If there was only one food we could eat for the rest of our lives, what would it be? Pizza. But eggs would be a close second. TBH, we’d love to cook them every morning when we have extra time, but who has that? We don’t. But here’s the good news. We found the best way to meal-prep eggs so we can eat them in the a.m. No heating up the frying pan required. We’re talking about putting your muffin tin to use (it’s not just for cupcakes) and making super-simple, filling egg muffins you can grab on the go.

Step 1:

Hit up the grocery store.

But check your fridge first. You likely already have a lot of these ingredients.

Shopping List
12 eggs
5 cups baby spinach
1 orange bell pepper
2 slices cooked bacon (omit if vegetarian)
1/4 cup goat cheese (omit if dairy-free)
1 avocado (optional)
1 loaf whole-grain bread (optional)

Also, you’ll want to buy these storage containers if you don’t already have them:
12-cup muffin pan
1 container with secure lid (that holds 2-3 egg muffins for when you’re taking them to go)

Step 2:

Prep everything in 30 minutes.

Sundays are for eating bagels. And for spending 30 minutes making these egg muffins, so you have them ready to grab from your fridge Monday-Friday.

Make the egg muffins.
You can get the full recipe here. Seriously, it’s so easy, you guys.

Step 3:

Eat your egg-loving heart out MTWTF.

Roll out of bed. Wash face. Brush teeth. Get dressed. Sprint out the… wait. You have breakfast in the fridge! Grab breakfast. Now you can sprint out the door.

Keep eggs exciting.
We love them cold right out of the fridge, and the best part is you can eat them with your hands. If you do have two minutes to spare, there are a few options that keep this simple meal exciting: Nuke them in the microwave to heat them up, add 1/4 avocado on top for more healthy fats (because avos are life), toast a slice or two of bread and make an egg sandwich, and/or douse them in hot sauce. You do you.

Step 4.

Become an egg-spert.

These pro tips will make your mornings even more stress free.

  • Store your them in the muffin tin in your fridge. They last up to five days, and you don’t need to dirty another pan.
  • Keep your avocado green by rubbing olive oil on the exposed meat, then wrapping in plastic wrap and storing in the fridge.
  • If a doughnut calls one morning and you know you won’t eat all of the muffins in five days, store them in the freezer to reheat later.
  • It’s five days; you have 12 muffins. Do the math. Some days you’ll have two egg muffins; others you can have three.
  • Store your bread in the freezer regardless of how much you’ll eat it all week. You can easily defrost in the toaster, plus it won’t grow mold when you forget about it in the bread basket two weeks later. Eating Paleo? Leave out the bread and replace it with a side of precooked sautéed greens.