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Even if you haven’t done the Whole30 diet, you’ve probably heard of it.

It’s a 30-day (shocker) plan that resets your eating habits by eliminating several food categories: dairy, grains, sugar, legumes, and booze. Cutting out these things is supposed to reduce cravings, create healthy eating habits, and help you identify potential food sensitivities.

That’s all good, but Whole30 might require more planning than you’re used to. If you’re not looking to give up your Sunday to meal prep or spend hours reading labels, a Whole30-approved meal delivery service is a convenient way to stay on track.

We’ve rounded up the top five meal delivery services that’ll make your Whole30 journey a whole lot easier.

It’s hard to find a meal kit that costs less than what you’d pay for the ingredients at the grocery store. But we did keep budget in mind during our hunt for the best Whole30 meal delivery services of 2022.

Other considerations for narrowing down our top picks include:

  • Whole30-approved ingredients. Well, obvi. We automatically nixed meal delivery services that didn’t have a Whole30 filter or that didn’t list ingredients.
  • Variety. Where’s the fun in eating the same thing day after day? Research has shown that variety increases food intake — so you might be more likely to actually eat your Whole30 meals if you’re not bored of your options.
  • Emphasis on organic or sustainable foods. Whole30 is all about jumpstarting healthy eating habits. We gave priority to companies that offer minimally processed, organic, sustainable, or low sugar foods.
  • Vetted services. Every brand we considered went through a thorough vetting process that checks for unsupported health claims and shady business practices. Only brands that passed that process made our final list.

Scroll down to decide if one of these plans is right for you.

Best overall Whole30 meal delivery service

The Good Kitchen

  • Price: $163.80 for 12 meals
  • Cost per serving: Subscription meals range from $11 to $15. A la carte meals are in the $12 to $16 range.
  • What we like: good for folks with food allergies and picky eaters; includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • What we don’t like: pricey

Sensitive tummies, rejoice! Meals from The Good Kitchen are whipped up in a gluten-free, peanut-free, soy-free facility. (Psst: The meals are manufactured in a facility that prepares meals with these ingredients, though — but the brand says they take extreme precautions and implement top-tier sanitation practices.)

There’s also a spot on the intro form for food allergies (tree nuts, dairy, shellfish, etc.) and food aversions (mushrooms or pork got you feeling queasy? 🤢).

Ordering Whole30-compliant meals is as easy as clicking the “Whole30” filter. Then you can browse all of your meal options for the month. And we mean all your meal options, from breakfast to dinner — something many other delivery services don’t offer — which is why The Good Kitchen gets our best overall pick.

Bonus: you won’t pay an extra shipping or handling charge. The continental U.S. delivery costs for these frozen, microwave-friendly trays are built into the price.

Our very favorite thing about The Good Kitchen is its emphasis on sustainability. The meal packaging is recyclable and the meat is pasture-raised (or in seafood’s case, compliant with Seafood Watch). Plus, the company uses seasonal produce as much as possible. #winning

Best Whole30 meal delivery service for foodies

Paleo On The Go

  • Price: $200 for 8 meals
  • Cost per serving: A la carte meals range from $17 to $29, with discounted prices for bundles or subscriptions. However, there’s a $99 minimum for all orders.
  • What we like: transparent ingredient sourcing; includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • What we don’t like: expensive per-meal price, have to pay for shipping on orders under $99

Ever found yourself daydreaming about hiring an award-winning private chef? The meals at Paleo On The Go are all cooked up by a chef in the company’s grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free commercial kitchen.

And Paleo On The Go takes savory, home-cooked flavor to the next level with strict ingredient sourcing. You can look up the farms and ranches that produce your ingredients right on the company website. That commitment makes Paleo on The Go a foodie’s dream delivery service (if that foodie also happens to be on the Whole30 diet).

There’s no doubt that Paleo On The Go is a high quality operation that delivers delicious, nutritious meals, but that quality comes at a pretty steep price. With a $99 minimum order requirement and a monthly plan that’ll set you back over $500, this won’t work for all budgets.

Best Whole30 meal delivery service for Whole30 experts

Trifecta Nutrition

  • Price: $110.99+ for 7 meals
  • Cost per serving: Meal kits range from $10 to $14, but you can also build your meal from entrees and side dishes on the a la carte menu.
  • What we like: organic, fresh (not frozen) meals, rotating menu, designed for athletes and weight management
  • What we don’t like: no specific Whole30 filter for meals

Visit Trifecta Nutrition’s website, and you’ll see that it’s geared toward fitness fans and those who need help resetting their nutrition to manage their weight.

