It’s been a busy — and surprisingly saucy — week at Greatist! We’ve had stories on Sex and Sports, Alcohol and Exercise, and 54 Unexpected Ways to Hack Your Health. It’s not all naughty bits though: We also explain how to finally become a morning person and how to never be late again.

Also be sure to check out Greatist’s Milkshake and Smoothie Contest, where your recipe could be featured on a real restaurant menu!


Hunger Games: Does Exercise Really Make You Hungry?

Burning calories in the squat rack doesn’t always translate to uncontrollable hunger. Find out why the body may send some mixed stomach signals after hitting the showers.

Should I Wear a Weightlifting Belt

Weightlifting belts can help prevent lower back injury, but they’re not always necessary. In some cases they may even increase the risk of injury. Get the facts before.

Sex and Sports: Refrain Before the Big Game

Many coaches say athletes should skip sex before the big game. But will doing the deed really hinder performance on the playing field?

Skip the Sangria: Your Cinco de Mayo Workout

GUEST POST: This Cinco de Mayo, dance instructor Mickela Mallozi suggests adding some real spice to the tequila and guacamole. Try Mexican folk dance for a workout that exercises the mind and body!


36 Alcohol Tips, Hacks, Recipes, and Resources

Is red wine actually good for you? What happens when you blackout? And why do alcohol drinkers exercise more? Greatist tackles the myths, facts, and hacks.

Drink to Your Health: Why Alcohol Is Good For You

Always feel guilty when ordering a cocktail instead of a heart-healthy glass of wine? Research shows the health benefits may actually be similar.

Smoothie Contest: Submit a Recipe to Be Featured in Greatist

Greatist is looking for your best breakfast-in-a-glass. Winners will be featured on the site and could land on a real restaurant’s menu!

Superfood: Turmeric

Pick the brightest of the spicy bunch, turmeric, for a mellow yellow color that packs a considerable medicinal punch.

54 Unexpected Ways to Hack Your Health

Soothe sunburns with tea; make yogurt from coffee; curse to curb pain. The world is full of unexpected hacks, and here are Greatist’s top picks.

Calm in a Can: Do Relaxation Drinks Work?

Stressed out and looking to unwind? Liquid relaxation has made its way to grocery store shelves. But is this trend too good to be true?

Links We Love: The Drunkest Cities in America and More

Ready for some weekend link-love? From the booziest cities in the U.S. to the paleo diet with a twist, we’ve found our favorite links from around the web.


Hey Sleepyhead! How to Be a Morning Person

Learn to love that alarm clock. Morning people may be healthier and happier than the rest of us.

Why Your 20s Will Define You

Dr. Meg Jay tells us how the decisions we make in our 20s about work, love, and health can shape the rest of our lives.

How to Never Be Late Again

It’s too late to apologiiiiize. From office meetings to surprise parties, stop saying sorry and just get there on time.

Quote: Wilde Advice on Self-Esteem

Oscar Wilde, the 19th century writer and dandy gentleman of letters, gives some wry advice on being yourself.

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