Core Flytes

Bodyweight workouts are one of our favorite ways to break a sweat. But we sometimes get bored by the same old moves—and our bodies stop making major gains.

That’s why we were so happy when a friend introduced us to Core Flytes. The stability trainers take standard exercises to the next level by mimicking the muscle-trembling feeling we get when doing squats or push-ups with an exercise ball. (Our core was still burning several days later.) But unlike an unwieldy piece of gym equipment, the trainers are about the size of dinner plates, meaning you can throw them in a bag and take them with you wherever you plan to work out.

Everyone from exercise newbies to top-notch athletes can get in on the action: Simply adjust the placement of the device and the range of motion to make the moves more or less intense. There’s even a series of workout videos to help get you started.

Core Flytes are a bit pricey ($99.95 for a pair), but we really think they’re worth the splurge once you realize that they’re the only tool you need for a killer full-body workout.