If you’re not already on the TRX bandwagon, now’s the time to hop on board—it’s a total-body workout that relies on gravity and body weight to turn regular exercises into next-level multitasking moves, and you can literally do them anywhere you have a good place to secure those familiar black and yellow straps to (a rafter, a door frame, even a tree).

Today the company just released the TRX Home2 System, the latest upgrade to its most popular suspension trainer. The Home2 System is the sleekest yet, thanks to custom woven strapping and adjustable foot cradles that allow multiple users to find their most comfortable fit—even without sneakers!—so using your TRX for activities like yoga will be even easier.

Aesthetics aside, the Home2 system—which retails for $199.95—comes with a one-year subscription to the TRX app (available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play), making suspension training more accessible than ever to newbies. In the app, you’ll find 80-plus workouts, not just for TRX but for cycling, running, yoga, and high-intensity interval training too. And good news for anyone who’s gotten tangled up in the straps before (uh, guilty), there’s an in-app instructional library that will break down any moves that look confusing, even if you’re in the middle of your workout.

For even more personalized benefits, sync your wearable to the TRX app, and it will use your biometric data—such as heart rate, speed, and distance—to provide real-time, in-ear audio coaching. That means the app will adapt to your movements and offer customized instructions and corrections during your session, almost as if you were working out with a real trainer instead of banging out reps solo in your basement.

Signed up for a half-marathon? Want to make #gainz in CrossFit? Using that same biometric data, plus exercise duration, intensity, and frequency, the TRX app can recommend benchmarks and workouts that will help you achieve your personal goals faster. Working out at home doesn’t get any easier—or more effective than that.

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