One of the reasons we love the changing seasons? Fresh cookbooks, of course. This year, we’re particularly excited to see a batch of pop-culture-themed cookbooks (bc, fun) — but there are also plenty that focus on health-conscious meals and culinary wellness.

But hey, we’re here for the delish salads and wild morels as much as we are the tea and cakes of “Bridgerton” or the dinosaur-themed eats of “Jurassic World.” Sometimes dinosaur-themed things are self-care — and sometimes, it’s all about that fiber.

Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook by Eugenia Bone

Whether you love mushrooms and eat them all the time or are new to the culinary world of fungi and looking to learn what kinds to cook with and what they’re best paired alongside, this book will get your mouth watering. The stunning photographs alone are a treat, but the recipes throughout, collected from The Fantastic Fungi Community, are a treasure to savor for many years to come — from Tagliatelle with Morels and Duck Comfit to Chaga Chocolate Chip Cookies. There are also four essays by the editor, who’s also the author.

Good Enough: A Cookbook: Embracing the Joys of Imperfection and Practicing Self-Care in the Kitchen  by Leanne Brown

Part memoir, part cookbook, part guidebook for how to practice self-care in the kitchen — Good Enough explores the healing process of cooking through essays, stories, and delicious food. Those of us who deal with feelings of not being good enough (so, most of us at some point) might find that the kitchen can be a good place to work through anxieties, release worry, care for and accept ourselves. With more than 100 recipes to try, you just might find that you (and your cooking) are good enough (psst: you are).

ROOT: Small vegetable plates, a little meat on the side by Rob Howell

The whole minimal aesthetic of this book is *chef’s kiss*, but the recipes pull us in just as much. Howell cooks and writes with a philosophy of “small vegetable plates, a little meat on the side” and that sourcing truly seasonal ingredients will always taste better. He teaches techniques to really get max flavor out of seasonal veggies. We’re eyeing the Caramelized Onion and Carrot Tart, Salt-Baked Beetroot, and White Chocolate and Whiskey Cheesecake!

ROOT is also the name of the veg-led, small-plate restaurant that Howell opened in Bristol, United Kingdom in 2017.

Jane Austen’s Table: Recipes inspired by the works of Jane Austen by Robert Tuesley Anderson

Perhaps you’re planning a spring or summer picnic, afternoon tea, or an elegant dinner to impress your Mr. Darcy or Miss Bennet? These recipes capture the spirit of Jane Austen’s classic novels — from Donwell Abbey Strawberry Conserve and Uppercross Mushroom Pies to Chawton Cottage Garden Risotto and Mr. Woodhouse’s “All-Apple” Tarts. Most of us don’t have the time or money of an Emma or Elizabeth, but these recipes are written with a modern spin so you can enjoy a bit of “Austen-esque” fare at home. Regency dress optional!

The Unofficial Bridgerton Cookbook: From The Viscount’s Mushroom Miniatures and The Royal Wedding Oysters to Debutante Punch and The Duke’s Favorite Gooseberry Pie, 100 Dazzling Recipes Inspired by Bridgerton by Lex Taylor

Dearest Reader, It has been said that food tastes best when enjoying it during the latest season — of “Bridgerton,” that is. And with season 2 released on March 25, this is the season we intend to find a perfect match — err recipe. This lovely book has 100 recipes, many of which are surprisingly simple yet satisfying. We made the Beau Monde buttermilk biscuits three times already. Hot buttered biscuits and a “Bridgerton” marathon, anyone? Or perhaps you’d like to try the Whistledown Gimlet or Regency Pie.

The Fiber Fueled Cookbook: The Fiber Fueled Cookbook: Inspiring Plant-Based Recipes to Turbocharge Your Health by Will Bulsiewicz, MD, MSCI

Plant-based recipes are at the heart of this cookbook that’s geared toward helping people who have gastrointestinal issues and food sensitivities. The Fiber Fueled Cookbook is written by a gastroenterologist who has dealt with his own gut issues and understands that each person’s gut microbiome is unique. It’s info-packed with a step-by-step program to improve your digestive health (with key chapters on low FODMAP and low histamine diets) and is also full of recipes that help keep your gut happy once it’s healed. And the key to that? Fiber. It’s what feeds the healthy microbes in your gastrointestinal tract!

FoodIQ: 100 Questions, Answers, and Recipes to Raise Your Cooking Smarts by Daniel Holzman and Matt Rodbard

If you’re the type of person who wants to know the what and the why behind, well, almost anything, then this cookbook is for you. FoodIQ answers questions about misunderstood or overlooked ingredients, the tools and tech of cooking, myths, techniques, and more. What is brown butter, and why is everybody cooking with it? Should you cook with monosodium glutamate? What the heck is deglazing? How does one scramble eggs like a chef? And is it worth making your own yogurt? You’ll learn these and so much more. Plus, we love the mini Q&As with the pros sprinkled throughout, each with a fun illustration.

Maman: The Cookbook by Elisa Marshall and Benjamin Sormonte

Want to learn to make award-winning recipes from the beloved rustic-chic bakery and café, Maman? This whole book is a spring picnic waiting to happen with French-American recipes for cookies, quiches, cakes, croissants, sandwiches, and more. How about brunch with banana-lavender cornmeal waffles (heart-shaped, obvi)? Or an afternoon in the park with tomato bread salad and Claudia Sandwiches (balsamic mushrooms with Calabrian chile-feta spread, basil pesto, and arugula)? Don’t forget the chocolate sandwich cookies. Mmm.

Gilmore Girls: The Official Cookbook by Elena Craig and Kristen Mulrooney

Between Luke’s Diner, The Dragonfly Inn, Emily and Richard’s dinner table, and of course Al’s Pancake World, there are plenty of places we’d be curious to dine at with our favorite fast-talking ladies. There are 50-plus recipes from the iconic Stars Hollow, in the only cookbook with official recipes from the set of “Gilmore Girls.”  Plus cooking tips from Sookie, and plenty of photos from the series.

Next time you rewatch the series (NGL we do this annually) you can go all out with Sookie’s Risotto, Luke’s Santa Burger, or Jackson’s Blueberry Shortcake. Annnnd, don’t forget the coffee!

Jurassic World: The Official Cookbook by Dayton Ward, Elena Craig

Hold onto your butts, this is the cookbook every “Jurassic Park” fan has been waiting for. And it’s being released less than a month before “Jurassic World Dominion” comes out — the one movie that *might* draw some of us back to theaters. It’s designed to look like something you’d pick up at the gift shop in the park. You’re not just getting recipes inspired by “Jurassic Park” and “Jurassic World” but also fun dinosaur facts and gorg photos. Delicious eats for herbivores and carnivores alike, plus a section for the junior paleontologists. Ceratops Pastry Crests, anyone?

Naomi Farr is the books editor and a copy editor at Greatist. She loves focusing on all things books, beauty, wellness, and mental health. She’s also a YA fantasy writer and bookstagrammer. You can find her (and her cat) @avioletlife.