When it comes to exercise, caffeine has its benefits, but it also has some drawbacks (like possibly feeling more jittery than energized).Effect of caffeine on sport-specific endurance performance: a systematic review. Ganio MS, Klau JF, Casa DJ. Journal of strength and conditioning research / National Strength & Conditioning Association, 2009, May.;23(1):1533-4287. So if a cup of coffee is pretty much the only thing that can drag you out of bed in the morning, you’ll want to give this quick bodyweight workout a try.

Get your blood flowing and shake off that groggy feeling with some gentle dynamic stretching to start. Then move on to bodyweight exercises, like squats and lunges, that’ll instantly boost your energy and mood. Trust us, we know it’s hard AF to leave a cozy bed, but you’ll never regret a morning workout, especially when you can get it done in just 12 minutes. It’ll set you up for a productive day, and who knows, it might even help you cut back on all that coffee.

You’ll need an exercise mat and a chair or stool. Get up, get set, and hit play.

To recap: Perform a ~3-minute warm-up and then the 10-minute workout.


  • Head Roll
  • Shoulder Roll
  • Arm Swing
  • Swimmer
  • Hip Swing
  • Knee Roll


  • Mountain Runner – 10 reps
  • Air Squat – 10 reps
  • Single Leg Squat – 12 reps
  • Side Crunch – 10 reps
  • Side V-Sit – 10 reps
  • Cradle Rock – 10 reps
  • V-Sit – 10 reps
  • Sprinting – 20 seconds
  • Jumping Jack – 10 reps
  • Multi-Plane Lunge – 10 reps
  • Burpee – 10 reps

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