Weekday mornings…grrr. Starting the day with a hearty, nutritious breakfast sounds fine and dandy, but it’s often harder than it seems. A healthy breakfast scramble or whole-wheat pancakes might be great for a lazy weekend brunch, they’re not exactly ideal for rushed mornings. Instead, here are five healthy recipes for those mornings when all you can do is grab something from the fridge and run out the door.

1. Homemade Muesli
Think of muesli is granola’s no-nonsense sister, with all the same ingredients but way less sugar and fat. This recipe is made with a variety of cereal grains, seeds, and dried fruit. For a quick breakfast, combine a scoop or two of muesli, a drizzle of honey, and some plain yogurt in a covered container. Snag a spoon and eat when you’ve got a minute to breathe!

2. Savory Breakfast Muffins with Quinoa, Mushrooms, and Leeks
All the prep work for these protein-packed muffins happens ahead of time. On a weekend or calm night at home, bake up a batch of the veggie and egg muffins and keep them in thefridge or freezer until needed. On a busy morning, simply grab one or two and hit the road!

3. Coconut Mango Overnight Oatmeal
There are probably more recipes for overnight oatmeal on the Internet than there are cat videos. That said, this recipe is a winner because of the bright, tropical flavors and not-too-sweet toppings. Be sure to use rolled oats (not instant) for the best results. Mix everything up at night, and then take it out of the fridge once you’re ready to go in the a.m.

4. Rise and Shine Breakfast Burritos

This recipe takes a bit of planning, but for savory breakfast lovers, it’s a knockout way to start the day. Cook up a big batch (double the written instructions), wrap each filled burrito in aluminum foil, and line them up in the freezer for up to one month. To heat up a frozen burrito, remove the foil wrapper and stick it in the microwave or microwave oven for a few minutes until toasty warm.

5. Oatmeal-Chocolate Chip Cookie Breakfast Bars

It’s time to ditch those sugary, expensive bars, because these homemade snacks are pretty much the ultimate on-the-go breakfast. The recipe calls for pecans and chocolate chips, but other nuts or chopped, dried fruit would be just as tasty. Peanut butter, milk (dairy or otherwise), and whole-wheat flour will keep you full ’till lunchtime. Bake a few pans over the weekend and wrap individually in wax paper to make mornings even easier.