Happy August! This week we gave you 21 activities — from playing a board game to urinating — to tend to out of the office. Now you have no excuse not to go outside. Don’t forget to check out the 31 prepackaged snacks you can take outside, too. As the Olympics forge on, the Greatist team delved into events like trampoline and the decathlon. During the games, it might be even, but when the Olympics end we posed the question, “why don’t we watch more women’s sports?” For the non record-setting athletes, we rounded up 20 ways to kickstart your strength training. —Nicole McDermott


Go Out! 21 Inside Summer Activities to Take Outdoors

Let’s take this outside. From greenmarkets to rooftop bars, we’re about to revamp your summer and blow your mind with 21 ways to bust out of those four walls.

A 17-Year-Old Olympic Boxer, a Casher Banana Wrap, and More

Ready for some weekend link-love? From an inspiring video of a teenage Olympian to tips to stay healthy on vacation, we’ve found our favorite links from around the web.ΩΩ

Is the Brain to Blame for Women’s Food Cravings?

A new study suggests our snack attacks and BMIs may be linked to our brain activity and self-control.


News: Two Minute Sprints Burns Fat Like 30 Minute Workouts

A new study found two minutes of sprinting revs up the metabolism as much as 30 minutes of endurance exercise. So should we all swap the long runs for some sprints?

15 Must-Read Trainers Rocking the Web

Combine brains, brawn, and some serious blogging skills, and what do you get? Greatist’s list of the must-follow trainers to stay informed, inspired, and at the top of your fitness game.

Why Don’t We Watch More Women’s Sports?

Women athletes are better than ever, so why isn’t anyone tuning in to watch? Greatist examines a new study that says female sports broadcasts are taking a back seat to their male counterparts.

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Olympic Decathlon

Think performing one Olympic event is difficult? Check out the decathlon, which has athletes testing their skills in 10 different competitions. Talk about multi-tasking.

Out-of-the-Box #imagreatist Fitness and Health Tips

From ginger shots for muscle swelling to pre-thirsty Thursday sweat-a-thons, the Greatist community shares their most innovative tips for keeping in tip top shape.

Should I Use a Heart Rate Monitor During Workouts?

Ever go to the gym for an hour and hardly break a sweat? Then it may be worth getting a heart rate monitor to help make sure we’re exercising up to speed (and not overdoing it!). But are they necessary for a killer workout?

GPP: Train for Life and Prepare for Anything

GUEST POST: Trainer Jon-Erik Kawamoto explains the logic behind general physical preparedness and how it can transform your training — and your life.

20 Ways to Kickstart Your Strength Training

If you’re looking to get strong, get started, or break through that power plateau, Greatist put together 20 strength training resources for any skill level. Check it out!

Quote: Olympic Gold is Won With Guts

The Olympics have started, and Dan Gable knows that winning for the home team takes more than skill. He should know: Dan won wrestling gold for America in the 1972 Olympics without dropping a point.

Think You Know Sit-Ups? You got Nothing on This Guy

Wait for it. Waaait for it… There it is, the craziest set of sit-ups we’ve seen in, well, ever. Check out the video and share your own experiences here!

15 Things You Didn’t Know about Olympic Trampoline

Want to know what it feels like to fly? Here’s your ticket: Olympic trampoline, a gymnastics event that has athletes soaring, flipping, and twisting 30 feet in the air.


Is Belly Fat the Worst Kind of Fat?

No need to belly dance around this issue. While some degree of cushioning around the waistline is unavoidable (and normal!), belly fat in excess can spark a host of health concerns.

Is Grilling Bad for Your Health?

Hold the hotdogs! Grilling those favorite summertime meals may be harmful to your health.

Red Light: Can Visual Cues Curb Our Eating?

It turns out that once you “pop,” you actually can “stop.” A study found that providing visual cues in a tube of potato chips helped people eat less. More details inside.

Recipe: Eggplant Chips with Basil and Yogurt Dip

Sick of the classic corn chips and salsa? Try these fresh eggplant chips with a super-cool Greek yogurt dip for a healthier alternative that’s sure to impress at any get together.

Superfood: Pineapple

Packed with vitamin C to boost the immune system and tumor-fighting enzymes, pineapple (when eaten in moderation) is nothing short of one pretty sweet superfood.

31 Healthier Prepackaged Snacks

Eating healthy while on the go isn’t just a pipe dream. We collected 31 of the best, healthier prepackaged snacks — all under 150 calories! — for every day of the month.

Recipe: Black Bean and Quinoa Burgers

This black bean and quinoa based burger is packed with protein (just like the real thing) and adds a fun flavor twist to the traditional veggie burger.

Does Oral Health Predict Overall Health?

The payoffs of good dental hygiene extend way beyond the mouth. Think cardiovascular health, blood sugar control, inflammation, and more. Warning: reading this article may facilitate flossing, brushing, or rinsing ASAP.