Let’s face it: We all get stressed. But luckily, there are many creative ways we can combat feeling overwhelmed to help feel better in no time. So this week we asked our ambassadors for their go-to ways to reduce stress. Check em out and see if any of their methods can help you!

Ashley Byron: Running (with no GPS watch and with great music), wine, and walking my dogs!

Naomi Thorne:For me, a nice cup of tea (typical Brit!) and a chat to a loved one — either face to face or on the phone — works wonders.Speaking to those who know me the best and love me the most helps me to put things in perspective!

3. the woods

Sara Stahlman: For me, it’s the woods, the water — the outdoors. No matter how upset or anxious I’m feeling, when I sense the breeze or sunshine on my face, it always helps calm me.

Nicole Handler: Anything to get my mind off whatever is stressing me out, especially a great workout or whipping up a delicious meal in the kitchen. If all else fails, grab a big glass of wine!

Meredith T: I like to reduce stress by doing something FUN, whether that’s finding a dog to play with, or curling up with warm tea and a good book. I also find that yoga always leaves me feeling stress-free!

6. guided meditation

Nicole Bobco: I LOVE listening to guided meditation podcasts (like Meditation Oasis on iTunes) to help me focus on my breathing rather than whatever stressful event is going on in my life.And of course, I love cuddling with my happy dog since she is my bestest bud! Not only is it fun and rewarding, but petting an animal has been shown to reduce blood pressure and relieve anxiety.

Hannah McGoldrick:My go-to stress reducer is definitely running. Even on days when I feel too stressed out to go for a run, once I get back I feel so much better, like all is right with the world again.

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What’s your go-to way to reduce stress? Let us know in the comments below or tweet at @greatist.