Deciding you want to start meal-prepping is easy; finding all the right tools is the tricky part. Just kidding—you have us! Need the best machine to do the chopping for you? Got it. A way to purée a massive stockpot of soup? Sure thing. These seven tools make meal prep a snap, leaving you even more time to cook... or watch Sunday-night TV.

Meal prep tools: Quirky Cutting Board
Photo: Bed Bath and Beyond

This sleek cutting board from Quirky is the ideal chopping block for a meal-prepper. Chop veggies and slide them into one of three drawers located underneath the board, and boom, tidy storage until the next step of your recipe.


Meal prep tools: Black and Decker Food Chopper
Photo: Amazon

When meal-prepping, sometimes the last thing you have time for is dicing. Toss the veggies for dinner into the Black and Decker chopper to do the hard part while you move onto the next step of your recipe.


Meal prep tools: New Star Egg Slicer
Photo: Amazon

Whether you’re slicing hard-boiled eggs to top a lunchtime salad, dicing mushrooms for a dinner side, or cutting a few strawberries to toss in your morning cereal, this New Star heavy duty slicer is the answer. Our favorite part is that you don’t need to dirty a cutting board.


Meal prep tools: Cuisinart Hand Blender
Photo: Amazon

Soup is a meal-prepper’s dream, but for recipes that require puréeing, the Cuisinart hand blender is a must. No more blending soup in batches in an upright blender; a hand-held version gets the job done right in the pot. PS. Using one also means there's less to wash.


Meal prep tools: Silpat Baking Sheet
Photo: Amazon

If you’re meal-prepping, odds are there’s a lot of roasted veg in your future. Save money (and the environment) by buying less parchment paper in favor of a Silpat reusable baking sheet.


Meal prep tools: Wilton Muffin Tin
Photo: Amazon

Whether you're baking off a tray of classic blueberry or on-trend egg muffins, you're going to need a stellar muffin tin. This silicone version from Wilton is easy to clean and stain-resistant. Want to know our favorite way to use it? For making multiple hard "boiled" eggs in the oven—oh yeah, it's a thing!


Meal prep tools: Instant Pot
Photo: Target

Everyone should buy/try the Instant Pot. This pressure cooker helps you make anything you'd throw in a slow cooker (stew! steel-cut oatmeal! braised meat!) in dramatically less time. Fast + large quantities—that's the meal-prepping dream, folks.


Meal prep tools: Bentgo Lunch Box
Photo: Amazon

So you spent the weekend meal-prepping; now it’s time to eat. Fill these stackable lunch tins (with built-in plastic flatware) from Bentgo and you’ll be the envy of your office.


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