This article was created in partnership with Dave’s Killer Bread.

Breakfast is so much more than bacon and eggs. It can be a pre-workout protein waffle, a boozy Saturday brunch, smothered and covered hash browns at 1 a.m., or a classic bowl of cereal in front of the TV. No wonder they call it the most important meal of the day, especially when it can be eaten any time of day.

We teamed up with our fellow breakfast lovers at Dave’s Killer Bread to dive into all the reasons the meal is so great. Let’s get started.

1. It’s the most versatile meal.

You’ve heard of breakfast, brunch, and brinner—but never dunch. Or would it be linner? Either way, meshing lunch and dinner doesn’t really have the same effect. That’s because breakfast can’t be put in a box and isn’t limited by time of day. (That and dunch sounds really, really silly.)

Standard breakfast foods taste delicious no matter when you eat them. Eggs work for literally every meal—as an omelet, in tacos, on pizza, you name it. You can top bagels with an avocado-feta spread for a post-workout snack or cream cheese and berries for a sweet treat. Heck, even oatmeal can be eaten at lunch in a veggie burger or at dinner with savory toppings like roasted squash or chorizo.

And it works the other way as well: Anything you like eating in the afternoon or evening can also be enjoyed in the a.m. Don’t believe us? These breakfast soups, pizzas, and pastas will change your mind.

2. It’s an excuse to eat our fave carb of all: bread.

French toast, cinnamon toast, avocado toast, oh my! Bread is the ultimate breakfast food. But it’s important to reach for the right stuff—you want to avoid breads with refined or enriched flours and instead opt for ones that are full of whole grains, which are high in fiber and can help with digestion and weight management.

Dave’s Killer Bread is our go-to—we especially love White Bread Done Right, which is made with supergrains like quinoa and millet, and Raisin’ the Roof! As with all DKB products, the breads are free of high-fructose corn syrup and artificial junk, but still deliver ~*killer*~ taste, texture, and nutrition in every slice.

3. It’s unpretentious.

We’ve seen some impressive Insta-worthy breakfast spreads in our day, and you bet your morning cup of coffee we’ve tried to replicate a few of them. But that doesn’t mean we don’t occasionally down a bowl of oatmeal with a glob of peanut butter while wearing sweats. Breakfast meets you where you’re at—unlike lunch and dinner, which usually require pants (so snobby).

4. It’s a reward for fasting—go you.

Even if you’re not on the intermittent fasting train, you are fasting every day while you sleep. That’s why your first meal of the day—whether it’s at 6 a.m. or 2 p.m.—is so important, because you are breaking your overnight fast and refueling your body.

Experts suggest doing so with a balanced, energy-boosting breakfast that consists of whole grains, protein, and fruits or veggies. We like spreading cream cheese and mixed berries over DKB’s Boomin’ Berry Bagels since they have 13 grams of whole grains and 11 grams of protein. Grumbling tummy, meet your match.

5. Breakfast goes where you go.

Given the popularity of fast food and takeout, it’s clear we all love meals on the go. But only one meal has truly mastered the portability game: breakfast. It’s so good, we need to be able to bring it with us everywhere (purse, pocket, whatever), which is exactly why granola bars, egg muffins, yogurt parfaits, and oatmeal cups exist.

6. Bacon.

Believe it or not, bacon wasn’t always a breakfast food. It was launched into stardom by a PR guy named Edward Bernays, who made bacon and eggs the American staple it is today in order to sell more of it. While normally we wouldn’t fall for such PR spin, we have to admit he was onto something: It really is one of the best food trends of all time, and we’re thankful breakfast gives us an excuse to eat it.

And though bacon may have a reputation for being heavy on the grease and sodium, we believe it can totally fit into a well-balanced diet (praise be!) as long as it’s balanced out with fresh produce and whole grains.