Forced orgasms refer to orgasms that are given with consent in a forceful manner, often as part of BDSM play. It’s a kinky way to explore pleasure and power dynamics with a partner you trust.

Are you looking for a little more oh la la in the bedroom? Does the idea of exploring power dynamics get your heart racing? Enter: Forced orgasms.

This kinky activity doesn’t actually involve force. Rather, you or your partner are the willing and consenting submissive, being pushed to climax multiple times.

Forced orgasms can be physically and emotionally intense, so before embarking on this roller coaster ride for the libido, make sure your relationship has a solid foundation of trust, communication, and consent. Safety first, kinksters!

Here’s everything you need to make your orgasm experience electrifying. We’ll also go over essential consent and safety tips.

If you’re an explorer of pleasure — forced orgasms could be your new fave thing. Although originally part of the BDSM world — sex practices involving bondage, discipline, submission, and masochism — forced orgasms are now entering the mainstream.

Here’s the deal. The submissive partner gives up control, surrendering to the dominant partner’s every whim. Often, you’re bound or restrained to prevent you from escaping the stimulation. And using toys, hands, or whatever else gets the job done, you’re brought to orgasm over and over again.

It’s all about exploring power dynamics, playing out fantasies, and living your wildest dreams — a whole other level of sexy. But it can be intense AF. You’re going to feel all sorts of sensations — from the good kind of pleasure to the not-so-comfy kind of discomfort. That’s why communication is vital.

Before you go diving into this dark and delicious world, make sure everyone involved understands boundaries and gives enthusiastic “hell yes” consent.

It’s worth noting that people can orgasm during a sexual assault, and you may also see this referred to as “forced orgasm.” But it’s worlds apart from consensual forced orgasm.

A forced orgasm scenario can take many different guises, depending on you and your partners’ personal preferences. Anatomy, pleasure and pain tolerance, and stamina also impact how any scene plays out.

If you own a vulva, you’ll likely have a shorter refractory period than people with penises. In other words, you recover from an orgasm more quickly and can handle multiple orgasms in quick succession. Therefore, forced orgasm usually involves being consensually “forced” to orgasm over and over without a break. This can be with a high-powered vibrator or other stimulation, as you’re tied up or restrained in some way.

It may also involve a role-play scenario where a doctor “forces” you to orgasm during a gynecological exam or a police officer “forces” you to cum following an arrest. You get the idea!

Forced orgasm play can also look like the submissive partner begging permission to orgasm or the dominant partner deciding when they’re allowed to.

For peeps with penises, the refractory period is often longer, so forced orgasm plays out a little differently. For example, orgasm denial, where the person isn’t allowed to cum, or post-orgasm torture, where sexual stimulation continues after orgasm.

A forced orgasm can feel different for everyone. The first orgasm can be intensely pleasurable, but the fourth, fifth, or sixth may be uncomfortable or even painful. Typically, forced orgasm is an intense experience that can be overwhelming but ultimately pleasurable.

But, although your nether regions are sensitive and overstimulated after several orgasms, the release of endorphins creates a sense of euphoria and relaxation. Meaning even if your hoo-ha hurts, it’s in a good way.

Is it different than a non-forced orgasm?

Regular orgasms are like *chef’s kiss* pleasurable! When you’re getting your groove on, the stimulation causes intense physical sensations that just build and build until BAM! The release of tension is like fireworks in your body, leaving you feeling oh-so-good.

So, what’s different about a forced orgasm? Maybe nothing at first! But after a couple of orgasms, your sensitive areas become even more sensitive, and further orgasms can hurt! And that’s the main difference.

Are you ready to take your orgasm game to the next level? Well, buckle up, baby, because we’re about to dive into some spicy tips for exploring consensual forced orgasms!

Know your body

The self-discovery game is key to unlocking maximum pleasure potential in partnered play. So, get cozy with yourself through some good ol’ fashioned masturbation and sensual touch. Find out about your body, what you like, what you don’t, and what moves really tickle your fancy.

