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Mirror, mirror, on the wall… who’s the fittest of them all?

If you happen to be gazing into a smart fitness mirror, it’s def gonna be you. These shiny, futuristic workout surfaces are set to take the fitness world by storm, and we’ve got the scoop on which ones are worth your money.

Here are our picks for the best smart workout mirrors for 2022.

A workout mirror is probably the most cutting-edge piece of workout equipment you could get your hands on, RN.

It’s a mirror with a built-in digital screen. You’ll get to see your reflection AND follow along with the movements performed on screen. It’s like having a personal trainer you can mirror (in the mirror!) to achieve perfect form.

Some fitness mirrors come equipped with cameras, sensors, and accessories to help guide you through tailor-made workouts, auto-adjust weight and resistance, and track your progress. (More on cameras in the FAQs.)

Kinda like the Peloton bike or Bowflex Max Trainer, these mirrors are equipped to stream fitness classes. Is there a workout style you wanna try? There’s probably a class for it. We’re talking yoga, barre, weight lifting, cardio, etc.

Bottom line: The versatility of this one piece of fitness equipment is incredible. Several brands also offer additional accessories that sync with the mirror. #Fancy

We wouldn’t recommend just any shiny surface with a screen. Here’s how we curated a list of the best smart fitness mirrors for 2022:

  • Cost. Let’s keep it real: These ultra-modern workout mirrors are not cheap. But we did try to include high quality options at a variety of prices.
  • Reviews. No product is perfect, but we kept a close eye on ratings and reviews. No duds here!
  • Special features. If you’re gonna shell out for one of these babies, you want it to be good. We included smart fitness mirrors with features like extra equipment heart rate monitors, and free limited-time app subscriptions.
  • Class options. All of our picks require connection to an app that unlocks a library of on-demand fitness routines. With the exception of the NordicTrack Vault, every pick includes live streaming options too.
  • Vetted products only. Every one of our product recs goes through a thorough vetting process. We made sure each smart mirror was made by a company known for high quality products — and not known for shady business practices. Every mirror on this list passed the vetting process.

Let’s start with the chart (keep scrolling for the deets).

PriceDisplayMountBuilt-in cameraApp price
NordicTrack Vault Complete$2,99932″ touch screenfreestandingno$180/year
Echelon Reflect $1,20032” displaywall-mountedyes$39.99/mo.
ProForm Vue$1,49922” touch screenfreestandingno$180/year
Tonal$2,99524″ touch screenwall-mountedyes$49/mo.
Mirror$1,49543” HD displaywall-mounted or freestandingyes$39/mo.
Tempo Studio Pro$3,99542” touch screenfreestandingyes$39/mo.

Best overall workout mirror

NordicTrack Vault Complete

  • Price: $$$
  • Mirror size and type: 22.5″ x 61.5″ and freestanding
  • Equipment included: exercise mat, 2 yoga blocks, 3 mini resistance bands, 3 full-size resistance bands, a dumbbell set, 2 kettlebells, storage shelves, microfiber cleaning towel
  • App connectivity and pricing: 30-day iFIT family membership included ($396/year for family plan or $180/year for individual plan after that)

The NordicTrack Vault is literally a vault. The freestanding full-length mirror slides to reveal a handy storage vault for its many accessories. The mirror also rotates 360 degrees (and hides a smart HD touch screen!) so you can place it however you’d like. Speakers, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Bluetooth capability are all built into the carbon steel frame.

The Vault uses iFIT, NordicTrack’s virtual personal training program. At the moment, there are more than 150 Vault-specific pre-recorded workouts to choose from (that number’s expected to climb), including HIIT, yoga, Pilates, and strength training.

The Vault Complete is still kinda new, so there aren’t many reviews yet. The Better Business Bureau reveals that most customer issues have to do with delivery delays and shipping-damaged goods. The good news is that undamaged products are high quality — and NordicTrack seems to address issues in good time.

Best budget workout mirror

Echelon Reflect 40″ Connected Fitness Mirror

  • Price: $
  • Mirror size and type: 20″ x 40″ and wall-mounted
  • Equipment included: N/A
  • App connectivity and pricing: Echelon FitPass, $39.99/month or $399/year

This isn’t a full-length or touch-screen fitness mirror like some others on this list, but it’s much less expensive. It’s also a great space-saver since it mounts flush onto the wall.

So, what *can* you do with the Echelon Reflect? Through the Echelon FitPass app, you can stream a variety of live and on-demand classes. Workouts include everything from core and strength training to meditation, yoga, and kickboxing.

Reviewers say the smart mirror itself is stellar for space-saving fitness but the app leaves something to be desired. Some users report connectivity issues with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Best freestanding workout mirror

ProForm Vue

  • Price: $$
  • Mirror size and type: 24″ x 60″ and freestanding
  • Equipment included: weight bar, 2 dumbbells, 4 weight plates
  • App connectivity and pricing: iFit, free family plan for 1 month ($396/year for family plan or $180/year for individual plan after that)

Renting? You’re probably not interested in a wall-mounted workout mirror. This gorgeous freestanding mirror from ProForm can serve double duty in your home as a dressing mirror and as a feature-packed workout mirror. It also pivots and has a space on the back of the mirror for storing accessories. #Winning

The ProForm Vue records your progress to customize workouts suggestions. The Vue offers streaming from a vast collection of on-demand (not live) iFIT workouts. Choose from Pilates, yoga, stretching recovery, and more.

Reviews are still pretty limited, but most folks comment on the fun, action-packed workouts and stellar iFIT instructors.

