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Peerfit Workout Subscription

The Fitness Membership That Saved Me From Sitting at a Desk All Day

Step away from the computer.
Woman Doing a Dumbbell Workout on the Floor
Home Workout Gear You Can Take on the Go
Woman Doing Crunches on a Mat
The One Piece of Workout Equipment That Keeps Me Motivated

The One Piece of Workout Equipment That Keeps Me Motivated

It's so worth it.
Man doing a tricep dip on a park bench
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A Bodyweight Core Workout That Hits Way More Than Your Midsection

Find out how a strong lower back can transform workouts as you know them.
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Work Your Abs from A to Z in 15 Minutes

A gymnastics workout for all kinds of strength.
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A Pilates Workout With Little Moves and Big Results

Never tried crossed-leg, behind-the-back leg lifts? Here's your chance.
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A 10-Minute Yoga-HIIT Workout That's the Best of Both Worlds

Activate that yoga flow with quick bursts of cardio.
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15 Minutes + 5 Moves = 1 Serious Lower-Body Burn

Sit-ups for leg strength? Try this video to see what we mean.
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A 15-Minute Bodyweight Workout for Crazy Core Strength

Put your legs in the air like you just don't care.
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Woman using the TRX Home2 System

TRX Gets an Upgrade. Here's How It Can Take Your Workouts to the Next Level

It's basically an entire gym—and a trainer—in a box.
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This Upper-Body Workout Builds Strength With Small Moves

Who knew scapular push-ups were a thing?
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3 Classic Moves for a Total-Body Burn

At least you can stretch out beside the crackling fireplace after.
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The Best Free Workout Videos on YouTube 89K
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This 15-Minute Routine Will Work Your Lower Abs Like Whoa

When you're sore the next day, you know it worked.