The cool thing about exercise is that there’s actually science behind it, so if your goal is to get the most out of every minute of your workout, there’s a scientific strategy to help you do that. This 37-minute workout is the perfect example.

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This bodyweight routine features strategic interval blocks that send your body into a state of EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). Excess what? Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (also known as the “afterburn effect“) refers to the amount of oxygen required to restore your body to its normal, resting metabolism. It also explains how your body can continue to burn calories long after you’ve finished your workout. Think of it like when your car engine is still warm even after you’ve turned the car off. Here, you’ll do a 5-minute dynamic warm-up followed by 27 minutes of intervals at different levels of effort and a 5-minute cool-down. All you need is an exercise mat.

To recap: You’ll perform a 5-minute dynamic warm-up, 27-minute workout (see below), and 5-minute mobility and static stretch cool-down.


Floor Touch to Toe Tap

Squat Thruster With Rotation

Table Top Heel Drive

Lat Pull Flutter Kick

Down Dog Flow

Block 1 (80 Percent Max Effort):

Lunge Push-Up Cobra


Reverse Table (With Leg Lift for Challenge)

Plank Crunch to Lunge

Lateral Lunge to Front Kick (R/L)

Push-Up Heel Lift Knee Tap

Side Squat Toe Tap

Reverse Snow Angel

Lateral Table Top to Row

Block 2 (90 Percent Max Effort):

Double Punch Jump Squat to Plank Lunge Jack

Air Jack to Jump Rope

Low/High Knee Drive to Split Lunge Jump

Block 3 (80 Percent Max Effort):

Frog Squat With Roundhouse

Reverse Curtsy Lunge With Rainbow

Single Leg Hamstring Curl (R/L)

Dragonfly Oblique Crunch (R/L)

Side Plank Double Crunch (R/L)

Superwoman With Crossed Leg (R/L)


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