Most high tech workout mirror


  • Price: $$$
  • Mirror size and type: 21.5″ x 51″ and wall-mounted
  • Equipment included: N/A, can add the accessory bundle when you purchase which includes Smart handles, Smart bar, Smart rope, bench, roller, and workout mat
  • App connectivity and pricing: Tonal, $49/month

Tonal is equipped with 17 sensors to help correct your form, and its smart weight system automatically adjusts tension up to 200 pounds (100 per arm) — with no dumbbells, kettlebells, or weight plates. The arms are fully adjustable for lower body and upper body workouts, and your progress is tracked to help Tonal customize workouts for your strength and skill level.

With the Tonal app — which is required for the first year after purchase — you’ll get a growing library of guided strength training workouts, video demos, and automatic tracking and reporting. Tonal’s live workout options finally dropped in October 2021, so you can enjoy strength training or Power HIIT with a coach in real time.

Like many of the other smart mirrors on our list, the Tonal doesn’t have many reviews yet. Most reviewers say the Tonal has helped them get stronger because of its precise metrics.

Workout mirror with the best workout variety


  • Price: $$
  • Mirror size and type: 22.5″ x 56″ and wall-mounted or freestanding
  • Equipment included: N/A
  • App connectivity and pricing: Mirror All-Access, $39/mo

This chic smart mirror doubles as an actual mirror when you’re not exercising. Mirror offers your standard selection of classes like yoga and strength training, plus things like Latin dance, boxing, and Family Fun. You can also buy 1-on-1 training sessions through your Mirror. Just keep in mind that most workouts are bodyweight-only.

Additionally, Mirror gamifies your fitness by allowing you to join competitive classes and earn points for hitting your target heart rate zone and facing off against other Mirror users. We love the way the live classes light up the pleasure centers in your brain, making Mirror workouts extra-fun.

Reviewers say this smart fitness mirror is a great investment for multiple users because of its class variety. If you’re super into competitive fitness but your partner loves meditation or signing up for 1-on-1 training, this one’s for you.

Workout mirror with the most accessories

Tempo Studio Pro

  • Price: $$$
  • Mirror size and type: 26″ x 72″, freestanding
  • Equipment included: 20 weight plates, workout mat, 2 dumbbells, 1 barbell, heart rate monitor, recovery roller, folding bench, kettlebell system, folding squat rack, weight plate storage
  • App connectivity and pricing: Tempo, $39/month

Want to buy a whole, fully-equipped home gym in one go? Then the Tempo Studio Pro is IT. In addition to the fitness display (this one’s not *really* a mirror), it comes with all the accessories you need to outfit a home gym.

The Tempo’s easel-like display has super-sensitive 3D sensors that provide instant feedback on your form and progress. Tracking your form and sweet, sweet gains is the Tempo’s claim to fame. The Tempo Studio Pro Package unlocks alllll cardio, mobility, and strength classes so that you can improve your fitness in several areas each month.

Reviewers love Tempo’s real-time form recommendations and leaderboards in the live classes. Most folks only thumbs-down the price and wait time after purchase. Otherwise, it’s happy customers all the way down.

Pro tip: For fewer accessories and a less eye-popping price, you can buy the Tempo Studio Starter or the Tempo Studio Plus.

There’s a lot to consider before spending your hard-earned cash on new workout equipment. Here are some questions to consider when shopping.

What’s your budget?

Not all smart mirrors are created equally — and the prices reflect that.

Not everyone has the budget for a Tempo Studio Pro or Tonal, and that’s OK. The Echelon Reflect is still a sleek, high tech fitness mirror for home workouts.

Where do you plan to put it?

Even if the frames are similar in size, the depth and mounting style of these smart mirrors could eat into your home gym space.

It’s also important to consider aesthetics if you’re putting your smart mirror in a main living space. Do you want the sophisticated mirror look of the Vault Complete or ProForm Vue? Or do you crave the beefy gym-like look of a Tonal?

What are your fitness goals?

If you’re simply looking for pre-programmed workouts integrated into a mirror, all of these options will work for you.

But if you need the motivation of live classes, you should look closely at the Tempo Studio Pro or Mirror.

Likewise, consider whether your goals are primarily strength-based, cardio, or weight loss. Scroll through the available workouts to make sure you pick a workout mirror that mirrors (heh heh) your goals.

What kinds of workouts do you like?

What kind of movement do you enjoy? Every smart fitness mirror is linked to a different workout library. Your on-demand class options are just as important a consideration as the equipment itself.

How do you install a smart fitness mirror?

That depends on the brand. Some smart mirrors need to be professionally mounted to the wall or floor.

Others, like the NordicTrack Vault, are freestanding and can be placed anywhere in the room.

Do you need an app subscription to use a smart mirror?


Each smart mirror is designed to be paired with the brand’s fitness app. Since you’re limited to live or on-demand workouts that are offered via the app, it’s important to check out the selection before purchasing a smart mirror.

Is there a camera on most smart workout mirrors?

Most smart fitness mirrors have a front-facing camera that is activated only during workout sessions. Some even come with privacy covers or an on/off switch. The cameras and sensors are built into the mirror to offer real-time posture correction recommendations and help instructors give personalized feedback.

However, not *every* smart mirror has a camera. If you’re not a fan of inviting a video camera into your personal space, that could be a good thing. But if you want the kind of custom feedback and form correction that you’d get from an in-person training session, the camera is a huge part of making that happen.

Fitness mirrors are super-advanced workout tech that allow you to see your reflection while following the moves on-screen, improving your form. Many are also equipped with sensors that track your progress and auto-adjust weight, resistance, and workouts based on the data they receive.

With one of these babies, you’re gonna love your re*flex*ion.