Know your partner’s body

When experimenting with forced climax play, remember that it’s an intimate activity best reserved for lovers who already know each other’s bodies like the back of their own hands. It’s not a one-night stand thing!

But don’t worry if you’re still in the early stages of your relationship — it’s the perfect excuse to get down and dirty and explore each other’s bodies even more!

Take the time to learn each other’s pleasure points and preferences, and use this as an opportunity to build trust and intimacy with your partner. Who knows, maybe you’ll even discover some new things about yourselves along the way!

Have a heart to heart

Forced orgasms are never something that should be forced on your partner. It’s an experience you need to discuss before hitting the bedroom.

You can explain it’s something you’d like to explore and ask their opinion. It’s not something you should spring on them in the heat of the moment as it requires an in-depth discussion.

You must create a safe space for both partners to be comfortable and empowered to express their desires and boundaries. If your partner’s hesitant or unsure about exploring forced orgasms, respect their feelings and don’t pressure them into anything.

If you’re both on the same page and want to explore forced orgasms, how will the scenario work? Are you role-playing? Are you using restraints? What about vibrators? You need to discuss everything in an open and non-judgmental way so all partners feel safe and heard.

Choose a safe word

Your safe word is an absolutely critical part of kinky play. It’s a word is a word or phrase that you and your partner agree on before diving into the activity. It’s a way to signal to your partner that you must slow down or stop the activity altogether.

Choose a safe word that’s easy to remember and that you’re unlikely to say naturally in the scene. So don’t choose “no, stop,” for example. Instead, go for something random like “orange” or “sombrero”. If partners feel uncomfortable or want to stop at any point during play, they can use the safe word. There should be no shame or guilt associated with using it, and it’s essential that both partners respect each other’s boundaries.

It’s also a good idea to use a pleasure or pain scale that allows the dominant partner to understand how the experience is affecting the submissive. You can use a scale from 1 to 10 or by using descriptive terms like “mild,” “moderate,” or “intense.” When you check in with your partner, the scale helps the experience remain pleasurable and consensual.

Providing everyone is consenting and on the same page, generally, forced orgasms are safe. The biggest concern is overstimulation, which can make your bits extremely sensitive and painful. Although some people enjoy the pain, be careful with prolonged stimulation. If you keep going orgasm after orgasm, it can lead to chafing and bruising. Ow! But adding lube can help.

When helping your partner achieve multiple orgasms, make sure you’re checking in with them. And never increase the pressure or force unless your partner asks for it. Always be mindful of your partner’s comfort and well-being and if you notice anything off, stop and make sure they’re okay.

When it comes to any kind of sexual activity, consent, and communication are hella important. And that’s especially true for practices like forced orgasm, which can be super intense.

Despite the name, no one is truly being “forced” to do anything. Everyone must consent first. It’s about relinquishing control to your partner, and although it can be super-hot and exciting, it’s not for everyone. So it’s crucial to be clear about your boundaries and expectations and to communicate openly and honestly with your partner.

Before getting down and dirty, ensure everyone’s on the same page. You need a clear understanding of what will happen during the activity and what you’re comfortable with. All participants should give enthusiastic and informed consent — that means being fully on board and specifically agreeing to the activities. Remember, the conversation should be ongoing, and consent can be withdrawn at any moment.

And it goes without saying that consent can’t be given if someone is drunk or high, being pressured, or unable to consent wholeheartedly for any other reason. So when exploring, prioritize safety, respect, and pleasure for everyone involved.

Forced orgasms can be totally lit, providing the experience is consensual, and both partners value ongoing communication.

You’ll get the most from this kinky pleasure if you know your own body and understand your partner’s preferences and pleasure points before you dive in. And don’t forget to establish clear boundaries and a safe word ahead of time. Remember, respect, trust, and consent are non-negotiables.

So. if blasting off harder than SpaceX is your thing, try exploring forced climax. It could add a little rocket fuel to date night!