I love a good and sweaty power yoga class as much as the next yogi. The only problem? When you’re quickly flowing in and out of poses and moving with your breath, it can be tricky to nail the proper alignment in each asana.

That’s why I created a series of 60-second yoga fixes for Greatist. In this week’s video, I’ll demo the proper alignment for warrior II, a grounding pose that strengthens the legs and ankles while stretching the groin and shoulders. Check out the video, along with details for each fix, below.

Fix 1: Make sure your front heel bisects your back arch.

Fix 2: Bend your front knee so it’s at a 90-degree angle directly over your ankle. Lengthen your stance if necessary.

Fix 3: Track your front knee toward the pinky toe side of the foot, keeping the front thigh active in an exterior rotation.

Fix 4: Notice if you’re leaning forward. To correct, center your torso directly between your two legs.

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