Meals are offered in six categories:

  • Clean (minimally processed food)
  • Paleo (legume- and grain-free meals with an emphasis on lean protein)
  • Keto (cut carbs, amp the fat and protein)
  • Vegan (no animals whatsoever)
  • Vegetarian (primarily plant-based)
  • Classic (pre-portioned macros)

That’s a lot of customization options, but you know what’s missing? Whole30. That’s why we’ve picked this one for expert Whole30 dieters: you’re gonna have to get creative and plan some of your meals yourself based on your compliance knowledge.

Trifecta Nutrition does offer some Whole30-compliant meals, but you might find it easier to create your own through the a la carte menu. You’ll save time in the kitchen, but you might spend a few extra minutes clicking around the website.

So, why try Trifecta Nutrition? If you’re interested in continuing your meal plan subscription after Whole30, you’ll find plenty of options at this company. Trifecta also delivers their meals fresh, not frozen. 👏

Best budget Whole30 meal delivery service

Snap Kitchen

  • Price: $135.99 for 12 meals
  • Cost per serving: $10 to 12, depending on your subscription frequency.
  • What we like: dietitian-selected meals, organic and local sourcing when possible, fresh (not frozen) meals
  • What we don’t like: not available to ship everywhere

Snap Kitchen works a little differently than our other meal delivery service top picks. Depending on where you live, you’ll either get the meals delivered to your door or pick them up from a local retail location. Find the options in your area here.

While the whole pickup rigamarole could be a huge drawback, there’s no denying Snap Kitchen’s fair prices. (Sometimes you gotta work a little for that wallet-friendly option, right?) Plus, your meals are made fresh — never frozen — with ingredients that are primarily sustainably sourced. Most ingredients are also organic.

At Snap Kitchen, you’ll choose either 6 or 12 meals per week. The meals you get can be customized according to your allergies, preferences, and specific diets, including Whole30. Since the noms are picked by dietitians, you’ll also get each dish’s full nutrition and ingredient rundown.

Best Whole30 meal delivery service for families

Eat the 80

  • Price: $139 for 10 meals
  • Cost per serving: $13 to $15 per meal
  • What we like: can order up to 28 meals weekly, high quality protein
  • What we don’t like: not a ton of variety

What’s “the 80” in Eat the 80’s name? The 80 percent of the time when you should try to eat well (giving you a whole 20 percent’s worth of indulging) for a balanced diet.

And Eat the 80 makes it easy to fill up three-quarters of your daily nutrition with healthy foods through its subscription service, offering fresh, dietitian-approved options like blackened salmon with shaved brussels sprouts and chimichurri pulled pork. There’s a Whole30 meal plan option which makes it even easier to choose compliant meals, plus the foods are sourced locally and sustainably as often as possible.

What we really like about Eat the 80, though — and what earns it our pick for families — is the way you save money the more meals you buy. You can get as many as 21 or even 28 meals on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, stacking savings when you order a plan versus a la carte meals.

Meal Delivery ServicePrice Per MealWhole30 OptionSample Meals
The Good Kitchen$11 to $15 YesMongolian Cashew Beef Bowl; Chicken Cacciatore With Cauliflower Risotto; Bacon And Asparagus Frittata with Yukon Potato Hash
Paleo on the Go$17 to $29YesChicken and Dumplings; German Brats with Sauerkraut and Home Fried Potatoes
Trifecta Nutrition$10 to $14 No, but you can customize itKorean Beef Bulgogi; Sausage and Egg Scramble with Sweet Potatoes
Snap Kitchen$10 to $12 YesBeef Burgundy With Potato-Turnip Mash; Stir-Fry Chicken and Broccoli with Garlic Sauce
Eat the 80$13 to $15YesChicken Shawarma with Spiced Potatoes; BBQ Beef with Sweet Potato Fries

We gave you five options to choose from…but now you have ~analysis paralysis~ and can’t figure out which one is right for you? Here’s what to consider:


No one wants to pay for meals they won’t eat! Make sure you can choose your meals, set your own delivery schedule, and make changes to your subscription when you need to, like skipping a week if you’re going on vacation.

Whole30 compliance

Some of the meal delivery services listed here aren’t just for Whole30 dieters or are actually Whole30-adjacent (like paleo). That means you may need to do some detective work and make sure the meal plan you’re choosing is compliant with Whole30. You may also need to get creative in the way you build your menu, opting in or out of certain meals to keep everything in line with your diet plan.

Food preparation

This goes for the company and for you!

How does the meal delivery service acquire, prepare, and ship their meals? Are they organic and antibiotic-free? Do they contain any preservatives? Are meals delivered fresh or frozen? And what about you: once the meals arrive at your doorstep, how will you have to store and prepare them?

There’s no right or wrong answer here, but make sure you’re choosing a service that aligns with your personal food values and any lifestyle barriers you have (like lack of freezer space or a microwave).


Buy premade meals is never going to be cheap, but what you lose in your wallet you make up for in convenience. That said, there’s a pretty wide range of prices to consider, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one in your budget.

