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You prob don’t need us to tell you why a workout mat is a necessity for so many floor exercises, from the chillest yoga to a HIIT sweatfest.

Still, it’s tough to know which mat will give you quality along with comfort and functionality. And we all know that splurging on a not-so-great option is annoying in more ways than one.

Our list of best workout mats should help you avoid that problem once and for all. You’re welcome!

11 best workout mats of 2022

  1. Editor’s pick for all-purpose workout mat: TRX Training TRX Mat
  2. Best yoga mat: Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat
  3. Best extra-thick workout mat: Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat
  4. Best workout mat for outdoors: BalanceFrom All Purpose Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap
  5. Best travel workout mat: JadeYoga Voyager Yoga Mat
  6. Best trifold workout mat: ProsourceFit Tri-Fold Folding Thick Exercise Mat
  7. Workout mat that’s not at all basic: Popflex Diamond Sky Vegan Suede Yoga Mat
  8. Best workout mat for serious sweat sessions: Body By Yoga Luxury Cork Yoga Mat
  9. Best extra-long workout mat: Manduka Pro Yoga Mat 85″
  10. Best extra-large workout mat: Gorilla Mats Premium Large Exercise Mat
  11. Eco-friendly workout mat: SUGA Recycled Wetsuit Yoga Mat
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There’s no official list of standards for what makes a great workout mat. But we’re gonna say a satisfactory one at least meets the following criteria:

  • delivers cushioning without sinkage or squishing
  • keeps you from sliding around even if you sweat
  • doesn’t start flaking or crumbling after a few weeks of use
  • is easy to clean
  • doesn’t smell like chemicals forever

These really aren’t huge demands, but not every option out there fits the bill. Our picks do.

Let’s hit the mats and get to work!

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $30
  • $$ = $30–$60
  • $$$ = $61–$100
  • $$$$ = over $100

Editor’s pick for best all-purpose workout mat

TRX Training Training Mat

Designed with home gyms in mind, this mat has enough cushioning for floor exercises like sit-ups, push-ups, and burpees. At the same time, it’s light enough to take outside and offers enough grip for yoga. Basically, it does it all — and for a pretty sweet price.

Price: $

Best yoga mat

Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat

Try this one if you’re all about the asanas. The dual-sided, textured surface keeps you stable so you can maintain good form, even in hot yoga classes. We also like that it’s PVC- and phthalate-free, so you’re not breathing in chemical gunk every time you do a Down Dog.

Price: $

Best extra-thick workout mat

Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat

Like a little extra love in the joint support department? This mat comes in 1/2-inch (in.) and 1-in. thicknesses for more cushioning than you’d get from a standard 1/4-in.-thick mat. The BPA- and phthalate-free material is still plenty grippy, so you’ll stay put if you need to.

The non-black colors — think ocean blue, sage green, and hibiscus — also don’t feel like a ’90s workout video.

Price: $

Best workout mat for outdoors

BalanceFrom All Purpose Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap

This sturdy mat resists the scuffing that can come more easily from outdoor surfaces like concrete, rocks, or sticks hiding in the grass. The 1/2-in. thickness gives you a little extra cushioning, but the mat’s still light enough to tote around with ease (especially since it comes with a carrying strap). And you can easily wipe away dirt with just soap and water.

Price: $

Best travel workout mat

JadeYoga Voyager Yoga Mat

Because going places WILL BECOME A THING AGAIN, really. This mat is lightweight (just 1.5 pounds!) and ultraslim to the point that you can actually fold it up and stick it in a backpack. But it doesn’t sacrifice on performance, thanks to the natural rubber surface, which gives you plenty of cushioning and grip.

Price: $$

Best trifold workout mat

ProsourceFit Tri-Fold Folding Thick Exercise Mat

Here’s a thick foam mat that folds up into a compact square for carrying (with handles!) or packing into a small space (like under a couch or bed). It’s great for activities such as martial arts, stretching, and floor exercises like crunches, but the vinyl surface isn’t grippy enough for yoga.

