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It’s noon, and the stomach grumbles have begun. Two of your deskmates are heading out for overpriced salads, paychecks in hand; the other audibly sighs as she pours hot water into a cup of noodles. But not you—oh, not you. You’re going to town on the first layer of a massive farro salad with edamame and tahini dressing… that you made yourself. You meal prepped—and more importantly, you packed your food in the right containers.

We know nothing ruins a meal like a flimsy take-out box leaking all over the fridge (extra points if it happens in the office), so take 10 minutes and pick up one—or all—of our favorite meal-prep containers, and pack breakfast, lunch, and dinner with confidence.

For sturdy ingredients and meals, heavy-duty containers are a must. Will you pay more than holding onto the free containers that came with your order of pad Thai? Duh. But when you spring for glass and silicone storage sets (and yes, always buy the sets; trust us, you need more than two), you can cook, store, reheat, and eat from the same container over and over. Here are some of our favorite meal-prep containers.

1. Pyrex Storage Plus 20-Piece Container Set With Color Lids

Use the colorful lids of these heat-safe glass containers to your advantage and store meat, fish, greens, and grains under different colors. You’ve never been so organized.($29.83; amazon.com)

2. OXO Snap 30-Piece Glass/Plastic Storage Set

This set includes both glass and plastic containers, all of which use the same snap-on lids (*insert praise hands emoji* for simplifying the Tupperware cabinet!). You may not think you need 30, but after a few go missing (that will happen), you’ll be glad you have extras.($99.95; amazon.com)

3. Collapse-It Silicone Food Storage Containers

These silicone containers are oven- and microwave-safe (with a vented lid for efficient reheating), and their collapsible function makes storage beyond easy. These are great for those smaller kitchens where storage space is lacking.($39.99; amazon.com)

Sometimes the last thing we want to do after a long day at work is chop vegetables into teeny pieces… and washing all that dirt off the kale? Ugh. Prep your veggies on Sunday evening (you can still watch Netflix in the kitchen) and store in these containers so they stay fresh and crisp all week.

4. Stasher Bags

Store sliced veg in these washable, reusable baggies for a nearly fully prepped dinner salad or stir-fry—keep the bags stacked in the fridge, then dump into a bowl or frying pan as needed.($11.99; amazon.com)

5. Prepworks by Progressive Collapsible Produce Keeper

Rinse greens (and veggies too) when you get back from the grocery store, then wrap them in paper towels and store for days. That’s certainly better than slimy greens by day three, amiright? (Learn more about how to store leafy greens here.)($9.99; amazon.com)

Store presliced and portioned fruit and greens for your morning smoothie in these reusable sandwich baggies, then pour into the blender with liquid, mix it up, and get your sip on.

6. BlueAvocado Reusable Sandwich Bags

Regular plastic bags work just fine, but let’s leave some space in the landfill, shall we? Buy a pack of five, then wash them over the weekend.($19.69; amazon.com)

7. Silipint Silicone Pint Glass

Ready for on-the-go snacking and standard meal prepping, these flexible cups can be filled with smoothie ingredients, frozen overnight, and then dumped into the blender. Pour the smoothie right back into the cup, pop on a lid, and get slurping.($9.95; amazon.com)

Those carefully prepped meals are just as good for lunch as they are dinner. But for those who don’t want to lug bigger glass containers to the office, we see these vessels in your future.

8. Onyx Airtight Storage Containers

Pack your prepped meals in this sleek (life-proof) storage container, which has an airtight seal that guarantees your lunch won’t leak all over your work bag. And did we mention it’s freezer- and oven-safe to boot? Yeah, we’ll take 10.($20.64-$40; amazon.com)

9. 3-Compartment Bento Lunch Box

For those who prefer a neatly portioned, bento-style lunch, this three-compartment leakproof container will make your organizational dreams come true. Scoop in your prepped dishes the night before, then throw it in your bag on your way out in the morning.($12.89; amazon.com)

Breakfast and salads can be meal prepped too! And for the most organized (and spill-proof) storage, a cereal bowl just won’t do.

Ball Mason Wide Mouth Pint Jars

For the best layered yogurt and granola, jar salads, and porridges, look no further than simple Mason jars. We recommend the wide-mouthed versions, as they’re the easiest for loading up your spoon.($37.99 for 24; amazon.com)