Take a look at both the total subscription cost and the per-meal cost, then compare that to what you normally spend at the grocery store to make sure you’re not accidentally doubling your spending if you can’t afford to.

Well, we can’t answer that for you, but we tell you a little more about Whole30 so you can decide for yourself.

Great for identifying food sensitivities

Whole30 is an elimination diet that starts out by removing foods like sugar, grains, alcohol, dairy, and beans from your diet. The idea here is that these foods could be having a negative influence on your health.

That sounds like a lot of sacrificing, but you only have to do it for 30 days — then you start slowly working these foods back into your diet, watching how they make you feel.

In theory, one or more of these food groups may cause icky symptoms like GI distress, bloating, fatigue, moodiness, headaches, and so on. Once you know which one(s) do, you can keep them out of your diet and add everything else back in.

So Whole30 is good for people who believe their diet is negatively impacting them in some way, but aren’t sure which foods or food groups are the source of their problems. If this sounds like you, then the Whole30 diet might be an enlightening experience that leads to better overall health.

Not a long-term plan

If you’re looking for a long-term diet plan, Whole30 ain’t it. It’s designed to be followed for 30 days, giving your body time to clear any problematic foods out of your system. It’s a reset, not a cure. It’s not designed for weight loss, and most of the health claims it makes haven’t been proven yet in any studies.

While Whole30 does eliminate bad-for-everyone foods like sugar, it also cuts out some healthy foods — like beans and whole grains — that provide valuable nutrients (so you’ll have to make those up elsewhere).

Not great for people with a history of eating disorders

Whole30 is pretty dang restrictive, which can be unhelpful — or downright dangerous — if you have a history of disordered eating.

Looking to get the best bang for your buck from a Whole30 meal delivery service? Here are some tips.

  1. Pay attention to serving sizes — don’t assume a “meal” will feed two people if it says it only feeds one.
  2. Figure out how many meals you needand when you want them to arrive. Different services have different shipping schedules or numbers of meals that you can order at once. If you only want to supplement a couple of meals per week, don’t order 14 meals at a time.
  3. Think about your dietary needs. If you have food allergies or intolerances, it’s important to do some digging to see if the meal delivery service can accommodate those.
  4. Figure out your budget. No one should go broke shopping for a meal delivery service, so if a particular company is out of your price range, skip it in favor of something more wallet-friendly.
  5. Look into the quality of the food. You should 1. like the taste of the meals you get and 2. know where the food is coming from and how it’s prepared. If locally-sourced food is important to you, look for that. If you’re an organic, non-GMO devotee, make sure that’s what you’ll be getting.
  6. Read the nutrition labels, because just because a meal is labeled “Whole30” (or keto, or paleo, or whatever) doesn’t mean it’s healthy.
  7. Look for variety. It’s going to be harder to follow through with a 30-day elimination diet if you can only eat the same 10 meals. Choose a service that either offers a wide variety of options or even a weekly rotating menu so you don’t get bored.
  8. Shop the sales and discounts. Many meal delivery services allow you to buy meals a la carte, but that’s usually not the most cost-effective way. Signing up for a subscription or bundle typically nets you a discount—and a lot of these companies offer promotional deals for first-time buyers that let you try them out for less.

What meal delivery service offers Whole30?

A whole bunch of them! Paleo on the Go, Snap Kitchen, Eat the 80, and several more will send meals right to your home that are Whole30 compliant. You may need to set a Whole30 “filter” on these sites because they cater to other diet plans, too, but you can definitely get Whole30-friendly meals from any of the companies on our list.

Other meal plan services may not target the Whole30 crowd, but that doesn’t mean they’re off-limits: many of these subscriptions are now coding their meals as Whole30 compliant, so you can choose from meals that fit into your plan while filling up your virtual shopping cart.

Is Blue Apron Whole30 approved?

Blue Apron does offer a number of Whole30-compliant meals, though it’s not a Whole30-focused meal delivery service. It might be hard to order exclusively from Blue Apron if you’re doing Whole30, but def not impossible.

Does Home Chef have Whole30 options?

You may be able to find individual meals that are compliant, but Home Chef does not offer any Whole30-specific meals right now.

Are there any Whole30 frozen meals?

Yes, just not from most subscription services (those tend to prioritize fresh food). But there are a good number of Whole30-friendly meal options in the frozen food aisles of grocery stores now, from brands like Primal Kitchen, Great Value, and Grandcestors.

Cutting out your comfort foods and go-to snacks on Whole30 can be tough, but the prep doesn’t have to be.

Using a meal delivery service during your Whole30 journey can make things easier. You’ll save time and energy, and likely cut down on food waste. Plus, you can choose a company that matches your long-term healthy eating goals.