Price: $$

Workout mat that’s not at all basic

POPFLEX Diamond Sky Vegan Suede Yoga Mat

Bored with plain colors but don’t want a hippie-dippie design on your mat either? This intergalactic design is cool and, TBH, kinda mesmerizing. The grippy vegan suede upper absorbs all the sweat while the thick bottom layer gives you max joint support. It comes with a simple cotton carrying strap too.

Price: $$

Best workout mat for serious sweat sessions

Body by Yoga Luxury Cork Yoga Mat

You can’t really control how much you sweat. But with the right mat, you can keep all the salty droplets from ruining your workout.

The cork upper on this extra-thick, extra-wide mat is naturally slip-resistant even if you’re at pig-in-the-desert-level perspiration. And the natural rubber bottom really grips the ground, so there’s zero bunching.

Price: $$$

Best extra-long workout mat

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat 85″

If you want a ton of space, you can’t go wrong with this classic. At 85 in., it’s more than a foot longer than most standard mats. And while it’s definitely not cheap, the high price really is justified.

The mat’s closed-cell surface keeps sweat and dirt from creeping in and making the mat grody over time. And the lifetime warranty guarantees that it won’t peel or flake — ever.

Price: $$$$

Best extra-large workout mat

Gorilla Mats Premium Large Exercise Mat

At 6 x 4 in., this mat gives you plenty of room for explosive plyo moves and martial arts or for working out side by side with a partner. The surface has a special nonslip design plus shock-absorbing padding to keep you from hurting.

And it’s backed by a lifetime warranty — so the brand will replace it for free if it ever gets worn out or damaged.

Price: $$$$

Eco-friendly workout mat

SUGA Recycled Wetsuit Yoga Mat

You won’t find any planet-wrecking plastic or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) here. This innovative mat is constructed entirely out of recycled wetsuits in a closed-loop manufacturing process.

The surface is satisfyingly grippy and elastic to cushion your every move. And the closed-cell foam prevents grime from creeping into the mat, so it should feel like new for longer.

Price: $$$

Sure, exercise mats seem pretty straightforward — but there are some variations in function and style that might raise some questions. We can answer a few of them.

Is it absolutely necessary that I use a workout mat?

So, here’s the deal — if you’re working out on a hard surface, a mat does a couple things for you:

  1. It protects your joints from any undue stress that might come from kneeling, rolling, or falling on a hard floor or concrete during exercise.
  2. It protects your floor from sweat (which can lead to slipping) and other possible damage during your regular workout sesh.

If you’ve ever worn gloves while lifting weights to avoid blisters or slippage, it’s basically the same idea. So if you can afford a good workout mat, it’s definitely recommended.

What’s the difference between a workout mat and a yoga mat?

Essentially, workout mats are about support and yoga mats are about comfort.

General workout mats are thicker to absorb the shock from any dynamic, high impact exercises you might be doing, like a good running shoe. Yoga mats are specifically designed with materials aimed at giving you a comfortable surface to do most static stretching while keeping you from sliding around.

Either type may suit your needs — just choose one with a thickness that works for you.

How thick should a workout mat be?

Standard workout mats range from about 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch thick.

You can also find some in the 1/2- to 1-inch thickness range for extra support, but it’s important to make sure you can still feel your base. While many of us may have enjoyed jumping on the bed as kids, that feeling is not so great during a workout.

Do I need to clean my workout mat after each use?

Well, technically no, but it’s good hygiene to do so, especially if you’re prone to sweating a lot during exercise.

Depending on your mat’s material, it may be easier or harder to clean well. If you happen to have a mat that acts like a sponge, you can lay a towel down over your mat to help reduce sweat/oil absorption. That should make cleaning easier as well.

How often should I replace my workout mat?

It’s recommended that a workout mat be replaced once or twice per year, or every 6 to 12 months. If your mat has a hole or tear in it or any other breakdown in integrity, it’s safer for you to replace it than to try to patch it up.

A good workout mat can provide the right kind of stability to enhance your workout. The key is to select the right one to fit your needs. Having more than one mat is fine, but it may be best to go with one durable, multipurpose option that you can use regularly.

Consider the types of workouts you participate in most, as well as the workout space you need and the mat thickness. This simple info will help you narrow down your options and avoid picking a mat that you’ll have to replace sooner rather than later.

Any one of the options from our list of favorites can put you on the right selection path.