Scheduling your workouts is great, but sometimes life gets in the way—and you can kiss that gym session or barre class good-bye. For those moments, we bring you this: a quick, total-body workout you can do in the comfort and convenience of your home.

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All you need is a resistance band. The thinner the band is, the less resistance it offers, so choose one that’ll make you feel like you’re working (yellow usually indicates a medium resistance that works for most people). You’ll alternate between small, isolated movements that strengthen every muscle and high-energy bursts of cardio that will keep your heart rate up. That combo is what makes this workout so effective. Just grab a mat and your band to get started.

To recap: You’ll need a resistance band. You’ll perform a dynamic warm-up for about 2 minutes, followed by a 22-minute workout (see below), with a 4-minute cool-down. The workout is made up of 10 moves performed for about 60 seconds each. The sequence is repeated twice:

  • Lunge Walk
  • Hop With Arm Swing
  • Isolated Leg Swing
  • Twister
  • Resistance Jogger
  • Plank with Leg Raise
  • Standing Leg Circle
  • Squat With Step
  • Plank With Leg Tap
  • Hip Thrust

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