love with your new full mattress.