In 2018, we’re facing reality. Despite our resolutions, it’s just too damn hard to wake up early in the mornings with enough time to cook a healthy breakfast and pack your lunch to bring to the office. And seriously, who has time to make dinner after you get home from a long work day? That’s why we’ve turned to a different (re)solution: meal prepping. We’re tackling the best ways to cook eggs, prep smoothie ingredients, jar overnight oats, build a (lunch) bowl, and have dinner on the table in minutes, so come mealtime, ya just gotta eat your food. Find the meal-prep options that suit you best, or try them all and switch up your plan week to week.


The Meal-Prep Plan to Perfecting Overnight Oats

Man, we love waking up and doing nothing.


A Meal-Prep Lunch Bowl That Will Last All Week

Just be sure to put your name on it so coworkers keep their hands off.


Meal-Prep an Entire Week's Worth of Dinner With Just 8 Ingredients

Good-bye, pizza delivery man.