Pizza for breakfast usually means cold slices left over in the delivery box from the night before. And while those have their own (albeit slightly soggy) charm, all that refined flour and extra cheese doesn’t quite add up to a wholesome morning meal.

But if it’s pizza for breakfast you want, there are still plenty of ways to get it without setting yourself up for an energy crash later. From egg-topped pies and lower-carb veggie crusts to nut butter sauces and fruity toppings, these 19 recipes show you how to have your breakfast pizza and eat it too.

1. Breakfast Pizza

This recipe puts everyone’s favorite breakfast duo—bacon and eggs— on pizza dough but goes the extra mile by adding goat cheese, spinach, and baby tomatoes. The blogger encourages you to tweak it as you need: Leave it in the oven longer for a more solid yolk or use a different veggie if you have them, etc. It’s all about customization!

2. Guacamole Breakfast Pizza

For a fun upgrade from avocado toast, start your day with this guac-topped naan pizza, where tomatoes and onions make it taste just like the classic dip. It’s even finished off with a fried egg because why wouldn’t you?

3. Huevos Rancheros Pizza With Turkey Chorizo

The eggs. The meat. The cheese. The avocado. This breakfast has everything you love about huevos rancheros… on a pizza. Plus, using lean turkey for the chorizo and baking instead of frying the eggs give it a slightly healthier edge.

4. Paleo Granola Breakfast Pizza

This pizza crust is a date-and-nut based thing of beauty that also happens to be Paleo, vegan, and gluten-free. Topped with coconut cream and fruit, it’s also packed with all sorts of healthy fats.

5. Sweet Potato Breakfast Pizza

Gluten-free friends, this one’s for you! Ditching the wheat for sweet potato and coconut flour, this ridiculously easy recipe makes the perfect personal-sized crusts for the veggie, egg, and ham topping.

6. Pecorino and Prosciutto Breakfast Pizza

From the salty prosciutto and sharp pecorino to the spicy ground pepper, there’s no shortage of bold flavors to enjoy here. Even if you don’t have time to put together the homemade dough, the toppings are no less tasty on a store-bought crust.

7. Oaty Breakfast Pizza

This recipe has everything your morning oats would but presented in pizza form! The whole grain is cooked into a grilled, pancake-like crust then topped with the nut butter and fruit of your choosing.

8. “Made Just Right” Breakfast Pizza

Semolina and white whole-wheat flour keeps the thin homemade crust for this pizza light, making room for heartier toppings like sausage, eggs, and cheese. The result is a beautiful and balanced breakfast.

9. Zucchini Crusted Breakfast Pizza

Zucchini has blown minds as an effective substitute for pasta, but this recipe gives it its ultimate drop-the-mic moment. With cheese binding the shredded veggie together and just a bit of gluten-free flour helping to give it structure, it becomes the best lower-carb crust ever.

10. Grilled Shakshouka Pizza

This Middle Eastern eggs-in-purgatory dish is usually made in a skillet, but putting it on a pizza lets the bread soak up all that drool-worthy tomato sauce and runny egg yolk. If that’s not enough, grilling the dough adds that unbeatable, slightly charred flavor.

11. Eggs Benedict Breakfast Pizza With Spiralized Potato Crust

From the hash brown crust to the poached egg, bacon, and Hollandaise topping, this pizza gives you all your breakfast favorites in one gluten-free pie. What’s more, the Hollandaise uses Greek yogurt instead of butter for a healthier but just as velvety sauce.

12. Peachy Pita Pizzas

This recipe opts for pita bread instead of pizza crust, coconut instead of olive oil, and creamy ricotta in the place of mozzarella, while sliced fruit and almonds make it look extra pretty. If you use preserves made with 100 percent fruit, there’s no added sugar at all in this sweet breakfast.

13. Bacon Egg White Breakfast Pizza

Busy mornings often don’t leave time for kneading dough or baby-sitting eggs on a stove. This recipe calls for naan flatbreads and a microwave method to cook the eggs, but don’t worry—the shortcuts cut back only on precious minutes, not on flavor or nutrition.

14. Sunny Side Egg and Hummus Breakfast Pizza

If you’ve never tried eggs and hummus together, you’re in for a real treat. This pizza puts both ingredients on lightly toasted pita bread—along with any other toppings you’re craving—for a ridiculously simple but satisfying morning meal.

15. Paleo Breakfast Pizza

Pizza may typically bread-based and cheesy, but a few tweaks can make it dairy- and grain-free. This recipe opts for a coconut flour crust, plus a lot of eggs, for a perfectly Paleo pie.

16. Enchilada Breakfast Pizza

Enchilada sauce and green chilies give this dish its south of the border appeal. Eggs give it a breakfast-feel. Cauliflower and arugula add substance and fiber. And a lot of cheese still makes it feel like pizza. It’s a total winner.

17. Healthy Tex-Mex Breakfast Pizzas

If rolling out a crust isn’t about to happen so early in the morning, use English muffins instead. They may look little, but they hold an impressive amount of toppings, including breakfast sausage, scrambled eggs, veggies, and cheese

18. Vegan Pear and Apple Breakfast Pizza

This pizza boasts whole grains from the tortilla and fruity fiber from the apple and pear, but the touch of maple syrup, cinnamon, and raspberry glaze makes it taste just like pie. Who doesn’t love breakfast that tastes like dessert?

19. Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Pizza

It looks like regular peanut butter and banana toast, but a closer look reveals a major difference. That crust is actually made of chickpea flour and almond milk, making this breakfast a totally gluten-free option that can be whipped up in minutes.