How Masturbation Affects Your Sex Drive

How Masturbation Affects Your Sex Drive

Is all that self-love helping or hurting your libido?
No Need to Worry That Things Aren't Moving Fast Enough.

Couples Get Engaged Way Later Than You Think

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Lie about Your Lover

Being a Little Delusional About Your Sig O Can Be a Good Thing

Telling yourself you've met the guy or gal of your dreams could make you happier.
The Effects of Masturbation on Your Sex Drive

The Biggest Misconceptions About Sex, According to Experts

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Oh, the Spray and Pray Approach
Most Common Sex Myths

It's Confirmed: Female Blue Balls Are a Legit Thing

OK, so maybe "blue vulva" is the more apt term here.
Do Women's Periods Really Sync Up?
6 Signs You're Making the Wrong Decision

6 Signs You're Making the Wrong Decision

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What Causes Cellulite (and Can You Do Anything About It)?

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The extra effort is so worth it in the long run.

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Why You Should Never Use the Term "the Mentally Ill"

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It's Actually Kind of Stalkerish

Why Rom-Coms Can Be Dangerous (Beyond Unrealistic Expectations)

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Women Running
Because Women Are More Than Baby Makers

The Internet Responds to the CDC's Condescending Drinking Guidelines for Women

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Even If They're Really Not at Fault

This Is Why You Blame Your Sig O All the Time

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To The Science

Why You Mishear Song Lyrics

We could've sworn Taylor said "lonely Starbucks lover."
How Bad Is It to Hold in Your Poop?

How Bad Is It to Hold in Your Poop?

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Does dry brushing really work?

Does Dry Brushing Really Work?

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How to Stay Warm This Winter for Less Than $20

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Molly Jean Bennett

Why This Woman Is Celebrating Her Eating Disorder's Birthday

"You’re still here, but I’m bigger and better and stronger than you."