Nicole Bobco

Nicole Bobco

Favorite splurge food: Cookies Go-to fitness routine: My go-to fitness routine would have to be a well rounded workout: a 3-4 mi run, followed by some lower and upper body strength training, and ending with a good stretching/foam rolling session! Favorite way to de-stress: When I'm feeling down or stressed, there is nothing like heading out for a run to help me clear my head and feel at ease again. Why I’m a greatist: I am a greatist because I am on my way to earning a Masters in Marine Science and running long distance events! Even though I have faced many challenges along the way (e.g. back to back injuries), I know I will accomplish these life goals and future goals because I believe in myself and have a great support system to help me along the way.  As a Greatist Ambassador, I am here to offer my advice and support anyone with their own fitness/life journeys because that is how I got where I am today. Stay strong and carry on!  
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